Sturmkriegers are the toughest enemies in this edition of Zombies. They can cut off the already small area your team is working with because they can shoot their minigun at you.

Dealing with them will be the difference in making it past round 15, and there are a few strategies you can execute with your team.

In this guide, you will learn how to kill Sturmkriegers in Zombies on Call of Duty: Vanguard and a few tips on making your match more efficient.

What Are Sturmkriegers?

Sturmkriegers are the elite zombies you will need to learn to take out once they start spawning. They do an absurd amount of damage, and it will be crucial for your team to take them out as fast as possible.

Sturmkriegers carry a minigun that will shred through players when they get sight of them. They move slow, and their melee attack is easily dodgeable. Although the melee attack is slow, it can instantly down you on high rounds.

These Sturmkriegers also wear a backpack that could explode. Aside from doing critical hit damage on their head, you can aim for the backpack, and it will instantly kill the Sturmkrieger.

When Do Sturmkriegers Spawn?

Sturmkriegers start spawning on round 5. This round is also the same level when the exfil or extraction gets unlocked. During these early rounds (5 to 9), Sturmkriegers will always spawn but not as many as when you get to the high rounds.

Best Strategy to Kill Sturmkriegers

The best strategy to deal with Sturmkriegers can vary depending on the weapon you are using, your teammates, what kind of portal you took, and how high the round is.

It will be challenging to deal with them in transmit rounds with the limited space your team is working on. In harvest rounds, you can overload the Sin Eater if you are starting to get overwhelmed by Sturmkriegers.

You can also get Runestones from Sturmkriegers, as they usually have a higher drop rate than regular zombies.

Here are some tips you can follow the ease through your CoD Zombies playthrough.

Pay attention to whoever it is shooting

Sturmkriegers tend to single out a player who caught its attention. Since they move and turn really slow, you can take this chance to shoot its backpack or land a whole clip of critical hits on its head.

Make sure you have a lot of space to work with. You can get quickly surrounded by zombies while trying to get around and get a clean shot.

Shoot the backpack

Behind a Sturmkrieger

As mentioned before, you can choose to shoot the Sturmkrieger’s backpack to kill it instantly. Their backpacks are tough, and their health pool scales as the rounds get higher, like their damage and health.

When you see a Sturmkrieger’s health at 50-60%, you can ignore the backpack, and shooting the head will be much quicker to take it down.

Dealing with a squad of Sturmkriegers

Starting from round 11 and above, Sturmkriegers will come in squads. There are usually 2-3 Sturmkriegers together, and throwing equipment is the only way to deal with them fast. Stun grenades are your best bet.

Stunning the Sturmkriegers together will give your whole team a chance to unload a couple of magazines each. Use your artifact power and take advantage of your perks.

Monkey Bombs are also good since they will attract all the surrounding zombies to the area, and you can shred through them. Monkey Bombs will also explode a few seconds after dealing a ton of damage in the surrounding area.

Deal with them as fast as possible

Sturmkriegers reduce the area where your team can feel safe to kite. Once they find a target in sight, they will use their minigun no matter how far your team is.

Getting to the higher rounds spawns more zombies and Sturmkriegers while raising their damage and health. Everything will get harder exponentially, so your primary target will always be the Sturmkriegers.

Around round 20, regular zombies can down you with 3-4 hits. It will be harder to kite these zombies while trying to avoid the Sturmkriegers, so you will need to take them out to free up more space for kiting.

Final Thoughts

CoD Zombies has been a little underwhelming in terms of content for Vanguard. The Sturmkriegers will be the most formidable challenge when you are pushing for the highest round possible. You will have to learn how to kill Sturmkriegers as fast as possible to push your round records.

If you want to level up fast in CoD Zombies, you can try to avoid killing Sturmkriegers entirely by doing a solo queue to round 5 and extract.