You do not start Battlefield 2042 with many options. Therefore, you might want to make the most of what is given to you.

In this game, you can change the loadout of all specialists, and therefore you will choose them for their skill and nothing else.

This means you can use a Sniper Rifle with a medic such as Falck, or an SMG with Mackay if you like to ambush your adversaries and get a bit closer to them from behind.

There are many different ways to play the many specialists in the game, but only once you have everything unlocked.

Until then, you will be somewhat limited. This is why it is important to know what is the best starting weapon in Battlefield 2042.

That way, you can make your life a bit easier, and maybe you can use it to level up fast as well.


This weapon is interesting. For an Assault Rifle, it doesn’t have the longest range. Still, it works pretty effectively since it is more stable than an SMG and also lighter than other weapons of the same category.

The M5A3 is also quite versatile once you have access to all its attachments, allowing you to have a reasonably reliable weapon that can be tailored to your taste.

The best thing about this rifle is the fact it is available from the moment you start playing, so there is no need to grind experience points in order to use it.

You still have to dedicate some time to this weapon to unlock its attachments, though.


This sniper rifle is also available since you start the game, which is a good thing. This weapon is satisfying to use, reliable, and effective.

The best thing about the SWS-10 is the fact you don’t even need to unlock its attachments to use it effectively. It comes with a good scope and an iron sight for combat at a closer range.

Still, the more you use it, the more attachments you will get. Eventually, you will have options to use the SWS-10 in different ways — making it more reliable when the enemy is close or perhaps increasing the distance its bullets travel.

Thanks to how attachments work in Battlefield 2042, you can equip different scopes, barrels, underbarrels, and ammunition so you can change on the fly.

That way, you can, for instance, remove the ADR BIPOD once you find an advantageous position and use the LWG GRIP instead for more accuracy while static.


This is by far one of the best guns in the game. This SMG is really stable and works surprisingly well at long ranges.

The recoil is not enough to be in your way as long as you fire in short bursts. Also, with the help of different attachments, you can make it slightly more effective at longer ranges.

When it comes to medium and short-range combat, the PP-29 is outstanding. It is very accurate for this sort of weapon, and it also kills quite quickly.

You can’t access the PP-29 as soon as you start the game. You will have to level up a bit, so you might want to dedicate some time to it so you can use this SMG.

The PP-29 is unlocked in Battlefield 2042 once players reach level 17, which doesn’t take too long if you are doing all you can to earn extra experience points.

Once you have access to the PP-29, make sure you keep using it as effectively as possible to unlock its attachments.

The PP-29 combined with the best specialist in Battlefield 2042 can give you quite a significant advantage over the adversary, even if you are a low-level player.

Final Thoughts

The grinding is long and can be a bit taxing, but the possibilities are many once you have everything you need. By allowing players to switch attachments during a match, Battlefield 2042 allows adaptability and creativity to shine.

However, not having all the attachments and weapons at first feels a bit limiting, which is why we are recommending the three weapons above. That way, you can perform way even before you have everything unlocked.

The best weapons to start in Battlefield 2042 are not necessarily among the best weapons in the game, but they will be quite effective even though you don’t have much unlocked for them.

If you like to get personal, try out the SWS-10. Once you reach level 17, see if the PP-29 fits you better. Both weapons serve the same purpose, but they feel a bit different from one another.

If you like to stay far away from the enemies and take them down one by one with precise shots, the SWS-10 will work fine for you even when you reach higher levels.

Now pick your gun and go to the battlefield.