All characters in various games have some sort of backstory, and Valorant is no different. There’s Valorant lore hidden in the background of maps, the player cards, titles, cinematics, and voice lines. Every agent has a unique story, as you can see with Jett’s lore.

Today’s focus is going to be all about Omen’s lore in Valorant. Among all the Valorant agents, Omen is the only one without a visible face. He is often regarded as “scary” or a “monster.” It is hard to play against a Valorant agent who only has three glowing lines for a face.

Omen has always been one of the more mysterious and interesting characters because of this. It got a lot of people speculating about Omen’s lore and what happened to him in the past. In the game, Omen embraces the shadows and his current form.

Behind the amazing outplays, insane teleports, and blinding Paranoia, Omen has always been just a shrouded figure or a hooded monster. Today, we uncover the truth about Omen’s lore and find out exactly what he is.

Here’s Omen’s lore in Valorant fully explained.

The Complete History of Omen’s Lore in Valorant

The Complete History of Omen's Lore in Valorant

Let’s first start off with a quick Valorant history lesson. The Valorant world we know and love started off relatively similar to ours. Everything was normal until an event in 2039 gave the Earth a new material called “Radianite.”

Radianite was a fantastic resource that advanced human technology and vastly changed how people lived and governments operated. It was also a stable, powerful, and clean energy source that hid insane potential within.

The First Light event gave certain select individuals various abilities due to their exposure to Radianite. These powered individuals were called “Radiants.” Remember the First Light event because it will be very important in Omen’s lore later on.

Once people knew about the power that Radianite had, an evil company called the “Kingdom Corporation” wanted to use it for their own gain. This is why the VALORANT Protocol was created, to protect people from dangerous Radianite-related events.

So-called “agents” were recruited to the VALORANT Protocol, which included both Radiants and Radianite-tech users. According to Omen’s lore, he was among one of the first agents to join the VALORANT Protocol and was a huge reason why it was created.

Omen’s Lore: Name, Family, Birthplace

Omen's Lore Name, Family, Birthplace

What is Omen’s Real Name?

The Valorant community initially speculated that Omen’s real name was “Fred.” This was due to a now altered Viper voice line that called him Fred. “Keep it together, Fred- uh, Omen. We still need you.” Although this line still had some truth to it because Omen also went by the name Fred.

Viper’s voice line now goes, “Joh- I mean, Omen. Keep yourself together. You’re still needed.” Indicating another possible name for Omen that could be anything from John, Johnathan, maybe even Justin or Joshua.

Both of these lines were known to be true and cannon within Omen’s lore. It was known that Omen went by many different names and aliases throughout the years. This included John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, and Dimitri.

Unfortunately, we currently do not know what exactly Omen’s real name is. It could be any of these aliases, it could be a combination of them, or it could be none of them. And based on Omen’s lore, he might not even know it himself, especially in his current state.

Omen also had “Wraith” as his codename during the early development stages of Project A, now known as Valorant. Although, this doesn’t give us much information about Omen’s lore.

How Old is Omen?

Omen is one of the very few agents who is difficult to put an age on. I mean, we can’t see his face or any indications about his age. There also aren’t any voice lines that reflect his age or how long he’s lived on the planet.

He’s just this mysterious shadowy figure. We only know that Omen used to be a male scientist who is now a phantom-like being.

Where is Omen from?

Unfortunately, there are no other details about Omen’s birthplace or family within Omen’s lore. This is probably because he lost his memories in an event called “Point Light.” This event is also speculated to be where Omen died and transformed into the being he is now.

However, Omen thinks that his Mirror Earth counterpart remembers his past and seeks to kill him to take his memories. He wants to remember everything he forgot and try to regain a part of his humanity back.

What is Omen’s Personality Like?

Ever since Omen got his powers, he has been in constant pain and suffering. He’s desperate to know who he was in the past and try to regain his memories. He will do anything necessary in order to regain a part of his humanity back.

