Let’s go in-depth about the whole Valorant lore story. Here’s the complete summary of Jett’s lore in Valorant.

There are a lot of different Valorant agents, and all of them each have their own unique backstory. It’s impossible to explore all of them within the same article, so for today, we’ll only be focusing on Jett’s lore.

Jett has always been one of Valorant’s most recognizable agents. She is a mascot to some extent and is a fan favorite. This is because Jett has a naturally cheeky and lovable personality that you just can’t help but notice.

Jett is also full of quick quips and loves talking trash with her opponents. She’s super confident in her abilities and likes to act first and ask questions later. She also has very flashy in-game skills that can easily solo carry a team when used properly.

Even though Jett has been one of the faces of Valorant, she’s always had a quite mysterious past. All we know is that she’s a feisty Radiant with sky-high confidence. To know more about her, here’s a complete in-depth guide about Jett’s lore and history in Valorant.

A Complete Explanation of Jett’s Lore in Valorant

A Complete Explanation of Jett's Lore in Valorant

I’m sure that not everyone knows about the complete Valorant lore and how it came to be. To get everyone on the same page, here’s a short summary of how the Valorant world was formed.

Everything changed when the First Light event occurred. First Light is a mysterious event that unlocked the potential of Radianite and how it can advance modern technology. At first, it was used as a clean and safe energy source, but they discovered that it has insane potential.

The First Light event also caused certain people to gain abilities and become super-powered individuals. These abilities came from prolonged exposure to Radianite. This is why they were dubbed “Radiants.”

One of these Radiants was Jett. Jett gained the ability to control the wind. When people started to know about the power of Radianite, a company called “Kingdom” started to use it for their own gain.

This is why a shadow organization formed the VALORANT Protocol, recruiting Radiants and Radianite-based tech users as “agents.” Their main mission was to protect the people from dangerous situations involving Radianite. Jett joined the VALORANT Protocol and teamed up with other agents to help keep the world safe.

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Jett’s Lore: Name, Family, and Birthplace

Jett Name, Family, Birthplace

What is Jett’s Real Name?

Let’s start things off with a simple fact. According to Jett’s lore, her real name is 한선우. Now, I’m sure that a majority of us can’t read that name. Jett’s actual name is Han Sunwoo (Romanized) or Sunwoo Han (Anglicized), depending on which version you want to read. But they’re all basically the same name, just written and read differently because of the conversion.

Her codename during development, back when Valorant was still referred to as “Project A,” were “Woosh,” “Wushu,” and “Hawk.” Although, these names aren’t that relevant to Jett’s lore.

How Old is Jett?

There aren’t any specific mentions about her exact age within Jett’s lore. However, it is known that she’s one of the youngest agents in the VALORANT Protocol. With that being said, she’s widely believed to be somewhere around 20-25 years old. This is probably why she can come off as childish and immature because she’s still relatively young.

Where is Jett Originally From?

Jett is of South Korean descent and was born in the country’s capital, Seoul. She had Korean and half Korean-American parents, making her more Korean than American. Her parents met in Korea when her Korean-American parent went to study for culinary school.

Both of Jett’s parents are great chefs, and both went on to own restaurants. Unfortunately, her Korean-American parent went back to the United States, and she had to spend some time staying in the US and in Korea.

Does Jett Have Any Family?

As we’ve mentioned above, Jett does have some family. She has parents, both with Korean bloodlines. Although, one of her parents was a Korean-American. It isn’t indicated which of her parents were pure-blooded and which was half. There aren’t any mentions of her having siblings or other relatives within Jett’s lore.

Jett was also believed to start out as a cook working in both her parents’ restaurants making food and messing around in the kitchen. This was also alluded to by the “Mirrored Edge” player card in Valorant and her voice line, “Feels like just yesterday I was chopping 달래 (chives) at the store. Wonder if that place is still standing…”

What is Jett’s Personality Like?

Jett is tenacious, confident in her abilities, and can sometimes come across as aggrogant. She is very carefree and likes to act first and think later. She’s also very outgoing and gets along well with other agents as long as her immense self-confidence doesn’t get in the way.

Even though Jett usually likes doing things her way and doesn’t feel like she needs a team, she’s slowly learning to be a part of a team in the VALORANT Protocol. She’s constantly cheering on her teammates and boosting their confidence and morale.

There are a lot of in-game voice lines that reflect how much she hypes up her team when they do something good. “Reyna! Damn! Even I couldn’t keep up”, “Wow, Sage! When you turn it on, you turn it ON! Great work”, and “There’s my bombshell! Crushed it, girl” are a few examples of Jett cheering on Reyna, Sage, and Raze, respectively.

Jett can also sometimes be cheeky and childish and likes to talk trash about her enemies. Here are a few of her banter and trash talk lines in the game: “Aww. Can’t res yourself?”, “Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can’t keep up”, “They’re supposed to be fighting back, right?” and “This is fun. Who needs training dummies when you have real dummies!” among many others.

Jett’s Lore: What and How Did Jett Get Her Abilities?

Jett Abilities

How Did Jett Get Her Abilities?

Like the other Radiants, Jett got her abilities from the effects of the First Light event. They’ve determined that it was due to prolonged exposure to Radianite that caused these specific individuals to get unique skills and abilities.

However, not everyone exposed to Radianite gets abilities. Some can only do unusual feats of strength, while others only have limited levels of power. Only a few select individuals had insane potential and power hidden within them, and Jett was one of them.

Is Jett Evil?

