The SFAR-M GL is a Heavy Assault Rifle that is capable of Semi-Auto and Automatic fire.

If you are using the Recoilless M5 to destroy vehicles so you can level up fast in Battlefield 2042, this weapon will help you with that for sure.

It has decent stats, and it comes with an attached grenade launcher that can carry different kinds of explosives depending on the Underbarrel you have equipped.

Not only that, it works very well on its own as a rifle. You can make it more stable or increase its firepower for midrange fun fights with the right attachments.

So if you just unlocked this weapon and now you want to know how to use it, we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you the best SFAR-M GL attachments in Battlefield 2042.

The Best SFAR-M GL Attachments

Attachments SFAR M GL

Considering that you can bring three attachments of each type to a match, the attachments will be chosen to make this weapon effective in different situations.

There are options for dealing with vehicles, long-distance combats, and much more.

With all that in mind, this is what we recommend you to equip to your SFAR-M GL rifle:

  • Sights: M11 6X, CRD HOLO, and M22 3.5
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel, FACTORY BARREL, and 6KU SUPPRESSOR
  • Underbarrel: 40MM AP, FACTORY MOUNTS, and 40MM INCENDIARY

The Best SFAR-M GL Sights

Each attachment will work better at a certain distance, but having three slots for Sights gives you all that you need.

M11 6X

This is the best scope available for the SFAR-M GL if you intend to engage with enemies that are at a significant distance from you. It does reduce your Aim Down Speed, but this shouldn’t be something to worry about too much.

XDR Holo

This is the one you will use when the target is close to you. It increases your visibility without distorting it too much so you won’t be disoriented when aiming at an enemy right at your face.

M22 3.5

This is the middle ground between the XDR HOLO and the M11 6X. Use it when you are aiming at targets that are not that distant from you.

The Best SFAR-M GL Barrels

Barrel SFAR M GL

You only need two Barrels, but we are adding the Standard Barrel just in case you don’t want any downside at all from this kind of attachment.

Extended Barrel

Your rate of fire will be reduced a bit, but you get Range and Accuracy in exchange, making it a pretty good attachment that makes this weapon more reliable.

6KU Suppressor

This attachment will reduce noise and muzzle flash, so it helps you stay hidden from your adversaries but will reduce your firepower. If you fire with a suppressor attached to your weapon, your location is not revealed on the enemy’s minimap.

Factory Barrel

If you don’t want any downside to your Assault Rifle, stick with the Factory Barrel.

The Best SFAR-M GL Underbarrels

The Underbarrels won’t bring any dramatic change to the SFAR-M GL, but they will change the grenades you fire with this weapon’s secondary mode.


This is the Armor Piercing Grenade and works very well to take down smaller vehicles.

40MM Incendiary

For the unarmored enemy soldiers, lighting them on fire might work just fine. So if you want to set people on fire for a while, you might consider using the 40MM INCENDIARY.

Factory Mount

With this attachment, you will have access to a regular fragmentation grenade instead of the Armor Piercing one from the 40MM AP.

Best SFAR-M GL Ammunition

Ammunition SFAR M GL

When it comes to the Ammunition of this rifle, there are only two kinds that you really need to worry about. One that’s better to use against vehicles, and the other which is for everything else.

High Power

If you are looking for extra Accuracy, Range, and Firepower, this is the Ammo Type you want to go for. The price to pay is less Recoil Control, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire.

Armor Piercing

Maybe your grenades did not finish off that annoying hovercraft that is circling the Control Point. If that is the case and you see smoke coming out of the Vehicle, the Armor Piercing bullets might get the job done.

Final Thoughts

The SFAR-M GL is not the most customizable weapon in Battlefield 2042. It doesn’t have many attachments, and the ones it has do not radically change the way you can use the weapon as others do.

Still, there are ways to prepare this weapon for the most basic situations for which you use a rifle, such as long-range combat, close-quarters gunfights, and stealthy situations. There is a way to make this Assault Rifle somewhat effective against vehicles with Penetrating Grenades and Armor-Piercing Bullets.

This weapon fits certain specialists quite well. For instance, if you are looking for ways to destroy vehicles quickly, learn how to play as Sundance and bring this weapon in your loadout, but remember to use the Armor Piercing Grenades and Ammunition.

If you want a reasonably reliable weapon with a few extra grenades that might be slightly slower than others of the same category, chances are you will like the SFAR-M GL.