Omen is cynical in nature and has a relatively negative view of the world. This is understandable, though, especially because he is constantly in pain and was condemned to stay in the condition he is in today.

Here are a few voice lines that reflect Omen’s pain and suffering. “My burden never ends.”, “I feel the strain. Block it out, Omen.” and, “They think they know pain? They can’t begin to comprehend it.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Omen’s personality and character when he was still human. Although, his Dossier suggests that he wasn’t that good of a person and that Omen was already a “monster” even before he looked like one.

Despite his cynical perspective and his frightening look, Omen still shows some sociability towards other people, especially Viper. Within Omen’s lore, it’s stated that Viper and Omen used to work together. It appears that Omen remembers some part of this, at least to be able to call Viper by her real name.

Surprisingly enough, Omen is known to knit during his free time, according to the Valorant lore. It helps him focus and forget about the pain for a bit. This is also reflected in a player card where Omen is knitting near a fireplace.

Omen’s Lore: What Happened to Omen and How Did He Get His Abilities?

Omen's Lore What Happened to Omen and How Did He Get His Abilities

What Happened to Omen?

Like all Radiants from Valorant, Omen got his abilities from the First Light event. However, unlike most of the other agents, Omen got a complete makeover from the results of First Light. Usually, people just gain powers with little appearance changes. They still look like humans, aside from the fact that they have special abilities.

Unfortunately for Omen, he wasn’t that lucky. He was ripped apart, killed, and lost his memories during the First Light event. He changed into this ghostly form, not knowing much about his past.

It’s mentioned in Omen’s lore that he was a part of something called “Point Light.” He also worked and had a friendship with Sabine Callas, aka Viper. These are the only things he knows about his past.

It’s unknown whether Point Light and the First Light event were connected. However, it is speculated that whatever they did in Point Light directly resulted in the First Light event. This is also probably why Omen is the only known Radiant to have experienced a drastic form change. Because he actually was one of the people who caused First Light.

Is Omen Evil?

Is Omen Evil

Well, it depends. Despite Omen’s cynical view, he still joined the VALORANT Protocol and is part of the team that helps protect people from Radianite-related dangers. So I do think that there’s some good in him. Although, he still does have some personal agenda.

Omen also finds some satisfaction when killing people; however, this is mainly because he feels a feeling of restoration when he does. He thinks it might be the key to getting back a portion of his memories.

He’s also on a quest to find and kill his Mirror Earth counterpart. He believes that killing the Mirror Omen can also help him remember. It’s evident in one of his voice lines. “I’ll kill that Omen. I’ll take his memories. I will remember…”

It’s implied within Omen’s lore and his Dossier that he was sort of evil during his time as a human. The Dossier calls him not only a monster now but also a “monster” before the incident. This is also one of the reasons why Omen had so many different aliases. Maybe he was trying to hide a dark past or running from something terrible that he did.

Omen was also known to work with Viper, possibly for Kingdom. We all know that Kingdom is an evil corporation, which makes Omen somewhat evil as well. Although, he has turned a new leaf and joined the VALORANT Protocol.

If Omen was indeed evil before, he definitely got what he deserved for it. The constant pain and suffering he feels are more than enough punishment for whatever he did when he was still a human.

Is Omen Still Human?

No Omen is no longer human. Ever since his incident, Omen has ceased to be a human and is taking the form of a phantom/ghost-like creature. The incident ripped Omen apart and killed him. It took away everything human about Omen and put him in constant pain and suffering.

Even Omen’s memories were wiped clean, leaving him with nothing but a few fragments. His phantom form does look human-like, though. However, underneath his purple hooded cape and black pants, Omen is nothing but a shadow.

Omen’s Lore: Relationship with Other Agents, First Light Event, and Kingdom Links

Omen's Lore Relationship with Other Agents, First Light Event, and Kingdom Links

Omen’s Relationship with Viper

Viper is one of the very few agents that Omen has a relatively close relationship with. She’s the only person that Omen remembers in his past and actually knows her full real name. Viper usually doesn’t like being called by her real name and scolds anyone who does so.

