The Demon Hunter class is one of the strongest classes in dealing single-target damage. They are powerful too when it comes to area of effect (AoE) damage outputs, but it becomes a completely different build.

When it comes to leveling in Diablo Immortal (level 1 to 60), almost all builds are viable since things are still easy.

However, when you get to around level 45 and above, enemies will start getting harder if you are undergeared or have a completely mediocre and random build.

In this guide, we will show you the best Demon Hunter leveling build in Diablo Immortal and discuss all the adjustments you can make and why the build is more effective in leveling insanely fast.

Skill Build

Since we are leveling from 1 to 60, all the skills have to be unlocked through leveling as you progress. Here are the core skills you need to be looking for when it comes to leveling fast as a Demon Hunter.

  • Crossbow Shot
  • Rain of Vengeance
  • Multishot
  • Daring Swing
  • Strafe

These are the skills you are looking for when it comes to leveling.

Main Skill Build Combo

Demon Hunter Rain of Vengeance

Your goal is to round the enemies up by passing through them and using a Daring Swing backward to have them all follow you in a line.

Once they form a line, drop the Rain of Vengeance as it stuns them when you reach a high enough level, and it bombards the area in front of you for some insane damage.

Throw the Multishots and use Strafe on the remaining enemies that are still alive (hopefully, just the elites or champion mobs left). Strafe will be your main single-target damage as it does insane damage along with your Crossbow Shot.

Strafe is replaceable, especially if you have a legendary gear that buffs a specific ability. If you have a legendary gear that buffs Strafe, it would be even better. The legendary that adds grenades to your Strafe will easily deal with the remaining enemies surviving your main combo.

Attributes & Normal Gems

Demon Hunter Equip Screen

When it comes to leveling, you usually equip all the gears that give you a higher rating score, but let us dive deeper into the attributes and how you should play around them.

Unlike previous Diablo games, there is no Dexterity attribute for classes like Monks and Demon Hunters. Instead, they share the same attribute with strength-based classes now.

Strength adds more damage output to Demon Hunters, and this will be the best primary attribute to look for in Demon Hunter builds.

When it comes to survivability, you would need a mix of Fortitude (armor) and Vitality (max HP). Since your main combo needs you to get aggressive to round them up when running solo, you will need enough toughness to survive unavoidable damage.

The combo’s main weakness is range attackers. You need enough toughness to survive these attackers before pulling back with a Daring Swing. If you are a glass cannon, you need other teammates to round the enemies up for you.

To beef your toughness up, you can add normal gems with Vitality or Fortitude to your gear slots. You can freely transfer these gems to better gear as you level up anyway.

Legendary Gems

We won’t dive deep into these gems as they are endgame stuff. In leveling, you would want to upgrade these legendary gems as much as you can.

They are pretty rare to find, but you will definitely get one from doing Elder Rifts with a Legendary Crest. Equip it as fast as possible on one of your primary gear with sockets available.

If your resources are not there, you can keep grinding and finish dailies consistently until you find one. They aren’t mandatory, but they are great when it comes to your overall damage output.

This is one of the reasons why players feel like it is somehow a pay-to-win game. You don’t have to get legendary gems to progress, but it will be insanely easier for players who do have them.

Upgrade your legendary gems with your resources available, and you will eventually extract these legendary gems to upgrade other gems that fit your endgame Demon Hunter build in the future.

How Fast Will You Reach Level 60?

For my first playthrough, I reached level 48 in 12 straight hours. I felt a bit lucky when it comes to drops as I got around two legendaries (including a weapon) around level 30+.

I was always doing something, so my pace was extremely fast. All of the dialogues, tutorials, and cutscenes were skipped, which probably saved me hours.

On average, you should reach level 60 in less than 20 hours with everything skipped and with the build. You can even be faster if you are able to get a legendary weapon that can buff up your Rain of Vengeance, Multishot, or Strafe.

Demon Hunter Leveling Tips

Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

If you ever feel extremely unlucky because you aren’t getting any weapon upgrades, you can buy one from the random item trader that sells mysterious equipment in exchange for gold.

This trader is unlocked upon reaching level 35. Before finishing the Lost Rune quest with Zoltun Kulle (the main quest unlocked at level 35), buy upgrades first.

Weapons offer the biggest damage boost to any class. Make sure you have these updated. If you feel like you aren’t doing enough damage, this might be the most common reason.

Rings and Amulets

Once you reach level 35, you can purchase rings and amulets to equip from the same trader. You will eventually get rings and amulets going forward, but if you want to be fast, get these instantly from the trader mentioned above.

Be Daring on the Swing

Demon Hunter Daring Swing Combat

Daring Swing is almost mandatory for all Demon Hunter builds. It is the main mobility skill that can save you from trouble. You need to have insane reflexes to dodge incoming damage, but you will get used to dodging once you get a grasp of the enemy’s abilities.

However, most players forget that the Daring Swing can do decent damage as well. Try to be a bit more daring when using Daring Swing offensively.

Find a Great Group

For most activities like Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, and others, Diablo Immortal has its own matchmaking system to find you a random party.

You can easily increase your damage output by replacing Daring Swing and relying on a Crusader to round up the enemies.

Runs are extremely faster as a group as there is a fail-safe in case someone dies. If you feel that your equipment isn’t as good for your level, go for Rift runs and find yourself some upgrades. Check your combat rating if it is too low.

Level doesn’t matter here as everyone scales to their current level inside a Rift. Doing group activities is always the fastest way to level to 60. Find a good group and spam Elder Rifts and short dungeons like The Forgotten Tower.

Use Rain of Vengeance on Cooldown

Rain of Vengeance has a high cooldown (15 seconds). With that being said, you might be thinking of using it only for champions, elites, and other strong monsters. Don’t.

Use it on cooldown every time you see an opportunity or if you have successfully rounded up a group of enemies in a line. If you have this mindset, you will eventually save up a ton of minutes or even hours as you level up from 1 to 60.

Demon Hunter Daring Swing Combat 1

The same goes for the Demon Hunter’s ultimate ability, although you can use this situationally. Final bosses usually spawn weak monsters to soak up some damage, and using the ultimate ability here will shred them apart while damaging the boss.

Utilizing Strafe

Strafe Line em Up

Strafe might look weak compared to other abilities, but it does offer amazing single-target damage. However, Strafe’s best utility is where you can use it to get away from enemies when surrounded.

When you use Strafe, you can phase through other enemies as you slowly spin away from them. With the main combo mentioned above, you will find yourself stuck because enemies surround you.

If your Daring Swing is on cooldown, Strafe is your fail-safe. Amazing skill, right?