Have you ever wondered about the background of each Valorant agent? Here’s a complete explanation of Reyna’s lore story in Valorant.

Pretty much all games have a story to tell, from single-player games like God of War and The Witcher to multiplayer games like DOTA 2 and Valorant. Providing storylines and background information about the different characters and elements within the game makes them more interesting and engaging to players.

During the early days of Valorant, there was very little lore to go around. Aside from agent voice lines and maybe a few videos from Riot Games themselves, there wasn’t much of a story to discover.

However, they have been releasing a ton of lore-related content lately that can help the community better understand the story behind Valorant.

There are many different Valorant agents, each with many stories to tell. Today, we will focus on Reyna’s lore and her complete backstory.

The Lore Behind Reyna in Valorant

The Lore Behind Reyna

To start things off, let’s first talk about the history of Valorant. The Valiant world we know and love today can be traced back to a mysterious event called the First Light. It was a global event that led to massive changes in life, technology, and how the governments operated because of the emergence of an element called “Radianite.”  In response, an operation called the VALORANT Protocol was set up to protect the world from dangerous situations involving Radianite.

The First Light event also created gifted individuals that were called “Radiants.” It is believed that these people got their abilities through prolonged exposure to Radianite. Radiants made up a small part of the population, and most only had limited skills. However, there were a select few that had insanely high potential. Most of these insanely skilled individuals were often recruited to be a part of the VALORANT Protocol.

Once an organization called “Kingdom” discovered Radianite, they made it their goal to harvest the element and use it for their own benefit. The VALORANT Protocol agents often end up fighting with Radiants hired by Kingdom Corporation to do their dirty work.

Now, let’s move to Reyna’s lore and background story.

What is Reyna’s Real Name?

What is Reyna's Real Name

Based on Reyna’s lore, her real name is Zyanya Mondragón. The word “Reyna” is a Spanish word that means “Queen” or “Empress.” This is where her nickname and ultimate are named after.

It’s unknown what her current age is. She looks like someone who is about 25-30 years old. However, her voice lines indicate that she has lived for a relatively long time, which is why it’s quite hard to give her an exact age.

One of Reyna’s in-game voice lines to Jett is, “Oi Jett, I remember being so young. It’s good that you’ll die before feeling old like me.” Jett should be around 20-25 years old. It doesn’t make much sense to say “I remember being so young” to someone who’s just a few years younger than you.

Let’s not forget that Reyna consumes souls for life energy. Maybe she has an effortlessly young look because of her abilities but it’s yet to be specifically stated within Reyna’s lore.

Where is Reyna From?

According to the Reyna’s lore, she is originally from Mexico. She grew up there along with her little sister Lucia. Reyna loved Lucia like no other and would do anything to protect her at any cost. That’s why when Kingdom Corporation started doing operations near her hometown, she decided to create a safe haven for people to run to when in danger.

This sanctuary allowed people to escape from Kingdom, heal their wounds, and become protected by Reyna. Her voice line, “My city needs me. I can’t be away for long. Let’s end this quickly…” references her needing to protect her hometown.

Who is Reyna’s Sister in Valorant Lore?

Viper and Reyna lore connection

As we’ve mentioned above, Reyna has a sister named Lucia. It’s alluded to in the game through one of her voice lines, “For you, hermanita.” The word “hermanita” is Spanish for sister. Reyna loves Lucia so much that she would do anything for her.

Due to unknown reasons, Lucia got terribly sick. Reyna asked for Viper’s (Dr. Sabine’s) help to find a way to keep Lucia alive. The VALORANT Protocol agents were able to set up some advanced technology that allowed Reyna to transfer some of the life energy she gains from the souls she devours into Lucia.

This is one of the only things that’s keeping Lucia alive. Unfortunately, she’s still on the edge of death because the process is inefficient, and a lot of energy is used during the transfer.

Is Reyna Human?

Well, technically speaking, Reyna is, in fact, human. At least she used to be, though. Most of the Radiants used to be regular humans until the First Light event happened. Since then, enhanced individuals have been labeled as “Radiants.” So at this point, Reyna isn’t a human anymore.

Her codename during development was “Vampire.” It fits her skillset a lot, mostly because she also sucks the life out of her victims, just like a vampire. At first, the community thought Reyna’s lore was that she is a vampire and immortal like the bloodsuckers we see in fiction.

But, this is nothing more than just a theory. It just so happened that the abilities she gained from the First Light event allowed her to suck the souls of the people that she kills.

What and How Did Reyna Get Her Abilities?

What and How Did Reyna Get Her Abilities

As we have said above, Reyna is a Radiant. This means that she got her abilities through the First Light event, where she got infused with Radianite power. Every Valorant agent within the game with powers are considered Radiants. Everyone else are humans that make use of Radianite-infused technology to gain their abilities. These humans are simply called “agents.”

