Arguably the most efficient method of transportation in Terraria, Teleporters allow instantaneous travel from one point to another. The use of wiring to link the Teleporters can make setting them up a tedious task; however, you’ll soon reap their benefits.

Teleporters aren’t particularly difficult to obtain but knowing how to make a Teleporter in Terraria is still an essential piece of information. Using a Teleporter has no travel-distance limit and no cost (mana or coins).

On top of this, teleportation is always instantaneous, meaning you can travel from one side of the map to the other immediately if you wish. You can also exploit this immediacy to aid some tasks, such as defeating the Dungeon Guardian.

Using a Teleporter

Teleporters are simple to use and set up – the most important ingredient being patience. While the travel may be instant, setting them up isn’t and will require a lot of time and resources – particularly for longer distances. In essence, however, the setup is straightforward.

A triggering mechanism, such as a timer or lever, is required in order to use a Teleporter, as these will be the activation method for the teleportation. As well as this, a lot of wires are needed to link up the Teleporters.

teleporter activation

Linking Teleporters entails attaching a wire to one of the Teleporters, then creating a path of wire directly to the other. Once this is done, you can finish it off by placing a triggering mechanism nearby and linking it up to its respective Teleporter in the same way.

When the Teleporters are linked up and the activation method is in place, using the Teleporter is easy. Simply stand on the Teleporter and right-click the triggering mechanism. This will activate the Teleporter, and you will instantly travel to the Teleporter the original is linked to.

Obtaining a Teleporter

Getting a Teleporter in Terraria is a very straightforward task; however, it can get costly if you wish to set up many Teleporters throughout your world. 

Like other mechanical items, Teleporters are purchasable from the Steampunker NPC. One Teleporter will cost you 2 gold coins and 50 silver coins.

steampunker 1

The cost of Teleporters, as well as the requirement of the Steampunker, means that they are a mid to late-game utility.  

How to Get The Steampunker NPC

The Steampunker is an NPC that will appear through natural game progression in Terraria. She sells many unusual utility items that – while not a necessity – can be useful in your adventure.

Items sold in the Steampunker’s shop are not cheap: many items cost 10 gold coins. However, they can be useful throughout your game.

You must have defeated at least one Mechanical Boss to get the Steampunker NPC. After defeating Skeletron Prime, The Twins, or The Destroyer, there must also be a viable NPC house for the Steampunker to appear.

Alternative Teleportation Methods

In Terraria, Teleporters aren’t the only method of teleportation. There are many other ways to teleport to different locations – some of which are available very early in the game, whereas others are only available in the late game.

Spawn Point Teleportation

Spawn point teleportation is – as the name suggests – a teleportation method that teleports you to the spawn point of your world. 

There are several items that allow you to do this. These are the Magic Mirror, Ice Mirror, Cell Phone, Recall Potion, and Potion of Return.

teleporationmethods 1

These items have different acquisition difficulties but are available from the start of the game until the very late game.

Magic Mirrors and Ice Mirrors can be found randomly in Gold and Frozen Chests, respectively. This means that they are available from the start of the game and are essential for exploring your world.

They have the same use time, have no use cost, and aren’t consumed upon use; you can use them indefinitely.

The Cell Phone is an advancement of the Magic Mirror and Ice Mirror. It displays all additional information available in Terraria while still being able to teleport you to your spawn point indefinitely at no cost. The Cell Phone is a late-game item as crafting it can be challenging.

Recall Potions have the same effect as the Magic Mirror but are easier to obtain. However, despite being easier to get, they are consumed on use. 

You can find Recall Potions in chests and pots in the underground layer or can craft them with 1 Botted Water, 1 Specular Fish, and 1 Daybloom. The crafting station required is a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table.

Potions of Return will teleport you back to your spawn point like those above. However, they also create a portal entrance at your spawn point and a portal exit where you initially teleported from.

You can find Potions of Return in Shadow Chests or pots in the Underworld. Alternatively, you can craft them at a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table using 1 Obsidifish and 1 Recall Potion.

Random Teleportation

In Terraria, there is one method of random teleportation. This is using Teleportation Potions. Teleportation Potions will teleport you to a random point on the map upon use. This can make them very helpful in the exploration of your world.

You can make Teleportation Potions with 1 Bottled Water, 1 Chaos Fish, 1 Blinkroot, and 1 Fireblossom at a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table.

Teleportation Potions can also be found in chests in the caverns layer.

Other Teleportation

As well as the previously mentioned, there are many other teleportation methods. With a similar effect to the Magic Mirror, the Ice Conch and Demon Conch will teleport you to the Ocean and the center of the Underworld, respectively, upon use.

Wormhole Potions can be beneficial if you’re playing with other people. They allow you to teleport instantly to another member of your team by left-clicking their head in the minimap.

The Rod of Discord is a very rare item that allows instantaneous teleportation to your cursor position. If used in quick succession, it will consume some of your health. It has a 0.2% chance of dropping from Chaos Eternals – a rare enemy that spawns on Pearlsand, Pearlstone, and Pink Ice Blocks in the cavern layer. It can be useful to make a biome to help you get this item.

Finally, Pylons can be purchased from NPCs when their happiness reaches a certain amount. Pylons have specific conditions that much be met for them to work, such as being in the correct biome and having at least two NPCs nearby. When Pylons are linked to each other, it’s called the Pylon Network.

Portal Guns

The Portal Gun is an item guaranteed to drop from defeating the Moon Lord. It fires projectiles that will create a portal upon contact with a solid block. The Portal Gun can create up to two portals simultaneously: an entrance portal and an exit portal.

portalgun 1

You can teleport NPCs with the Portal Gun; however, projectiles and enemies won’t travel through the portals.

It’s worth noting that your maximum fall speed will be increased by 3.5x while holding the Portal Gun, from 51mph to 179mph.


To conclude, there are many teleportation methods in Terraria, ranging from early-game, basic teleportation to complicated, late-game teleportation. It’s quite easy to make a Teleporter in Terraria; however, setting them up can be a time-consuming task.