As most people do not know the setting of the current Diablo Immortal game, it is set between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Once you get through the campaign, you will be meeting Skarn at the end of the campaign and a big surprise is waiting for you.

Skarn is incredibly hard to defeat because of how scaling works in the game. The final questline starts at level 56 and this is the time where everything feels like it is exponentially getting harder.

In this guide, you will learn how to beat Skarn in Diablo Immortal as easily as possible without spending a single dime on the game.

Campaign Recap

Pit of Anguish Finished

For a quick summary before the Skarn fight, you will be exploring the Realm of Damnation and you will be finishing a dungeon tied to the main quest and the area.

The dungeon is called Pit of Anguish, which might be one of the hardest dungeons so far in Diablo Immortal.

Portal to Skarn

Finish the dungeon and save the archangel. They will open up a portal to Skarn and you will be able to fight him.

Beating Skarn

Skarn Laser

Let us break down the fight into phases. Skarn’s first phase will be around 100% to 33% of his health points. In this phase, he will have weak normal attacks which are easily dodged by moving laterally while attacking.

The attack you need to worry about is Skarn’s laser. Skarn will shoot a laser beam towards you and chase you for about 4 seconds. By moving laterally, you can also dodge it, but if it manages to stay on you without dodging, you will melt pretty fast.

Move laterally at all times. If your ping or latency is quite high, expect to get hit for around three to four ticks of the laser beam even while moving laterally.

Skarns Immortals

In the same phase, Skarn will summon his Immortals that you envisioned and fight you. They are literally AI-controlled characters with random classes. Monks are the most annoying ones because they somehow do a lot of damage with their strikes.

Overall, you should deal with the Immortals pretty fast with great targeting and AoE.

Skarn also spawns little worms that attack you from afar. They can easily be dodged and they can get shredded easily with AoE attacks. Focus on Skarn.

If you are playing a Demon Hunter, you can use our Demon Hunter leveling build all the way to level 60.

Once Skarn enters phase 2 (33% life), he will spawn images of himself on four sides of the arena like a square. You will have 8 seconds to find the right one and destroy the image.

Find Skarn 8 Secs

How do you find the correct image to eliminate? If you look closely at the ground, there is a red circle under the real image. Eliminate the image in 8 seconds, which for some classes might be hard to do. If the timer restarts, there will be a new target with the red circle.

Save your cooldowns if that is the case. During my encounter, I have a combat rating of 550+ and it was easily taken care of. Check your combat rating and figure out if you can increase it if you are having trouble eliminating the image in time.

Try to switch single-target abilities to your rotation just for the Skarn fight. Once you beat the image, Skarn will show up again and continue to beat him up. You might need to fight the images a total of three times before Skarn goes down.

What Now?

Diablo Showing Up

After beating Skarn, your goal is to reach level 60 and you will get introduced to Hell difficulties and Paragon. If you went for the main quest at exactly level 56, you will end up around level 57 or close to level 58.

You will need to grind it out until you reach level 60. Go through all the NPCs in Westmarch and find some activities to do for leveling.

The fast and most efficient way of leveling is always going through dungeons and spamming them. It gives 15 battle pass experience points while giving you the same chunk of experience you get when running an Elder Rift.

Dungeons also give you a chance at getting set items (green sets) especially if you are around level 58 to 60.

Finish your bounties, contracts, and complete other activities that give experience points. Everything is up to you at this point. I would recommend finishing your dailies and weeklies before grinding for experience points.