Mackay is considered by many players the best Specialist in Battlefield 2042. He is a character that is relatively easy to play and heavily relies on his Grappling Hook for mobility and outplays.

The hardest part about playing Mackay is his mechanical difficulty. His abilities are simple to use, but knowing how to use them in a way that gives you a significant advantage is key to making the most out of this Specialist.

Players can be creative when playing as Mackey. With his Grappling Hook, he can quickly turn a bad situation into a good one.

There is a lot that depends on good positioning and basic First Person Shooters knowledge when it comes to using Mackey correctly, but we are here to help you.

This guide will go through how to play as Mackay in Battlefield 2042, showing you all you need to be the best Specialist in your squad!

How to Use the Grappling Hook

Mackay’s gimmick is his Grappling Hook. With this tool, he can reach high areas, travel faster, negate fall damage, and so much more.

Because of this ability, Mackay players can almost instantly change their position on the map no matter where they are. This lets Mackay have an instant advantage when trading shots with enemy soldiers.

If you know how to play as Sundance, you probably know what you have to do when playing Mackay already. The most significant difference is that Sundance can move across the entire map when she finds a high spot, but she can’t do much once she lands.

On the other hand, Mackay can keep climbing and changing positions quite frequently, and there are creative ways to use his ability besides just finding high ledges.

Finding the High Ground

This is the most obvious use of Mackay’s ability. You can reach the top of walls, cliffs, and container piles by aiming close enough to their surface and firing the Grappling Hook.

If you play as this Specialist, this is the one thing you should be doing the most any time you are contesting a control point or finding a safer area to snipe the enemies.

Playing as Mackay is synonymous with firing from above, meaning that this Specialist works very well for sniper players. If you are not a sniper and you like to use Mackay’s ability to sneak behind enemies and flank, knowing the best PP-29 attachments in Battlefield 2042 will help you achieve that.

Traveling Faster

This small trick isn’t the most essential thing about Mackay’s tool, but it certainly helps. You can use his Grappling Hook on uneven terrain so you can travel faster when you are on foot.

You won’t always have this opportunity, and it won’t always be relevant, but it does help when any second counts. It might be the difference between contesting or losing a control point in a match.

Negating Fall Damage

Mackay can jump from high areas and shoot his hook to a wall, preventing him from taking damage while changing positions at the same time. It can also be used to be dragged to the ground faster when you open your parachute.

Best Weapons For Mackay

This is a specialist that benefits from flanking enemies, quickly changing his position, and finding hidden places above his target’s head, so he works very well with Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles, and Assault Rifles. However, there is one significant exception, the PP-29.

If you use weapon attachments in a way that they grant you options to attack from far away and also to be sneaky, you will already be equipped to do well what Mackay does best.

Shooting from behind an enemy and swiftly changing positions without revealing your location on the minimap works very well for this Specialist. It can be achieved with a Rifle or the mentioned SMG.

Consider using the third slots to make your weapons effective at close-quarters in case your position is compromised and you need the firepower.

Final Thoughts

Mackay is pretty easy to start using, but knowing what to do with him is a matter of practicing both First-Person Shooters and the Specialist himself.

With time, you will find places to attach your hook that allow you to suddenly change the flow of a gunfight and take advantage of the terrain in most situations.

However, you don’t need to be a very experienced player or put in hundreds of hours to use Mackay effectively or to have fun when playing this Specialist. Just going for the high ground and sniping enemies from above is fun and encouraged.

Experiment with a few different weapons, try attachments that will help you stay hidden, and remember to keep moving since that’s what your ability is for.