Sometimes you sneak behind an enemy soldier, and they are so focused on their target, maybe because they’re on the ground with their sniper rifle, that they don’t even know you’re right behind them.

In a situation like that, it is easy to shoot them twice and get over with it. Still, there is a way to safely get rid of an enemy from behind them without wasting any bullets and not taking the risk of missing the second shot because something exploded or because someone showed up.

Battlefield 2042 has implemented finishing moves similar to those seen in different First Person Shooters, and there is a simple way to execute them.

It was about time we had something like that in the franchise. These animations look cool, but they are also useful depending on the context. In addition to that, they are also optional. After all, you can always just shoot the clueless enemy whose back is completely exposed to you anyways.

If you want to know how to assassinate enemies in Battlefield 2042 and when you should do it, this guide is here to help you.

Assassinating Enemy Soldiers

Assassinate 1

All that you have to do, really, is to press the melee button when you are directly behind the target. Meaning, if you sneak behind a sniper when practicing how to play as Sundance, you might find them too focused on the other side of the map, and you can take them down without firing your gun.

This is an excellent way to finish enemies because you don’t risk missing the shot for any reason, and you don’t reveal your position — since shooting makes you show up in the enemies’ minimap.

Please note that there are ways to avoid revealing your position when you fire your gun. Some of the best PP-29 attachments, for instance, can do that for you.

However, a Suppressor might make your weapon less effective, and assassinating an enemy by hitting the melee button will allow you to use those attachment slots for something else. Besides, it’s clean, it’s safe, and it’s noiseless.

It is important to pay attention to your surroundings when attempting to assassinate an enemy. If they are moving too much, you might end up just melee hitting them, giving them time to react to what you were doing.

Also, make sure that there is no other enemy soldier around. Although the animation is guaranteed to take care of the enemy, it only really happens at the end of the animation. So, if you get shot down during the finishing move animation, your enemy might live, and you won’t.

Final Thoughts

Assassination is a nice addition to Battlefield, and it is one that is long overdue. However, there are very specific situations where it is worth not shooting at someone.

Generally speaking, if you have the chance to two-shot someone in the back and move on, you should do it unless you are seriously worried about revealing your position.

Another advantage of assassinating an enemy soldier is that only another enemy can prevent you from finishing someone off once the animation starts.

Now that you know how to do it and when it’s worth it, make you only do this when it is advantageous. If you are in doubt, just pull the trigger.