Whenever Reyna kills someone, a soul orb spawns in their place. She can do one of two things with this soul orb. She can either use it to Dismiss (her E ability) or to Devour (Her Q ability). Reyna’s Dismiss ability allows her to be invulnerable for a short period of time. On the other hand, her Devour ability allows her to suck the soul orbs and heal up.

Reyna can also throw out an ethereal eye that will nearsight all enemies who look at it. Finally, her ultimate allows her to enter a state of frenzy and improves most of her abilities. She also has a faster fire, equip, and reload rate while using her ultimate. Make sure to check out our how to use Reyna guide if you want to find the best way to utilize her skills.

Although her abilities make Reyna one of the most powerful Radiants in the world, they also act as a curse. She needs these souls in order to survive. If she runs out of souls to absorb, she’ll likely die. Some of her voice lines like, “They’re just batteries…and I need a recharge,” and her constantly referencing being hungry for souls.

Is Reyna Evil?

Reyna may be a cold-hearted and aggressive person, but deep down, she isn’t evil. She actually protects people from Kingdom in her hometown. Within Reyna’s lore, we find out that she was eventually recruited to join the VALORANT Protocol and protect the whole world from dangerous Radianite-related encounters.

Reyna has an aggressive, bitter, and savage nature. She can kill anyone she wants when she wants it. This is why some of her fellow agents are concerned about her. She doesn’t hesitate to get blood on her hands if the job requires it.

Although Reyna isn’t necessarily evil, she does have a cynical view of the world. She is very proud of being a Radiant and has a feeling of superiority over non-Radiants. Although, she believes that she and her other fellow Radiants are the future of the Earth, she doesn’t outright hate non-Radiants.

Reyna also has a strong dislike of technology and tech users in general. She sometimes even mocks her fellow agents who are tech users because she truly believes that Radiants are far superior.

However, she does show a strong hatred feeling against Killjoy and her machines. It’s unsure what exactly Killjoy did that upset Reyna. It’s stated in Reyna’s lore that she doesn’t like technology, but it seems that she is after Killjoy personally and not because she is a tech user.

Killjoy doesn’t seem to be exactly aware of what she did, but Reyna remembers it vividly. Reyna has some voice lines that directly address Killjoy and what she did. Here are a few of those lines: “I remember the machines Killjoy made. What they did to-…never mind. It does not matter!” and “Killjoy is an offense to my Radiance. I’ll break her apart!”.

Radiant War And KAY/O

KAY/O vs Reyna in lore

The Radiant War is an event that occurred about 200 years in the future. It’s an all-out war between Radiants and normal humans. It caused global mass-scale destruction and destroyed whole cities and lives in the process.

KAY/O was the primary defender of humans, and Reyna was the main leader for Radiants. Reyna was the main initiator of the war, which is widely believed to be motivated by her hatred toward non-Radiants.

Unfortunately, the finer details aren’t fully provided because the Radiant War is only a theorized event that happens in KAY/O’s future. It’s unknown why the war was started, especially because even though Reyna can be very aggressive at times, she’s not deranged to the point of starting a war.

This led to theories on what caused Reyna to start the Radiant War. Some believe that it’s because of the eventual death of her sister, Lucia, or it might be something we just don’t know about yet. Either way, we won’t get to find out unless Reyna’s lore gets explored further.

This made KAY/O go back in time to try and stop the start of the war. This is also the main reason why KAY/O has an intense hatred for Reyna, which is reflected by some of his voice lines. “Reyna, I’m programmed to kill you. Don’t give me a reason.” It’s also implied that KAY/O was able to stop and kill Reyna at some point during the Radiant War. This is reflected through this voice line: “Another Reyna. I killed her in the war, I’ll kill her again.”

Reyna’s Dossier

Reyna's lore dossier

Recently, a lot of agent dossiers have shown up in-game. One of those dossiers belongs to Reyna. Fade created the dossier, and it was released to the game during Patch 4.07. It starts off like the other ones released before. A small recalling of Reyna’s backstory and the pain she has experienced. It also mentions her sanctuary and the community that she protects within.

The next part hits a little closer to home and discusses Lucia’s condition. It ends with Reyna doing everything she can to save her sister, but everything may not be enough. The dossier also includes Reyna’s call sign, real name, and classification.


That’s basically who Reyna is. She was the agent that was revealed, together with the map Ascent, during the official game release of Valorant. Her story is far from over, and there are still a lot of things left untold. Hopefully, Riot will release more about Reyna’s lore in the future. For now, we’ll have to stick to the cold-hearted, aggressive, and bossy Reyna we know.