The newest Battlefield brings something entirely new to the franchise. Players now choose a character between a number of options.

Those characters — named specialists in Battlefield 2042 — have different skills and, as the name suggests, specialties.

Some characters focused on healing, others on mobility, and even characters who specialize in assembling sentries to defend an area.

This change turned Battlefield into a game that somewhat behaves like a Hero Shooter.

Like many other games that follow this path, especially when there are many options, players are quick to find out the best classes or who are the best characters in the game. It’s the nature of competitive titles.

It was not different in Battlefield 2042. Some specialists seem to be much better than others.

In this guide, we’re going to look at who the best specialist in Battlefield 2042 is and why.

Mackay, the Best Specialist

There are specialists that will perform better depending on what you want to do. Because of that, it is a bit harder to just say that there is one best specialist in the game.

Still, a specialist seems so good that most competitive players use him. Some players can use Mackay’s unmatched terrain traversal ability to find better positions and outplay their adversaries.

The best specialist in Battlefield 2042 is Mackay.

It seems that the developers even know that Mackay is that good. He cannot be played until you hit level 15, so you might want to learn how to level up fast in Battlefield 2042 to take advantage so you can play him.

Mackay’s unique ability is his grappling hook. That makes him quickly reposition himself, take the higher ground, escape when cornered, and more.

Since he can almost instantly change his positioning, he can also suddenly turn a disadvantageous situation into an advantageous one.

Of course, the grappling hook will not win the game for you. It might take some time for you to get used to it, and you still need to have a good aim and know how to use the weapons and attachments of the game. Still, it shouldn’t be as hard as learning how to fly a helicopter in Battlefield 2042.

The more you play Mackay, the better you will understand what makes him so good. With time, you might become so used to his grappling hook and mobility that it will be hard for you to play other specialists.

The only thing that makes Sundance not as good as Mackay is that she needs to be at a high altitude to make use of her ability, while Mackey can pretty much always use his grappling hook to climb. There are situations in which the wingsuit is better. In most cases, it is not.

Sundance, The Close Second

A specialist that comes in close second — and is nearly as good as Mackay — is Sundance. She is considered that good due to her unique abilities, especially her wingsuit.

Players can spawn in flying vehicles or on the top of a building and glide to a more advantageous position. Sundance is a bit harder to master than Mackay, and her unique skill is not as versatile as his, but they both serve the same purpose.

To be fair, there are many players who think that Sundance is much better than Mackay. Truth is, although her special ability — the Wing Suit — is not as versatile as Mackay’s, she can still surprise flank people on the other side of the map and quickly move to a different location.

Maps that have many areas with high altitude, such as towers, make Sundance’s job much easier. If you want non-stopping action that can make you feel like you’re playing a different game from time to time, grab the best Assault Rifle and learn how to play as Sundance.

It feels amazing to fly from the top of a building to behind enemy lines and burst them down with a full-auto gun before they can even realize what is going on.

On top of all that, Sundance has another unique ability, her Grenade Belt.

On top of the two grenades that all specialists carry, Sundance can hit the number 3 to access her unique grenades. She can carry up to two extra grenades and they can be of three different types.

Sundance has access to an EMP grenade, a Grenade that causes multiple explosions, and a drone that attaches itself to a vehicle before exploding.

The best part about those three types of grenades is that she only has to choose the type once she is about to throw them. if you think that was all, you’re wrong. To make Grenade Belt even better, she regains the used grenades after a while. You just have to wait for the cooldown in order to have even grenades.

Sundance is seriously amazing and fun. Unfortunately, although her wingsuit is awesome, chances are you won’t be using it around as much as Mackay’s grappling hook.

Falck, the Easiest Specialists

You might want to try out Falck for an easier way to earn Ribbons. She can heal allies from a distance, which makes her very useful for a team while helping you gain extra Experience Points.

Another Specialist that is relatively easy to play is Boris. Just find a good way to place your sentry and stick around waiting for it to kill the adversaries. You can also call for a ranger to help you take down enemy soldiers, making you a stationary danger that can be quite troubling for enemies to go through.

Finally, the most effortless specialist to learn is probably Dozer. Although it might be a bit hard to make the most out of him, his special ability is taking less damage from explosions. This alone makes him very simple to play if that’s what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Positioning is a really important factor in First Person Shooters. So much so that having a way to radically change where you were can shift the direction of a match entirely.

That is the reasoning behind our choice of Mackay as the best specialist in Battlefield 2042. His ability lets you easily escape, climb, find higher ground, and ambush enemy soldiers.

Nonetheless, nothing here is written in stone. Please note that we are not saying you play Mackay. Team composition is important, and you might need medics and engineers to support your frontline.

Therefore, If you do better playing Falck or Boris, go for it. Master the specialist you like the most, and you will do well.

Also, note that even if you do decide to play as Mackay, you still need to learn how to master his grappling hook to take advantage of it in a way that makes sense to pick him as your main specialist.