However, with Omen, she lets it slide. Here is one of Omen’s voice lines where he is talking directly to Viper and addressing her by her real name: “Don’t die here, Sabine. I need your secrets.” 

Omen and Viper used to work together for Kingdom. Kingdom Corporation isn’t the best company to be working for if you aren’t that bad. This is why Viper and Omen were believed to be evil before joining the VALORANT Protocol.

It’s also possible that they weren’t aware of Kingdom’s wrongdoings before. This is also referenced in Omen’s voice lines: “Sabine, look at the monsters we’ve become. At least you have flesh to hide your horror.” So maybe, they weren’t all that bad after all.

It’s unknown whether Omen also worked with Viper on Point Light and if Kingdom was behind it. But we do know that Viper used to heal people with her incredible scientific ability. Again, referenced by Omen’s voice line: “Just think, Sabine. You used to heal with your skill. Funny.”

It looks and feels like Omen and Viper were very close while working together in Omen’s lore. At least close enough to the point that Viper is the only one that Omen remembers after the incident.

Omen’s Relationship with Sage

Sage is another agent that Omen is quite close to. It’s implied within Omen’s lore that he and Sage have met before. However, this is after Omen was transformed into the phantom being he is today.

As we know, Sage has some healing abilities. She tried to heal and save Omen from his condition and pain but was unsuccessful in doing so. “Sage, the life you give. Do you ever wonder where it’s taken from?” is one of the interactions between Omen and Sage in-game.

Omen’s Connection with the VALORANT Protocol

Omen was one of the very first individuals recruited to become an agent in the VALORANT Protocol. He was the third agent, just behind Viper and Brimstone, who established the program.

Even though the VALORANT Protocol was mainly established by Brimstone and Viper, Omen also played an important part in the organization’s creation. It’s unknown whether this was because of his close ties with Viper or something completely different.

It’s a part of Omen’s lore that he was a central character in the core conflict and origin story of VALORANT Protocol.

Omen’s Dossier

Omen Dossier

Omen’s Dossier starts off with a recap of the events in First Light. The blackmailer then lists off a few of Omen’s known aliases, John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, and Dimitri. The blackmailer then proceeds to ask if Omen knows who he actually was when he was human and talks about Point Light.

The Dossier then states that only a non-honest person has no name. That Omen looks like a monster now and suggests that he was also a monster before the incident. It then ends with hoping that Omen succeed in regaining his memories again and that he doesn’t regret them when he does.

What are Omen’s Skills and Abilities in-game?

What are Omen's Skills and Abilities in-game

Omen’s skills and abilities are based on shadows and the dark. It’s closely related to Omen’s lore; according to it, he dies every time he uses his teleport and reanimates himself. Omen embraces the shadows and uses his abilities to desperately try to regain his memories.

Omen is a controller agent, which means he uses smokes. His signature ability is Dark Cover and can be used to throw a shadow orb (smoke) to a marked location. He can cast it by entering a phased world, and the ability has a very long range.

He has two teleport abilities. The first one is Shrouded Step, which allows Omen to teleport to a nearby location after briefly channeling. His ultimate is known as From the Shadows and allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map. He appears as a shade for a few seconds that can get canceled by shooting at it or Omen canceling it himself.

Finally, he has a blind ability called Paranoia. When Omen uses Paranoia, he fires a blinding orb, throwing it forward, and anyone hit by it gets briefly deafened and blinded. This combination of skills allows Omen to be a very versatile agent and fulfill different roles within the team. If you want to find out how to fully utilize his kit, make sure to check out our how to use Omen Valorant guide.


We know very little about Omen’s life as a human. We don’t even know his real name or where he is from. This makes Omen one of the more mysterious and interesting characters in Valorant.

This is where Omen’s lore ends for now. Omen is a popular controller agent that allows you to pull off insane outplays and clutches because of his unique abilities. Now, you also get to know about his complete lore.

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