SMGs are light weapons that tend not to have the same range of Rifles but have excellent performance at short distances.

These weapons are often known for their great Rate of Fire and low Recoil Control. However, as most weapon categories in Battlefield 2042, the SMGs are pretty different from one another.

Although you have more traditional SMGs, such as the MP9, you also have SMGs that behave somewhat like an Assault Rifle, like the PP-29.

So if you want a weapon that has an amazing Time to Kill, feels easy to handle, and is relatively light, you need an SMG. Which one, though?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. If you are looking for the best SMG in Battlefield 2042, you came to the right place.

PP-29 — The Best SMG in Battlefield 2042

When it comes to choosing the best weapon, we are not trying to pick one that does everything better than the others. Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have weapons that can do anything others can, to a point where other weapons become entirely obsolete.

However, certain weapons within a category can do many things so well that you might not feel the need to switch weapons.

That’s the case with the PP-29. It is an SMG with good Time to Kill that is relatively reliable. Its Recoil is very manageable, and it has a surprisingly long range for a weapon of its category.

In many ways, the PP-29 is a weapon that feels like a hybrid of an Assault Rifle and an SMG. That uniqueness is why it is considered one of the best starting weapons in Battlefield 2042 and also the best SMG.

PP-29 Builds

Thankfully, the PP-29 is pretty much ready to go as it is when you first unlock it. Just pick it up and try it out. It is surprisingly good without any attachments, much like the SWS-10 Sniper Rifle.

You can make an argument that some attachments make this SMG better, and they most likely do depending on the context, but the good news is that you don’t need them to use it effectively.

However, once you start taking enemies down and unlocking parts, you might want to check the best PP-29 attachments in Battlefield 2042, so you can have them equipped.

Once you have its attachments, there are some builds that you might want to try out.

PP-29 Infiltrator Build

This is a build meant for you to flank several enemies and take them down as fast as possible without being noticed. The idea here is to get behind enemy lines and shoot as many enemies as you can before being detected.

You might want to learn how to play as Sundance for such use of this weapon since she is perfect for getting behind enemy lines without being noticed.

  • Fusion Holo Sights: This is a practical close-quarters sight that enhances target visibility.
  • 6KU Suppressor Barrel: You don’t want to be detected too soon, so you need a suppressor.
  • High Power Ammunition: You need high damage to take down enemies quickly and move to the next

PP-29 Mid-Range Build

This one might need you to grind a bit for the attachments, but it does turn the PP-29 into an excellent mid-range weapon that can compete with Assault Rifles and continues to be quite useful at close range.

  • XO Smart 2x Sights: It slightly increases your Aim Down Sight speed but works very well at mid-range.
  • High Power Ammunition: This is the one that has the best combination of power and range for this SMG.
  • Extended Barrel: It slightly reduces your Rate of Fire but gives you more Accuracy and more Range.

Final Thoughts

The thing that makes the PP-29 so good is the fact it can do its job as an SMG, and it can also behave quite well as an Assault Rifle. 

However, it does depend on how you use its attachments, but you most likely won’t need more than two attachments of each type for this one.

The PP-29 does not have Underbarrel modifications, which significantly limits how you can customize it. Still, it works well enough in different situations, so you might not feel the need for one more attachment when using it.

Although the PP-29 can work very well when you flank the enemies, it can also be effective with characters like Dozer, who can take advantage of his shield to close the gap between him and the opponent before firing his SMG.

If you find out that SMGs are not for you, maybe you should try the best Assault Rifle in Battlefield 2042. If you do like SMGs, try out our recommended build and mix and match with different specialists to find the playstyle that works best for you.