Runestones are reasonably easy to get, but there are a few tricks on getting Runestones quicker and finishing the harvest stages faster.

Since there are three types of stages in Vanguard Zombies, the tips mentioned in this guide will only help you rush through precisely the harvest stage to reach the higher rounds.

In this guide, you will learn how to get Runestones in CoD Vanguard Zombies along with a few neat tricks to help you survive longer.

What Are Runestones?

Runestones are just droppable items from zombies which are needed to overload the Sin Eater and finish the stage. These are only found in harvest stages which is indicated before readying up for the next round.

You will need a total of 9 Runestones to overload a Sin Eater. There will be three Sin Eaters for every harvest stage, and each player can hold a total of 5 Runestones at a time.

How to Get Runestones

Runestones can only be acquired through defeated zombies. The drop rate is quite decent. With a good team, you can finish this stage in under 5 minutes.

Here are some tips on how you can get Runestones faster.

Make sure each zombie enters the stage first before killing them. This ensures that you will be able to get the Runestone if a zombie drops it.

The zombie horde improves exponentially, but they usually spawn together, attacking a specific area. There could be a colossal zombie horde attacking from the two directions. Please focus on the ones that have already entered so you can get the loot, whether it’s Runestones, powerups, ammo, or equipment.

Here’s a good tip, you can find and set the best audio settings so you can hear zombies coming from behind.

How to Beat Harvest Stages

After acquiring a total of 27 Runestones collectively as a group, you will be able to finish the round. However, when you reach the difficult rounds, your team might get overwhelmed with Sturmkriegers.

Sturmkriegers are insanely tough zombies that use a machinegun to shred through your teammates. Their health pool increases exponentially as the round gets higher.

More of them will spawn, and it will be easy to get overwhelmed when there are too many Sturmkriegers roaming around since the stage is too small to kite zombies.

The best tip here is to find the right timing when to deposit your Runestones. Once you overload a Sin Eater, all the enemies will disappear, and a new wave will come in. Treat this as a Nuke powerup when your team is getting overwhelmed.

Since each player can hold 5 Runestones simultaneously, it should be easy to time this right with good communication. If you are playing with a bunch of random players, you can keep your Runestones first and only deposit when needed.

Final Thoughts

Practically speaking, you wouldn’t have any choice anyway on what kind of stage you will be playing. The stages are entirely random. In my opinion, the order of stage difficulty goes like transmit > harvest > blitz.

Some might prefer harvest over blitz since you have two nukes to play around with. It just depends on your luck on how fast you get Runestones in Vanguard Zombies. In the end, you will have to learn how to play and beat all of the stages to reach past round 20.