Leveling up your account and unlocking prestige is completely possible in CoD Vanguard Zombies. Since your overall account level is the same as your multiplayer level, everything is intertwined.

If you want to level up fast in multiplayer, you can check out our other guide because this post will talk specifically about leveling through Vanguard Zombies.

This guide will teach you how to level up fast in CoD Vanguard Zombies by showing you alternative ways to play and earn XP. Whether it is by playing the game normally or playing purely for account levels first, here are all the details you need to know.

How Experience Points Work

The amount of CoD Vanguard Zombies XP you earn will be based on a variety of things playing Vanguard Zombies. During the early stages, the experience points you earn will be boosted by the challenges in the game.

You do not have to keep track of these challenges as you will finish them eventually before even hitting the max level in Vanguard zombies. There are very specific challenges like getting a kill with a throwing knife on all different types of zombies in the same round.

These will help if you focus on it for a single round, but they are optional. Apart from challenges, the bulk of your experience points will come from your overall score.

You can check your score anytime during the match to know how efficient you are in the match. The score is counted by finishing objectives, killing zombies, gaining essence, reviving teammates, completing stages, and successful extractions.

The biggest takeaway here would be the successful extractions. After finishing a match, you will gain a massive amount of experience points as a bonus for a successful extraction. The bonus will be lost if your team fails to take the exfil on time.

Best Way to Level Up Fast in CoD Zombies

After playing a total of 25 games, I reached level 36 during the first day of release. There are a lot of factors involved that were mentioned above, but let’s go to what would be the most efficient way to level up first.

Since most of my experience is coming from the early release of the game, most, if not all, players do not know how to play the new zombie mode yet. However, the XP earning system is pretty straightforward. Here are the things you can do to level up faster.

Solo Spamming

If your main goal is to farm XP purely, you can use the solo queue and rush from round 1 to 5. Since the extraction unlocks at round 5, you should be able to finish this in under 8 minutes.

The total XP you get should be more consistent, around 24,000 to 26,000 per run. Slip in a few XP from challenges, and you will earn even more doing this.

Solo spamming is the fastest way to level up. Even if the XP gained goes up on every round, each round would take longer to finish. Your playtime can hover around 50-70 minutes when you push for round 15 or higher.

In perspective, I averaged 68,333 XP in three games where I extracted with a whole team on round 15. This includes a few finished challenges for bonus XP as the game lasted longer.

If you want to play for fun, you can play the game normally and push for the highest level every round. Try to extract when things get dicey. If someone consistently gets downed, that player will lose most of his upgrades, and the runs will get harder from here.

Now, let’s compare solo spamming to a team run that both extracts at round 5 when available. The problem here is that there is not enough XP to go around. A player might get more XP while the other three players get a lower amount.

This is highly dependent on luck and how effective you are for the team. You can have a significant discrepancy with your team since the early rounds will lack zombies to kill for the entire team.

Solo spamming will be the king of leveling when it comes to CoD Zombies.

Leveling Tips for CoD Zombies

Since solo spamming will not be fun at all, you should try to play CoD Zombies how it is meant to be played. Play it with a team, even if they are random.

Each match will be longer, especially if players are still learning the game. You might even spend more than 10 minutes in between rounds just because everyone is trying to get a good gun from the mystery box.

However, here are some Vanguard Zombies tips you can follow to become more efficient in leveling up.

Go for critical kills

Critical kills on enemies will always give you extra XP and extra essence. Not only does it kill the zombies faster, but you are also gaining more essence to spend on upgrades and weapons too.

Getting the critical damage bonus (yellow powerup) will always be the priority. The powerup gives you a significant boost to your overall damage, especially when combined with the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade.

Aim the Sturmkrieger’s backpack

You might aim for the Sturmkrieger’s juicy head for critical damage, but it is actually more efficient to aim for the backpack.

Aim for the back near its shoulders, and the backpack should explode and kill the Sturmkrieger faster. This gives you more experience points too.

Follow the Orb on transmit stages

Aether Orb Elimination XP

This tip can either be a hit or a miss. However, you should know that staying with the orb and escorting it to the end will give you free XP for just following it.

If your teammates go for zombie kills, you will earn less XP. The most efficient way to get more score and XP in transmit stages is by having the whole team stick to the orb and kill zombies together. Everyone will benefit from getting the escort bonus while killing the zombies equally.

The orb will not move if no one is near it, so it will be hard to fight those players who want to kill zombies out of the objective.

Deposit your Runestones

For harvest stages, you will be gathering Runestones to overload the Sin Eater. Getting Runestones and depositing them will earn you more score, essence, and XP.

However, if you see a lot of zombies around, you can kill them first before overloading the Sin Eater. Overloading the Sin Eater will act as a nuke powerup and clear the entire area.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to enjoy this game mode. Level does not matter in Vanguard Zombies, so it all depends if you want to transfer your level to multiplayer mode.

You can even level up your weapons by playing Zombies, but it will not be efficient since you constantly change weapons throughout the match. Consider it as a bonus for when you want to swap to multiplayer mode.