While the tutorials combined with the guide quests teach you about most of the NPCs in Diablo Immortal, there is a ton of information lacking that you need to know. Considering the number of NPCs, you will be encountering, you will most likely forget some of them.

These NPCs and traders are different for every town, but we will focus on Diablo Immortal’s main town, Westmarch. Everything can be accessed in Westmarch, and things like Elder Rifts, Court of Whispers, and other key traders are missing in other towns.

In this guide, we will show you the complete NPC guide in Diablo Immortal – focused on Westmarch and everything you need to consider with regards to each trader or NPC.

All Westmarch NPCs

Westmarch Courtyard

Jondo Mouren – Crest Merchant

Jondo Mouren

Jondo Mouren is the town’s crest merchant. He is located in the Palace Courtyard near the Elder Rifts, Bestiary, and the bounty board.

Crest Merchant

He sells one of the most needed items in the game, which is the Eternal Legendary Crest. These crests are used on Elder Rifts to get a 100% chance drop rate for a legendary gem.

However, Jondo Mouren only sells this crest for Eternal Orbs, which is the game’s premium currency. This is quite controversial since this legendary crest is essential to your power level, and it is extremely limited unless you buy it from Jondo with Eternal Orbs.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile game anyway, and this microtransactions model is similar to most mobile games. To be fair, their pay-to-win model is only mild compared to other mobile games.

Cellik – Fading Embers and Runes


Cellik is the Fading Embers and Runes merchant. You will most likely go to Cellik for most of the endgame since he provides the materials for crafting legendary gems.

Fading Embers and Runes

You will get a limited amount of Embers per week, so you might need to maximize it every week to get these runes upgrades. Fading Embers can buy you FA runes or trade lesser runes for ATIs (used to craft legendary gems).

All these runes can be farmed from Elder Rifts if you have Rare Crests or Eternal Legendary Crests to spare.

Derek – Bounty Quartermaster

Derek Bounty Quartermaster

Derek is the town’s Bounty Quartermaster. While you do get the bounties from the bounty board next to him, you turn in the bounties to Derek, and he will be the one the give you the rewards.

Important – do your daily bounties!

Caldesann – Legacy of the Horadrim


Caldesann introduces the Legacy of the Horadrim feature in Diablo Immortal.

Legacy of the Horadrim

Interact with the shrine next to him, and you will place the vessels to gain some boosts to your stats. These are upgradable with gems found in the Legacy of the Horadrim runs.

Battleground Captain

Battleground Captain

Battleground Captain brings you to the PVP battlegrounds.

Lieutenant Fizriah – Hilts Trader

Lieutenant Fizriah

Lieutenant Fizriah offers a ton of useful traders in exchange for Hilts.

Hilts Trader

You can buy one Legendary Crest per month, one mystery legendary item per week, and one specific legendary gem per month.

They do cost a handful of Hilts, but you can farm that anyway. As a tip, you can purchase the mystery legendary item when you hit level 60 so that the item you receive is maxed out as well.

Valstus – Warband Steward


Valstus is the Warband Steward. He will take you to the Warband camp screen.

Warband Steward

If you ever have the quest to set up a Warband camp, you know it is annoying, especially if you are a solo player, since you need to party up with your Warband to gain progress with the camp.

Charsi – Blacksmith

Charsi and Yverius

Charsi is the town’s blacksmith. You have probably memorized her location by now since you will be salvaging a ton of items every run.


You can upgrade your gear and do manual rank transfers from gear to gear. You can automatically transfer the rank each time you get an upgrade, but if you have a specific build, you might want to do it manually.

Yverius – Smithing Materials

Smithing Materials

Yverius is the Smithing Materials vendor and is located near Charsi. When you are leveling, you might be salvaging more normal items than rare items. If you have a surplus of salvaging materials, you can adjust them here to get your armor upgrades.

Dya – Market


Dya is Diablo Immortal’s in-game market or auction house.


You can buy or sell gems, skill stones, and normal gems here. The currency used will be Platinum, which can be purchased with real money. However, unlike Eternal Orbs, Platinum can be farmed, but it is extremely limited.

