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Syndicate is a popular streamer in the Twitch gaming community that plays most FPS games out there. He started his growth with CSGO, but Syndicate has grown considerably well as a Warzone streamer.

This guide will show you Syndicate’s Warzone sensitivity & controller settings in full so that you can copy and mimic his playstyle, whilst adjusting to your liking.

For a brief background on how Syndicate started, Thomas Cassell (Syndicate) originally wanted to be a vlogger and post content on YouTube. He named his channel TheSyndicateProject and focused on games like Halo and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Syndicate Stream 2
YouTube / Syndicate

He switched on to cover the most popular games and his channel exploded once he started experimenting with Call of Duty Zombies. Syndicate was breaking record numbers and, he was sharing all of these strategies on his channel.

Syndicate was one of the fastest-growing stars in the YouTube gaming community. His YouTube channel went from 1 million subscribers (May 2012) to 6 million subscribers (Nov 2013) in just a year and a half.

His growth decelerated because of the CSGO Lotto scandal he was involved with. The whole spectacle was so unethical that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had to step in.

This ugly mess slowed Syndicate’s growth immensely. but he was still able to continue gaining followers a year after this whole drama. This is because his skill speaks for itself and, his ability to entertain anyone on stream.


General Settings

Settings NameSyndicate’s Settings
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity6
Vertical Stick Sensitivity6
Invert Vertical LookDisabled
Control VibrationDisabled
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Switch Weapon/Change ZoomTriangle
Tactical EquipmentL1
Lethal EquipmentR1
Aim Down SightL2
Fire WeaponR2
Sprint/Super Sprint/Steady AimLeft Analog Button
Crouch/Prone/SlideRight Analog Button
Auto RunH


Video Settings NameSyndicate’s Video Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Display Resolution1920×1080
Render Resolution100
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Field of View100
Custom Framerate LimitEnabled
Texture Resolution High
Texture Filter AniosotropicHigh
Particle QualityLow
Bullet ImpactsEnabled
Shadow Map ResolutionNormal
Cache Spot ShadowsDisabled
Cache Sun ShadowsDisabled
Ambient OcclusionBoth
Particle LightingLow
Anti-AliasingFilmic SMAA T2X
World Motion BlurDisabled
Weapon Motion Blur QualityDisabled
View DistanceLow
Automatic Weapon SwitchOn

Syndicate’s Gaming PC Setup

  • Motherboard – ASUS AMD Ryzen ROG STRIX X570 F AM4
  • GPU – ASUS Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 24GB ROG OC Strix Ampere
  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core AM4
  • RAM or Memory – Corsair Vengeance Red LED 32GB DDR4 3000MHz
  • CPU Cooler – Corsair H80i V2 AIO LED Liquid CPU Cooler
  • PC Case/Tower – Aerocool P7C0 Black Pro RGB Tempered Glass Gaming Case
  • Power Supply – Corsair RM1000X Fully Modular Gold 1000W
  • PC Lighting – Deepcool RGB 350 Magnetic LED Light Strips with Remote
  • SSD – Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB, WD Black 256GB, Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
  • Hard Drive – 2TB WD Blue
  • Network Card – Netis 300Mbps Wireless N PCI-E Adapter


Syndicate uses the LG 34UC89G-B gaming monitor on his streams and personal use. It is a curved ultrawide monitor and if you are not used to a monitor this big, it might take a while to get used to especially when you are playing FPS games. This monitor boasts a 144 Hz refresh rate with an IPS screen technology built for faster response times.


Syndicate uses the Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard which has mechanical switches. Mechanical keyboards have been designed to improve lightning-fast registry on key presses which can give you a slight advantage in competitive games.

Combine this with a high refresh rate monitor running on IPS screen technology and, your reaction time will be more fluid. The difference is minimal but, in competitive play, you would want to take all the advantages you can get.


Syndicate uses the SCUF Vantage 2 Wireless controller as you can see from his streams or the settings above. It is important that you follow Syndicate’s sens which is at 6 for both horizontal and vertical movement. Since the controller sensitivities are harder to adjust, you can find your own sensitivity if 6 is too fast for you.

Other than the sensitivity, you should also check Syndicate’s settings on different keybinds because some regions are used to swapping Square and Circle buttons on the controller.


Syndicate uses the Razer BlackShark Pro V2 to go along with his purely Razer setup. This headset line from Razer is really popular and, the Pro V2 is also the wireless variant that most streamers prefer. This is so that they can go around more freely with their headset on and interact with their community.


Syndicate uses the same webcam as Logitech BRIO. It is one of the best-reviewed gaming webcams for its price and quality.


To finish his Razer setup, Syndicate uses the Razer DeathAdder V2 with the Firefly Mouse Mat. While it is mostly for other games or generally using the computer, you can choose your own mouse since he plays Call of Duty Warzone with a controller anyway.

Most of the time, gamers who copy settings from the pro player they are following would also use their respective device whether it is the controller or the mouse.