Battlefield progression unlocks many different things in the game, like skins for your specialists and weapon attachments.

Although it is fun and exciting to grind your account and level up, it can also be a little annoying if it’s preventing you from using the equipment and appearances you want the most.

Although you can just play and level up normally, there are many players who just want to be able to access certain weapons and skins in the game as fast as possible. Either because they don’t have enough time to spend on the game grinding or just because the game is not as fun without those items.

Either way, there are effective ways to speed up your progression in Battlefield 2042, as long as you know what to do, and this is exactly what we’re about to teach you.

So if you want to know how to level up fast in Battlefield 2042, stick around. This guide will show you all you need to know in order to make that happen.


There are five Battlefield 2042 ribbons that you can obtain every time you play a match.

Each Ribbon grants you a significant experience bonus when you finish a game as long as you do something related to that specific Ribbon.

You do not earn a Ribbon by completing its objective once. For instance, you might need to destroy a few vehicles or take down some soldiers and destroy a vehicle to earn a combat Ribbon.

Ribbons have three tiers, and the more things related to a Ribbon you do, the more Ribbons you earn, which also means more experience.

Wingman Ribbon

In order to unlock this Ribbon, you must either assist or revive a player from your team a few times.

Just be a good teammate and help whenever you can to ensure that you get extra experience from the Wingman Ribbon.

Combat Ribbon

This is probably the most accessible source of experience when it comes to ribbons. All you need to do to get some kills and destroy some vehicles.

Since shooting enemy soldiers is pretty much what you do in Battlefield 2042, this should not be much of a problem.

Also, if you are willing to learn how to fly a helicopter in Battlefield 2042, you might get many kills and take down many vehicles from the air.

Intel Ribbon

This one should not be that hard. All you need is to spot enemies. You can also unlock this Ribbon by destroying enemy drones.

Destroying enemy drones might be a bit difficult, so just make sure to send your drone to a combat zone from time to time, and you should earn this Ribbon.

Objective Ribbon

Like the Combat Ribbon, you should earn the Objective Ribbon by just trying to win the game. However, it is a bit harder than just killing enemies and destroying vehicles.

You need to actively participate in team efforts to win the match. In other words, you need to capture, defend, and hold control points enough times for the game to consider you a good team member who does your part to ensure your team’s victory.

Logistics Ribbon

Much like the Wingman Ribbon, this Ribbon is earned by being a good team player and helping your teammates.

Whenever you can, heal your teammates, supply them with ammo, and repair vehicles to increase your team’s chance of winning.

Choosing the Right Specialist

Now that you know how to earn your Ribbons, it’s time for you to be aware of what specialists you should choose. Some specialists will help you get that extra experience much faster, but it does depend on your playstyle.

In order to get the Combat Ribbon, you might want to use Mackay or Sundance, since they are fantastic to flank the adversary so you can get those extra kills.

Remember to always carry something to take down vehicles. It seems that taking down Helicopters is a bit easier than destroying tanks, but just go with whatever you are more comfortable with.

Boris is another good choice to get the Combat Sentry because of his mighty sentries.

If killing and destroying is not your thing, maybe you want to take on the support role. For that, we recommend Falck. She is outstanding when it comes to helping you earn extra Experience Points since she can heal allies from a distance with her S21 Syrette Pistol, making it much easier for you to get that Wingman Ribbon.

Finally, using Casper’s drones is another way to easily spot enemies and go for the Intel Ribbon.

Farm Bots

Although this method is not fun, you might try this if all you care about is the fastest way to level up in Battlefield 2042.

Play offline or on servers with too many bots and just farm them as much as you want. This should award you quite a lot of experience.

Getting Many Ribbons at Once

Falck might not be one of the best specialists in Battlefield 2042, but she certainly can help you gain more experience.

There is a path to be followed if you want as many Ribbons as possible at once, and it is not that complicated.

First, go straight to a Control Point. Usually, just being able to take one Control Point will award you an Objective Ribbon. If you don’t get it, go for the second one. Taking a vehicle right when the match starts is an excellent way to ensure that you’re going to be able to do that.

Secondly, you need to take down four enemies to get the Combat Ribbon. It should not be too hard. Use the weapon you are most comfortable with and try your best to shoot at some enemies.

Remember, getting assists also help you get a Ribbon, so you can just keep doing that for a while.

Since you are playing Falck and hunting for kills, chances are you will often see allies that were shot. Revive anyone you see and always heal allies who are hurt.

Even if you don’t like being nice, those actions will grant you a Logistics Ribbon. Another way to make sure you will get this Ribbon is by selecting the Ammo Crate and throwing it at your allies’ feet.

Finally, using Sundance’s EMP grenades and Casper’s drone, you can start filling the bar that unlocks the Intel Ribbon. It is a bit annoying to unlock this one, so I’d do it last.

You can always hit Tab on your keyboard to check what Ribbons you have already unlocked. That way, you will always know what to do next in order to get those extra Experience points.

If you consistently do all we just recommended, you should unlock at least four out of the five ribbons you can unlock in a match. That’s at least four thousand extra experience per match, not counting any bonuses or higher rank ribbons.

Final Thoughts

Earning experience quickly is a matter of actively helping your team by playing the objectives, using your specialist’s strengths, and knowing what Ribbon you are trying to earn so you can play accordingly.

If you play the objective and do what your specialist is supposed to do, chances are you will be getting at least two Ribbons per match, which is not bad at all.

And if all that you care about is the experience, even if the game stops being fun for a while, you can spend a few hours killing bots until you get to the level you want.