The pros and cons of weapon attachments are baffling because of the short wordings they use for them in Black Ops: Cold War. It might be hard to understand each of them and this guide will aid you by providing information and shedding light on the attributes.

So, what is the difference between aiming speed & aiming move speed in Call of Duty Cold War?

Aiming Speed

You might think of aiming speed as an assist with your crosshair to move faster when chasing enemies. It would not make any sense if that was the case because you can easily adjust your controller settings and increase vertical and horizontal aim sensitivity.

In short, aiming speed is there to improve your aim down sight speed or ‘ADS’ speed. Players who have a higher aiming speed than the opposing player’s weapon will have a big advantage. If both players have the perfect reaction, it is the player with the faster aiming speed that will win, assuming no shots were missed.

It is also a great advantage to have a higher aiming speed over stronger firepower because an extra shot fired is better for most weapons. Weapons that rely on stronger firepower for fewer shots fired to earn a kill will not need aiming speed but it is still good.

Weapons That Benefit From Aiming Speed

I would say all weapons in the game will benefit greatly with the aiming speed attribute. It is crucial to any fight that uses sights because not all gunfights are fought with hip-fire. Having a faster aim down sight or ADS speed is always significant and is most of the time, the deciding factor in gunfights.

Aiming Move Speed

However, aiming move speed is exactly what is it says. It increases your movement speed or overall mobility when aiming down sights. Its main benefit is from doing any pre-aim with any weapon.

If you are going to approach any area that enemies can potentially appear especially control points, you can pre-aim near corners and hold angles. The aiming move speed allows you to chase them better as you slide away from the wall and to find cover faster if you get shot while aiming.

Weapons that benefit from Aiming Move Speed

  • M16
  • Type 63
  • LW3 Tundra
  • RPD
  • Stoner 63

The LW3 Tundra sniper rifle and the two tactical rifles are the main weapons that can benefit from aiming move speed. These weapons are the most likely to use pre-aim because of their slow aiming speed compared to other weapons. Also, by fighting at a farther distance, pre-aiming allows you to cover more of the area and sidestepping will be a common occurrence.

The light machine guns can also benefit from it when you try to pre-aim and pre-fire certain corners and hallways that enemies might use for cover. Aiming move speed will aid you to move while spraying that light machine gun until you run out of bullets.


Aiming speed is one of the best attributes to have in any weapon. Understanding your playstyle and where your weapon’s strength lies is important in knowing when to need more aiming speed or even aiming move speed.