Like all RPGs that are open world, there will be a ton of jobs littered all over Night City. It is said that Cyberpunk 2077’s map is almost as big as GTA 5’s Los Santos. While it is slightly smaller, Night City is much denser in terms of content and it is easier to pass by side jobs and bounties.

There are a ton of jobs you will encounter in Cyberpunk 2077 and it will continue to accumulate on your journal as you progress along with the main storyline. This guide will teach you how to track jobs in Cyberpunk 2077.

Acquiring Side Jobs

As you ride along in your vehicle and get a better grasp of what the Night City has in store, you will come across yellow question mark icons on your minimap. These are all accessible early on as long as you have access to the location. The great thing about side jobs is that you can already see them on your world map even if you have not visited the area yet.

You can press “M” on your keyboard, depending on which platform you are playing Cyberpunk 2077 on, to open the world map. You will be able to see these yellow question mark legends on the world map. The yellow exclamation points are jobs that you have already acquired and that will differentiate the different side jobs you can pick up and what you already have ongoing.

Some side jobs are also available exclusively for different life paths that you choose so things might be a little different for everyone. It also adds replayability to the game which is saying a lot for a game that will take a long time to beat.

How to Track Jobs

Tracking Objectives Journal

To easily track side jobs, hover over the marker on the minimap and right-click the icon. This will track that specific job on the right side of your screen when playing. You can only track and navigate one job at a time. You can also track side jobs you have not acquired yet so that you can navigate yourself to the job’s starting location.

It will be easier to finish all these jobs that are close to one another to be extremely efficient with your playthrough. Most of them are condensed in particular locations especially near waypoints you can fast travel to. Keep that in mind so that you can be more efficient instead of roaming around with your vehicle but it is also not bad to explore as some bounties appear randomly around Night City.

Take note of the danger levels for each of the jobs you take. As most of the side jobs are already available early on, some of them are way above your skill level or actual level in the game. The danger levels are indicated in your journal when you browse through your jobs and side jobs.


While you might get invested too much in the story and unlocking certain features, side jobs or quests are what makes these kinds of games even better. The amount of detail they put in on these side quests really says a lot about the developer and how it aims to prevent players from being burnt out immediately.

Sometimes, it is best to sit back and stroll around Night City first and finish other tasks that are not related to the story. It will eventually help you immensely with your progression. Unlocking stuff like mods, weapons, gear, and even Eurodollars can bring the quality of life features even easier.

It also great to explore certain builds with perks and attribute points since doing side jobs will bring your level way above the current story’s recommended level.