No, Jett isn’t evil. She may be arrogant, hard-headed, and way too in her head sometimes, but she’s not evil. She actually joined the VALORANT Protocol to help people and keep them out of dangerous situations.

Jett is also just very young and inexperienced compared to the other agents. She also likes to talk trash and banter with her enemies. But that doesn’t make her evil. It’s just part of her personality.

Although Jett herself isn’t necessarily evil, another version of her might be. Within Valorant lore, there’s this place called “Omega Earth,” also referred to as “Mirror Earth” or “Earth 2.” Omega Earth is basically a copy of the original Earth that was introduced to Valorant. This original Earth is referred to as “Earth 1” or “Alpha Earth.”

Almost everything in Alpha Earth is present and is mirrored in Omega Earth, even the VALORANT Protocol, Kingdom, Radianite, and the agents.

Omega Earth’s version of Jett planted and detonated the Spike in Venice. This caused major chaos within the world, and she was blamed for it. Omega Earth’s Jett was caught on camera, and her image was scattered throughout the news. Everyone rejected, shunned, and hated Jett believing that it was her who blew up Venice.

During this time, most people didn’t know about the existence of Mirror Earth. This is why Jett’s image was destroyed and why most people think she is evil. Within Jett’s lore, Mirror Jett also appeared in various other missions and battles after the events in Venice.

Mirror Jett’s successful detonation of the Spike in Venice lead to the creation of the Ascent map and The Range as by-products.

Jett’s Lore: Relationships with Other Radiants and Agents

Jett Relationship with Agents

Jett and Phoenix’s Relationship

Throughout Valorant’s lore, Jett and Phoenix have always had a flirty relationship. They support each other on their missions and hype each other up. They have banter through their voice lines, and it seems that they are pretty close.

Some people might think that the two agents are in a relationship because of how close they are. However, this isn’t stated anywhere within Jett’s lore, and it isn’t even hinted upon by Riot Games themselves.

Both agents just have very outgoing and extroverted personalities, and they are incredibly close and comfortable with each other. This is why some people think that they are flirting or have crushes on each other.

Jett often refers to Phoenix as having a “pretty face” or being a “pretty boy.”  This is simply nothing more than friendly banter. One of their other banter lines includes Jett asking for Phoenix’s jacket when he dies. Phoenix then replies with a quip, “Ah, don’t be like that, you know you’d also want my shoes.”

They also have voice lines that support each other and encourage each other during battle. This includes: “Come on, Jett, me and you, we never lose. Let’s do this!” and “Phoenix, yo! That was insane!”

The Radiant War

The Radiant War is a huge event that occurred at least 200 years in the future. This was a war in KAY/O alternate timeline that saw global destruction and chaos. It was an all-out battle between Radiants and non-Radiants for control over the world.

KAY/O lead the non-Radiants, while Reyna is known to lead the Radiants. Not much is mentioned within Jett’s lore about her role in the Radiant War. However, it is implied that she fought alongside the Radiants and died in battle. This is shown in the VERSUS // KAY/O + Brimstone Card, where Jett’s Kunai pierces through the ground.

The Radiant War is only a theorized event that took place in KAY/O’s future. Everything we know from it is only based on KAY/O’s voice lines and trailer. Take everything related to the Radiant War with a grain of salt because we don’t know which exact timeline led to this outcome.

Jett’s Dossier

Jett Dossier

The agent dossiers were mainly released to blackmail agents within the VALORANT Protocol. This document contains the agent’s call sign, real name, classification, and some private background information.

Jett’s dossier focuses on her abilities and the things she has done with them. It says how Jett destroyed a restaurant and ran away from it. This was probably during the time when she first got her abilities, and she didn’t know how to use them yet.

The blackmailer then proceeds to talk about the Venice incident and how Jett’s image and face were publicized. People were horrified, disgusted, and ashamed of Jett because they didn’t know that she could do such a thing.

Obviously, Jett claims that she is innocent and that it wasn’t her. Even though it was her face that was caught on camera. The dossier ends with a question for Jett, “But can you really outrun what people think of you?”

The dossier can be found in Ascent and is a very short and quick summary of Jett’s lore up to that point. Of course, we know that Jett has a counterpart from Mirror Earth who was the one responsible for the Venice incident. However, no one knows about that yet and will continue to blame Jett for that event.

What are Jett’s Abilities In-Game?

Jett Abilities in game

Jett’s abilities allow her to control the wind. She uses this in creative and unique ways to help her during battles. Jett mainly uses her abilities to boost her agility and swiftness. She also uses her abilities to quickly move vertically and laterally, taking the fight to new heights, quite literally.

Her passive ability is Drift. Drift allows her to glide through the air and slows down her fall. Her Cloudburst allows Jett to create a quick smoke at the area the projectile lands on. This smoke blocks vision and its trajectory can be curved by Jett.

Updraft and Tailwind are two quite similar abilities. Updraft propels Jett high into the air while Tailwind propels Jett into the direction she is moving in. These two abilities allow Jett to reach high places, create confusion, or even get out of danger quickly.

Finally, Jett’s ultimate is Blade Storm. Blade Storm allows Jett to equip 5 highly accurate throwing knives that can automatically kill enemies if hit on the head. These knives are always accurate, even if Jett is gliding through the air, making it a very deadly weapon.

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That’s everything we know about Jett’s lore. Jett is one of the most popular and beloved agents in Valorant because of her charming personality and her usefulness in-game. She’s one of the flashiest agents in the game, and everyone loves a good Jett on their team. Her story continues as she helps the VALORANT Protocol to defeat Mirror Earth and clear her name once and for all.

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