Yakin – Rarities & Antiquities


Yakin is the Rarities & Antiquities vendor.

Rarities Antiquities

He will sell mystery weapons, armor, secondaries, and jewelry for gold. You will most likely ignore this trainer. Although, at level 35, you can purchase jewelry to get an immediate power boost with rings and amulets.

Vas – Charm Craftsman

Vas Charm Craftsman

Vas is the Charm Craftsman. You will be unlocking charms late in the game (level 56), and these charms will boost some of your skills if you find the right one for your class.

Charm drops in the game are not specific to your class since you might find Charms that boost other classes’ skills which will be completely useless to you. However, you can salvage them here since they cannot be salvaged with Charsi.

Vas has his own materials for trading, which is gotten from salvaging charms.

Lanali – Identifier

Lanali Identifier

Lanali is the town’s identifier. You cannot have a Diablo game without getting unidentified drops. Interact with Lanali to identify all unidentified items on your inventory.

Zamina – Essence Transfer


Zamina is the town’s Essence Transfer NPC.

Essence Transfer

She can extract the essence or power of a legendary item, and you will permanently gain access to the legendary and slap it on any piece of gear of the same type.

For example, you can have a main weapon that alters your Sentry skill as a Demon Hunter. If you receive a more powerful main weapon with a useless bonus for your current Demon Hunter leveling build, you can extract your weaker weapon with the good bonus and inherit it on the stronger main weapon.

Every time you get a legendary, extract it immediately if it isn’t a direct upgrade. Once you get duplicates, you can salvage them with the Blacksmith. These essences are permanent.

Vic – Master Jeweler

Luuko Vic and Seril

Vic is the town’s master Jeweler. You won’t be using him anytime soon since it deals with the ever-controversial legendary gems. Once you get a legendary gem to level 10, you can use the Dawning Echo to awake the power from Vic.

Luuko – Crystal Merchant

Crystal Merchant

Luuko is the Crystal Merchant that will sell you Echo Crystals in exchange for Platinum. These are used for normal gems above rank 5 to further upgrade them.

Seril – Apprentice Jeweler

Apprentice Jeweler

Seril is the Apprentice Jeweler. She can craft and upgrade normal and legendary gems. You will need a few runes to craft the legendary gems you need, and you will have to go back and forth with the Fading Embers and Runes trader back in the Palace Courtyard to get the materials.

Taite – Adventure Seeker

Taita Adventure Seeker

Taite is the Adventure Seeker. She gives elite quests, which will take multiple steps to complete that are not connected to the main quest.

Fyggus – Master Vault Raider

Fyggus Master Vault Raider

Fyggus is the Master Vault Raider. You will go to Fyggus to participate in the Vault raid. The availability can be seen under the contracts tab in the in-game menu or just by interacting with Fyggus.

The Vault is a 4-person raid that can only be attempted once per reset. If ever you fail, you will not be able to run it again until the next reset. Try to get a good group running with you first before attempting.

Sampha – Exile’s Architect

Sampha Exiles Architect

Sampha is the Exile’s Architect. Just like the Vault, the Rite of Exile activity will be accessed here. You can also use the in-game menu and access these activities under Shadows.

Nuon – Path of Blood Guide

Nuon Path of Blood Guide

Nuon is the Path of Blood Guide located inside the Court of Whispers. Another Shadows activity you can do is to earn rewards and increase your Shadow rank.

Bartender Bailey – Contracts

Bartender Bailey

Bartender Bailey offers Shadow contracts to give you a chunk of gold and experience points.


While the contracts give you a big chunk of experience for leveling, it is also a collective effort to improve your Shadow Clan rank. Everyone in the Shadow clan should be doing these consistently.



The Stash is located near Dya, the Market NPC and just below Charsi, the Blacksmith. You can deposit the equipment you want to keep here.



The Armory is located beside your Stash.


Upon accessing your Armory, you can have up to five separate loadouts to save here. You can fully save all the equipment, skills, and paragon for a specific build here.

Once you save a loadout, you can easily activate a loadout to change your equipment, skills, and paragon instantly. It will instantly access all the gear you have in your Stash. Learning how to check your combat rating can be useful here when you are setting up new builds.