Like most RPGs, there are numerous ways you can customize your character especially when it involves a lot of gameplay mechanics. Some RPGs are more forgiving when they offer free resets or respecing.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a little bit different as it is way more difficult to change perks and skills you acquired.

This makes you give it a little more thought before choosing anything and you will eventually make mistakes or get burnt out from playing a certain style. This guide will show you how to reset perks in Cyberpunk 2077.

What is the Tabula E-Rasa?

The Tabula E-Rasa is an item you can purchase from Ripperdocs that allows you to reset all your perks. There is one main caveat. It costs a whopping 100,000 Eurodollars. Not only is it 5 times more expensive than the fastest bike in the game but also, it will probably not be accessible early on because you would need Eurodollars for everything else.

How to Get the Tabula E-Rasa

These are only available through the Ripperdocs around Night City. You can purchase it multiple times but knowing how expensive the Tabula E-Rasa costs, you should definitely make sure that you are 100% sure about your build this time.

Perks Tree

While you can reset your perks with the Tabula E-Rasa, certain perks will still require you to have a certain amount of attribute points in a particular category. If you are resetting your perks to focus more on using handguns or even a melee build, you will still need to have attribute points in the Reflexes attribute tree to learn them.

The Tabula E-Rasa will not reset your attribute points so if you are thinking of switching to certain perks, you should make sure that you already have enough attribute points in the category you want to build.

Can You Reset Attribute Points?

It is not possible to reset your attribute points. You will have to start a new game and most of us will probably will. You can max out all your attribute points in the end anyway but it is a good idea to have multiple playthroughs even if you have not finished your current playthrough yet.

There are 3 different life paths and it can alter your gameplay somehow as some side jobs and gigs are only available for specific life paths. You can also change your gender and have different romance options so you do not have to worry about starting all over again to reset attribute points because every playthrough should be a little different.


While it can be difficult to shell out 100,000 Eurodollars for a little perk reset, you can always choose to just level up and keep on playing and unlock the build you want eventually through grinding out events in Night City.

100,000 Eurodollars is insanely expensive and you would probably just want to spend those on luxurious things like legendary weapons and hypercars. By just grinding out events in the city such as side jobs, gigs, and criminal activity, you can gain street cred and Eurodollars.

Increasing your street cred will let you unlock the luxurious things that were mentioned before and all the Eurodollars you were able to accumulate could be used for these instead of the Tabula E-Rasa.