Most of the controls, features, and settings have been either taught during the quests or are just naturally learned by the player.

When you reach higher challenge difficulties, Helliquaries, and other mid-to-end game stuff, you will be met by a combat rating recommendation.

While some of these recommendations aren’t strictly required, it is still best to follow and get your combat rating up before doing the activity. So, when you see this requirement, how do you check your combat rating?

In this guide, you will learn how to check your combat rating in Diablo Immortal as well as ways how to increase it and how the rating was generally achieved.

What is Combat Rating?

Combat Rating is a score given to your character based on your current power level. This power level is different from your actual level since the combat rating measures almost everything related to your actual damage output during combat.

Things like gear, attributes, normal gems, legendary gems, jewelry, and overall stat bonuses from external sources are all counted towards your combat rating.

How to Check Combat Rating

Demon Hunter Equip Screen

Go to your inventory tab screen by opening the little chest icon on the upper-right screen. Once opened, look for the tiny armor icon on the lower-left portion of your character.

Tapping the icon will open your attributes. These will show your primaries and you will have to tap “More Attributes” to show your secondary attributes. Under these secondary attributes will be your current combat rating score.

Any stat or gear adjustment will affect your combat rating on this page.

Checking Combat Rating on Items

Legendary Equipment Score 2

You cannot check your combat rating on each piece, but you can check their gear score and how it is calculated.

Once you tap on a piece of equipment, you can tap the small paper icon on the right side of the score. This icon will open up the computations including the gems equipped with the equipment.

Combat rating too low – what to do?

When you unlock the portal and the Helliquary, you will be unlocking your very first raid as well. However, you will need a combat rating of 420 (well played) to even find a party or participate in one.

Naturally, you will eventually get a combat rating of 420 around level 44-48 depending on your luck. If you are still having some troubles, there are a lot of steps you can do to get your combat rating up.

How to Increase Combat Rating

Combat Rating Screen


Each gear has a certain score depending on its stats and level. The higher these are, the higher the combat rating it provides. This one is pretty straightforward.

However, you should take a look at your gears and check if they can be upgraded or not. These upgrades will cost either Enchanted Dust, Salvage, and Crystals (for secondary pieces).

If you are worried about upgraded because you will replace these pieces of equipment relatively fast, do not worry about it and just upgrade when you can.

Unlike previous Diablo games, Diablo Immortal helps you freely transfer gear rankings from one piece to another. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate in upgrading your equipment.

Evenly distribute your upgrades to each piece so it costs cheaper and gets your combat rating up even more with fewer materials.


Whether it is normal gems or legendary gems, both of them give a big boost to your combat rating. For legendary gems, they give an insane boost to your overall combat rating. However, they are hard to obtain because they are locked to Eternal Legendary Crests for Elder Rifts.

The combat ratings on legendary gems are quite different. If you look at the calculation of a gear score on a particular piece of equipment, which was mentioned earlier, you can look at the score of the legendary gems. They might be different so you should be aware that it can affect your overall combat rating.

For example, a Fervent Fang rank 2 gives a 1700 score to the item while a Lightning Core rank 2 gives a 1350 score.

Complete side quests

When you are leveling, you will be receiving other quests highlighted in green. These are some side quests you can finish that can unlock other features or activities in Diablo Immortal.

Some of these features include Shadows, Warbands, and other unique activities. When finished, some of them unlock a permanent stat bonus to your character like the Shadows buff.

These should be made mandatory as some of these activities are weeklies where you would need the materials in the future. It is also a great way to level up to 60 and mix things up.

Does Legendary Equipment Increase Combat Rating?

Character Attributes

While legendary pieces offer some of the best gear scores in the game, they also include a skill modifier specific to your class.

For example, Demon Hunter leveling builds can have legendary equipment that boosts up their AoE damage output like Grenades being added to the Strafe ability or a more concentrated Rain of Vengeance. These skills do not add up to your combat score, but they significantly affect your gameplay.

This is one of the reasons why you can go to a Challenge Rift with a combat rating that is way below the recommended one and still have an easy time.