How to Get Samurai Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077

The Samurai Jacket is one of the most sought out gears in Cyberpunk 2077. It is not overpowered or broken at all but it is mainly used for acquiring more street cred which can be a taxing thing to grind out.

This guide will show you how to get the Samurai Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077.

Progress Through the Main Storyline

To get the Samurai Jacket, you will need to progress through the main storyline first until you meet up with the Voodoo Boys gang. After finishing the M’ap Taan Pelen main job, you will be able to unlock a side job called “Chippin’ In”. This will lead you back to Rogue, if you have met her already in the bar.

You will talk to Johnny after and you will allow Johnny Silverhand to takeover after taking the pills. It might get exciting as you will go play Johnny Silverhand again after using him for the first time during the main storyline with his pretty overpowered revolver.

To avoid more spoilers, just keep progressing through the objectives, and eventually, you will end up with Rogue taking you somewhere. You will find the Samurai Jacket inside the trunk once Rogue takes you somewhere. You will be able to take the Samurai Jacket at the start and you will still have to finish Rogue’s task to complete the side job.

Benefits of Using the Samurai Jacket

As you may already know, getting street cred is extremely taxing to do and sometimes, you just want to grow a bit faster to gain more access to the perks. The Samurai Jacket gives you a 5% street cred bonus to everything you do that gives street cred points.

You will want to increase your street cred all the way to 50 to gain more access to more Cyberware from Ripperdocs, weapons from vendors, weapon mods and attachments to your guns, and more clothing options in stores. You can even unlock a few legendary weapons from vendors in the long run.


The Samurai Jacket is one of the most sought out gear just because of the street cred bonus it gives. It allows players to efficiently gain more street cred while doing everything Night City has to offer. Getting this as fast as possible is high on the priority list so you will be able to unlock more things quicker. You might even reach a street cred of 50 way before you finish the main story in Cyberpunk 2077.


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