Warzone features operators that are pulled in from across Call of Duty, giving players tons of options for playable characters. These diverse operators give the title its story and add a lot to the experience of playing. Some of the plots behind these skins can give more context, like the Charly lore in Warzone for this Scottish operator.

For some, these characters are just skins. If you want to get to know the characters in greater depth though, there’s more to them. For a lot of these agents, there is a decent bit of lore behind them.

Some of the Warzone characters originate in more plot-focused CoD games. These characters have lengthy backstories that give more context beyond just a skin. The Charly lore in Warzone is a great example of how much more information there is out there for the operators in Warzone.

Charly is a Warzone operator with lore details across multiple games. In Warzone, she has multiple skins that you can use. However, the character has a background and story in other Call of Duty games. 

All of this information feeds into the character both in Warzone and potential future apparencies. Getting to know the stories behind a skin can help build a better connection, Charly has a lot more going on than being just another skin. This is everything you need to know about Charly lore in Warzone. 

Charly Backstory & Lore

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Charly is a British Call of Duty Operator who first appeared in Modern Warfare. Along with other operators in that game though, she was brought into Warzone for the launch of that title. Between the two, we know a fair amount about Charly’s backstory in the games. 

We’re going to go through all of the lore in the games, in roughly chronological order of the operator’s life. We’ll start with the origin story for Charly in both Warzone and Modern Warfare, then all of the missions and plots the character appeared in since. This is where it starts for Charly lore in Warzone.

Charly’s Origins

Charly was born in 1987, in Scotland. The operator came from a military family. Her background involves hunting trips as early training. It seems this is one of the operators who was born for that job. 

Charly was trained during trips to Kenya and Tanzania. During these years she hunted poachers with her father. Presumably learning some of the skills she’ll use later in life here. 

Her father, Captain Craig Johnstone, was also involved in the military. Charly lore also says that more of her family were involved across history, but that’s about all the specific information for her background that we have.  

Compared to a lot of CoD operators, there’s a lot of information about Charly’s background. This might not be too relevant to games of Warzone. However, it is good to get a better sense of a character through their background. Charly’s extensive origins here inform her character throughout the rest of the story.

Joining the Special Reconnaissance Regiment

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Charly joined the army in 2005, making her exactly 18 when she signed up. In the UK you can join the military at 16, but you can’t become an officer until you’re 18. Charly joining at 18 in Warzone lore might just be to accommodate the various international expectations for when someone is ‘of age’ though. 

In the army, she was selected for the Special Reconnaissance Regiment. This is real world special forces unit of the British Army. This isn’t very common in Warzone lore, and for good reason.

The SRR that Charly joined in the real world was involved in surveillance in the Iraq War, along with the response to the July 21st London Bombings. They’ve also been controversially involved in intelligence gathering in Ireland and M16 operations in Yemen. Call of Duty often deals with subterfuge, they usually make up a stand-in rather than using the real-world regiment as they have for Charly here.

In Charly Warzone lore, she is part of the regiment’s missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. While they are using some very specific regiments for Charly’s backstory, they’re avoiding the controversial areas.

This is more the Charly’s background still. Their work in the SRR sets her up perfectly for moving into the more specialist work we see in Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Charly Lore in Warzone and Modern Warfare

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Moving on from Charly’s early career and life, by 2011 she is working with Lieutenant Jacob Thorne. He is another operator that is a part of Warzone and games like Modern Warfare. We don’t know much about their early work together but it was apparently successful.

The two agents had a high success rate in their missions. They accomplished their goals in 84.4% of missions. This was enough to make them stand out and take more important roles in the future.

The next major installment for Charly lore occurs in Urzikstan. Here Charly organized a mission to defend a CIA safe house in Southern Urzikstan. This is a country that pops up quite a bit in modern Call of Duty, it’s a stand-in for various real-world middle eastern countries. 


Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

The next major mission for Charly is the Al-Qatala attack on Piccadilly Circus. Both Charly and Thorne were active in this mission. The map is also well-known as one of the online multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare. 

This is one of the missions from these groups of games most associated with the UK, so it fits in well with Charly’s lore and backstory. It’s in this mission that the operator moves into being mainly associated with the Coalition and SAS too.

Al-Qatala Invasion of Verdansk

The Al-Qatala invasion of Verdansk is where we next see Charly. This is a mission that was depicted in special ops in Modern Warfare. Charly is part of the Coalition and Allegiance forces that are trying to stop the invasion. 

This is a big operation, so we don’t get too much specific Charly lore here. Most of the characters in the game factor in somewhere. However, it’s good to put more missions under the character’s belt.

The Al-Qatala Invasion of Verdansk is the last time we see Charly outside of just general gameplay in Warzone. However, there is more Charly lore surrounding the character, even if it’s not specifically in Warzone.

Charly Lore in Call of Duty Mobile

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

That’s all of the Charly lore in Warzone and Modern Warfare. However, we do know quite a bit more information about the character. For a start, there are some expansive storylines in Call of Duty Mobile.

Officially, CoD Mobile’s lore is separate from Warzone. These can be considered a different timeline. It features the same characters with the same backgrounds, but their lives take different paths than in the mainline games.

Since Mobile has a more involved story this is still a good source of additional information on the operators in the game. This game often has more full-on characterization than you’ll often see over in the normal CoD titles. This does mean there’s more Charly lore here than in Warzone. 

