Sundance is a hard-to-play specialist and is one of the most played in Battlefield 2042 due to her mobility potential.

However, it is hard to make the most out of Sundance’s abilities, and she depends on many factors to live up to her potential.

She can drop from towers, high buildings, and aircraft to glide through the map and attack her enemies from behind.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mobility, she doesn’t have much more going for her once she is on the ground. Finding another high ground that grants her the opportunity of repeating her stunt is not that easy after you have landed.

Because of that, good Sundance players are the ones who learned how to effectively use their mobility to flank distracted enemies every time they can. Wasting an opportunity to glide to a place where you can take down your enemies by surprise makes picking Sundance a pointless choice.

Either way, she is fun to play, good to traverse terrain after you have just conquered the high, advantageous position, and there are many plays that no other specialist can do but her.

This guide has everything you need if you want to know how to be an impressive, gliding soldier. Here’s how to play as Sundance in Battlefield 2042.

The Wingsuit

Sundance’s main feature is, obviously, her wingsuit. After jumping from a high location, she can glide to another spot that allows her to flank or sneak behind the enemy.

The way most people use her wingsuit is just by jumping off a tower or a building and going to a different position, but that’s not the best use of her unique ability.

This specialist relies heavily on positioning, so it might be pretty hard to learn how to play her. She is significantly more challenging to play than Mackay — who is often considered the best specialist in Battlefield 2042 — but she can certainly do things he can’t.

The biggest thing about Sundance’s wingsuit is the fact that it can be used to traverse the entire map depending on where you drop off from. In fact, she doesn’t even need to be that high to take advantage of her mobility once you master her gliding mechanics.

You might want to experiment with her for a while. Jump off high control points often until you master her movement. After that, try gliding closer to the ground to see how far you can get.

With time, you will understand better how far you get depending on how tall the structure is. This will lead you to recognize situations that you can exploit depending on your position.

It might take a while, but once you master it, you can get anywhere on the map and use her wingsuit.

You will even be able to spot vulnerable targets running around and take them down from behind even after jumping off a building that doesn’t seem high enough for Sundance to do her thing.

If you are just starting and you don’t have many weapons and attachments unlocked, you might want to think about using the M5A3 rifle. Sundance’s wingsuit paired with the best M5A3 attachments will make you deadly!

The Grenade Belt

Although Sundance’s Wingsuit is her signature trait, the Grenade Belt is arguably just as good.

She has access to three different types of grenades on top of the usual two that all specialists have, and you have an infinite amount of grenades to use that are limited only by a cooldown.

Use her grenades frequently. Any time you have an opportunity. Remember that you are not going to run out of grenades, so take advantage of the cooldown system to spam them.

The Scatter Grenade

This one has a huge blast area, and you should use it when the enemy is hidden in tight spaces and corridors.

The Scatter Grenade becomes multiple grenades before exploding, causing multiple explosions. It is a great starter for when you are invading a building.


This one disables turrets and rangers for long enough for you to run away or reach that annoying Boris player.

If you like playing with an EMP Grenade, Sundance has her own, so you don’t need to use the grenade slots for this, leaving you open to take Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, or a Proximity Sensor.


This is a hand-launched micro drone that chases a vehicle and attaches itself to it before exploding. It works against any kind of vehicle, including tanks, helicopters, and hovercrafts.

This will help you destroy vehicles, especially combined with FXM-33 AA Missile or a Recoilless M5. Doing it will also grant a decent amount of experience and unlocks ribbons, which help you level up fast in Battlefield 2042.

Final Thoughts

There’s no secret when it comes to playing Sundance. Master her wingsuit and use her grenades as often as you can.

Although the basic idea doesn’t sound complicated, mastering this character is not as easy as it seems. It takes a long time to get used to this specialist, and making the most out of her mobility comes with a lot of time and First Person Shooter practice.

You must acknowledge how the terrain plays an integral part in a gunfight and use that to your advantage when choosing where to land.

Try to constantly surprise your enemies, drop from a helicopter on the top of buildings, take down enemy soldiers from behind, then jump from the building to look for other players who are putting themselves in exploitable situations.

Remember that once you are grounded, you still have three different types of grenades that you will constantly be getting back after a while. Make sure to use them to distract or wound the enemies before you finish them off.

The rest is about the same as it is with any other character: get a good gun, practice your aiming, take those objectives, and have fun.