Sniper Rifles are very fun to use. Players can be on the other side of the map, in a safe position, shooting enemy soldiers who are a mile away.

Of course, Battlefield 2042 has different options of weapons in the Sniper category, and, just like all other weapon types in the game, they are quite different from one another.

Each sniper has its own stats and a trait that makes them stand out among the others, and there are many different ways to build them with the attachments available in the game.

Besides all that, since you must consider bullet drop when firing with a sniper. There is much that the player must learn besides pointing the rifle at an enemy and shooting.

However, if you are a player who loves Sniper Rifles, chances are you already know all that. Perhaps what you need is to understand how to compensate for bullet drop, which sniper rifle to use, and how to build it with the best attachments.

Don’t worry, though. We are here to help you out with all that. Our guide will let you know what is the best Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 2042 and how to be a good sniper.

The Best Sniper Rifles

The best Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 2042 is the DXR-1. However, there is another sniper rifle that you can use well in the game quite well, the SWS-10.

We do not recommend the NTW-50, even though it has the potential to take down your target with a single body shot. The reason it is not a good rifle has nothing to do with its damage, though. The NTW-50 has the lowest Bullet Speed, Accuracy, and Range of all Sniper Rifles, defeating the purpose of picking a weapon in this category in the first place.

The go-to weapon, in this case, would be the DXR-1, which has the longest range and the most negligible bullet drop of all Sniper Rifles, making it much easier to aim at targets on the other side of the map.

On the other hand, there are situations where the SWS-10 can be pretty useful.


This sniper is one of the best starting weapons in Battlefield 2042. It is ready to go from the moment you first start playing the game.

Of course, unlocking the best SWS-10 attachments will help you play better, and in this case, there is a specific build that makes this rifle quite effective in smaller maps. This is not necessarily the best build for general use of the SWS-10.

Consider using it only when you are using the DXR-1 in most maps. In that case, you might not need its range in the smaller battlefields, making the SWS-10 a good choice with some extra bullets:

  • BKS 8X Sights: This is the go-to Sights attachment for most snipers
  • Long Barrel: You need this attachment to have a bit more range and bullet speed with the SWS-10
  • Extended Mag Ammunition: There’s no real downside when compared to the Standard Issue
  • LS-1 Laser Sight Underbarrel: Better Hipfire Accuracy for when your enemies get too close


If you have already unlocked the DXR-1, you won’t need any other sniper rifle. Make sure you know how to level up fast in Battlefield 2042 if you want to get your hands on this weapon earlier. You can use the SWS-10 with the recommended attachments in the contexts mentioned above, but you don’t need to.

The DXR-1 has the longest range of all Sniper Rifles, making it much easier to aim consistently at targets on all maps.

Once you unlock this weapon, you just need to dedicate some time to get its best attachments. Here is the best DXR-1 setup:

  • BKS 8X Sights: As mentioned above, they are the go-to Sights attachment for Sniper Rifles
  • Long Barrel: With this attachment, you will have more bullet velocity
  • High Power Ammunition: With this ammo type, you will have even more damage and range

How to Be a Good Sniper

Being a sniper is about perceiving opportunities to take down distracted and vulnerable enemies from a distance. There’s a lot of map knowledge involved in it and a need for weapon familiarity.

Depending on the Sniper Rifle that you are using, the way you aim at a target that is far away might change slightly. Yet, there are things that you must do in order to increase your chances to hit your target regardless of the rifle that you are using.

Aiming With a Sniper Rifle

Body shots don’t tend to kill your targets in Battlefield 2042, but you should not be aiming for the head of targets that are moving a lot. So if your target’s head keeps moving, aim for the body to make sure you won’t miss. Remember to hold your breath when taking the shot since it makes your aim sway significantly less.

However, you are pretty much guaranteed to kill a target when you hit the head, so always aim for it when the enemy isn’t moving or is barely moving.

It might take a while for you to get used to it, and it might be quite hard at first, but practice makes it perfect.

Also, make sure to aim above the target’s head when it is too far. It will be complicated to learn how bullets fall depending on if the target is far away. It changes based on whether the target is below you, above you, or about the same height.

However, it is a safe bet to aim above the target’s head anytime it looks tiny, even when you are looking through your scope.

When firing at moving targets, make sure to aim where they’re about to be, not where they are. Leave your crosshair at a place where they are most likely to go through and pull the trigger a little before they are there.

Much like accounting for bullet drop, you will have to account for bullet speed when the target is very far. This is another thing that you will learn over time. You need to get used to your weapon’s bullet speed and practice shooting at moving targets until you get used to it.

How to Quickscope in Battlefield 2042

Let’s be real; there is no quickscoping in Battlefield 2042. The Aim Down Sight speed is not quick enough for you to jump around and one-shot your targets.

Another thing that makes quickscoping impossible in this game is the fact you need a headshot to one-shot the target. Not only that, you must do it while moving and dodging the enemy.

If enemies get too close, your best bet is to move back and find a new position where you can aim at them more safely. If you have nowhere to run, change to your secondary weapon and try to survive the encounter.

Strafe and Stop

You don’t need to be stationary in Battlefield 2042 for almost anything. The only exception is that exact moment when you are taking a shot. If you move while you pull the trigger, you significantly decrease your chances of hitting the target.

That being said, you need to let go of the movement keys or left stick when pulling the trigger, but you must always be moving when doing literally anything else. Also, the moment when you’re about to shoot is the only moment when you need to hold your breath.

Jump around, move left and right, slide if you can, but don’t ever make yourself an easy target. Even when you are in a tower or other safe location, your best bet to stay alive is by never stopping before taking a shot.

Finding a Target

Make sure you don’t stay looking through your scope the whole time you’re looking for a target. That is a great way to get shot down without knowing where the bullet came from.

When strafing, make sure to peak, search for targets, and check if anybody is coming to flank you. Try to be as aware as you can of your surroundings and keep moving, as mentioned above.

Best Specialist for Sniping

Mackay is the best specialist for those who want to play with a Sniper Rifle and one of the best specialists in Battlefield 2042.

His passive allows him to move faster while aiming, making him less vulnerable when scoping. Besides that, his grappling hook can help you get to positions where you can escape enemies and prevent being flanked.

Depending on the context, there are other specialists that can be good as well. Angel will never run out of Ammo, Sundance can move from a tower to the other side of the map quickly, and flank targets for a quick streak, and Dozer can live longer when targeted by helicopters from the top of a building.

However, those are very specific situations. Generally speaking, if you play as Mackay when you are sniping your opponents, you will have made a good choice no matter what happens in the match.

Final Thoughts

Sniping is fun, but being good at it takes a lot of work, practice, and dedication. Sniper Rifles in Battlefield 2042 are not as deadly as they usually are in other games, but it doesn’t mean they are bad weapons. In fact, they are great if you know where to go and how to aim.

Once you master compensating for bullet drop and bullet speed, start aiming for the enemy’s head. Remember to look around, keep moving, and move back when the enemies get close.

It takes a lot of effort to get good, but it is worth it once you start taking down one enemy after another before they can even realize what is happening.