Charly was first added into this game during season 12. She later becomes a default character in the title with the Day of Reckoning update. It’s her appearances in the Comics in Mobile that add a lot of lore and plotlines for the character.

United Anti-Terrorism Coalition

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Charly lore in Mobile starts with her time at the United Anti-terrorism coalition. Here, she’s involved in a mission to stop Cordis Die. They were an antagonist in Black Ops II and a bigger figure in the mobile game.

Charly was part of a mission to stop and capture Cordis. However, things get a bit more complicated once they’re actually on the ground when the Templar shows up.

Mobile Charly lore can be a bit more confusing, the game has a lot more factions to keep track of. Templar is another antagonistic force. He’s exclusive to the mobile game. Templar has been affiliated with Five Knights, Cordis Die, Dame, and the Dark Covenant, just to give an idea of how many moving parts the spin-off’s plot has.

Templar’s intervention in the mission proves disastrous. He manages to kill all of Charly’s squad aside from the operator herself. Charly is left wounded after being struck by a throwing knife.

She survives the encounter. Although, she’s taken out of the action and has to wait for Alex and Mara to show up and save her. The two are eventually able to help Charly get away safely. 

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Despite the losses, this mission isn’t a full failure though. They’ve managed to capture Mace, an operator in Mobile, Modern Warfare, and Warzone.

Rematch with Templar

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

The next appearance that matters for Charly lore is a briefing on more recent developments along with characters like Soap and Rosa. Charly joins a mission with Price, heading to Texas to try to locate Templar.

Around this time, Mara has gone off the map to try and locate the operator Ghost. This is a separate plotline largely, but Mara’s lore and Charly’s story dovetail together here.

Along with UAC operators, Charly heads to the area that Ghost was last seen. They find Templar here and get a rematch against the character. This again goes badly for Charly. The encounter leaves her chained to some pipes and captured by the enemy. 

Charly then becomes a pretty inactive player in the rest of this mission. Eventually, Ghost returns. He duels with Templar, while Mace and others defeat Rorke. Charly is freed from her prison, but doesn’t do a whole lot here. 

Charly leaves this mission along with Rosa, Price, and Ghost. While Ghost has returned, they’ve lost Mara in the mission.

Charly’s Last Appearance

Following the Ghost/Mara/Mace plotline coming to a close, Charly’s next appearance is in a briefing. Along with others, she gets the latest update on how the Five Knights storyline is progressing.

She is briefly seen again in Call of Duty Mobile. She joins Price’s team in their attempts to hunt down what’s left of the Five knights. However, that’s the end of the line for Charly Lore at the moment. She isn’t dead in this timeline, so we could see more of her in the future.

Charly Lore and Key Information

That’s all of the Charly lore in terms of her backstory and active roles in the plot. There are a few more details that are worth knowing about the operator though. These include things like her real name and future in Call of Duty.

What Faction is Charly in?

Charly Lore in Warzone and Call of Duty

Charly in Warzone lore is part of a few similar factions and groups depending on the game. Her main affiliation is with the British Army, and she’s part of several factions that they’re a part of in Warzone lore. These are the factions she’s affiliated with:

  • British Army SRR
  • SAS
  • Coalition
  • Armistice
  • United Anti-Terrorism Coalition

What’s Charly’s Real Name?

A lot of Call of Duty Operators use a codename as their in-game title. These can be cool and add to the lore of the character. However, their real name is also an area of interest for players.

Charly is a CoD operator with a pretty basic codename. It’s a nickname of her actual name. Charly’s real name in Call of Duty is Charlotte Johnstone.

Who is the Voice of Charly in Warzone?

In Warzone and Modern Warfare, Charly is voiced by Katy Townsend. She’s mainly known for other video game roles, like voice acting in Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto, and Mass Effect. 

How to Unlock Charly in Warzone

Unlocking Charly in Warzone doesn’t take too long. All you need to do is complete 25 matches. Most players probably rack this up pretty quickly.

Before Warzone launched, you could complete this task in Modern Warfare too. That was the quickest way to get it done, so most players have access to this operator.

Charly has also had a number of skins in the game. These aren’t unlockable in different ways though. If you’ve not spent too much time looking at Warzone cosmetics, there are only a couple of ways to get them.

You can get some Charly skins with the base skin. These are different looks that unlock when you get the operator. However, a lot have to be bought in the store. There are others that you can earn through gameplay too.

Sometimes cosmetics get unlocked through challenges in CoD games like unlocking Diamond camo in Vanguard. However, Charly doesn’t have any of these skins at the moment.

Will Charly Return in Warzone?

That’s about all the Charly lore in Warzone at the moment. It might not necessarily be the end of the line though. Charly’s ending hasn’t been definitive in either of the timelines for Call of Duty.

The Modern Warfare and Warzone version of the character might make a return in the next installment in the series. This will be a direct follow-up to the 2019 Modern Warfare. It’ll also come with a follow-up to Warzone.

While it’s no guarantee that characters will be returning, it might mean we’ll get to see more of Charly’s story in the next game. Even in Mobile, the character is always still in play while they’re still alive.

The Charly lore isn’t the most expansive in Warzone, but that could change in the future. Fans will have to see if the operator comes back in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.