Diablo Immortal’s Lost Runes quest is a bit tricky, and it is actually the first real puzzle that will mentally challenge you in the game.

The quest takes place after getting to Zoltun Kulle’s Library, which you will need to reach level 35 to access. Once you get to the first lost rune, you will see a bunch of magic lamps you need to light up.

These lamps will all need to be lit up, and there is a simple solution where you don’t have to rack your brain calculating hundreds of combinations.

In this short guide, you will find the solution on how to finish Lost Runes in Diablo Immortal and progress through the quest line. This will also include the next puzzle where you need to reposition the mirrors to illuminate the 3rd lost rune.

Solving the First Lost Rune – Magic Lamps

For the first lost rune, the magic lamps will all need to be lit up. Once you interact with a magic lamp, it will shoot a flame horizontally and vertically. These magic lamps will never fire diagonally.

Additionally, if the magic lamp you interact with is lit up already, it will get extinguished and vice versa. It will be tricky once you make a mistake, so follow the steps carefully.

First Lost Rune 1

With the specific camera angle on the picture above, let us number the magic lamps from top to bottom and left to right. The top left will be #1. The top right will be #3. The bottom left will be #7 and so on.

The solution will be as follows:

  1. Lamp 4
  2. Lamp 6
  3. Lamp 5
  4. Lamp 7
  5. Lamp 1
  6. Lamp 5
  7. Lamp 7
  8. Lamp 1
  9. Lamp 6
  10. Lamp 5
  11. Lamp 4
  12. Lamp 7
  13. Lamp 1
  14. Lamp 9
  15. Lamp 3

This long combination will surely light them all up as long as you follow the instructions (numbering the magic lamps). There could be a shorter combination, but this is how I got it on my first try.

First Lost Rune 2

After the magic lamps are all lit, grab the lost rune and head to the next one.

Second Lost Rune

Second Lost Rune

The second lost rune is simple. Follow Diablo Immortal’s amazing navigation feature for the quest, and you will just end up fighting a bunch of monsters, including a tough epic (purple) one.

After beating the enemy, it will drop the second lost rune, and you can grab it immediately. If you are having problems defeating the enemies, you check your combat rating and see if your rating or gear is too low.

Solving the Third Lost Rune – Mirrors

For this puzzle, it will be pretty straightforward. The goal is to illuminate the lost rune with the light passing through. You will need to align the mirrors correctly.

You can easily deduce this one since there are only a number of options because the mirrors can only move based on the lines on the floor.

Shown below are two before and after pictures of the whole mirror puzzle.


Third Lost Rune Before


Third Lost Rune After

As you can see in the two images above, you only need to move the 1st mirror and the 2nd mirror hit by the light in the after images.

After repositioning the mirrors and illuminating the rune, you will be greeted by a horde of monsters you need to defeat. Once you deal with them, you can grab the last lost rune.

Place them all on the statue and talk with Zoltun Kulle to finish the quest.

Helping Leveling Tip – Main Story Progression

As an additional tip moving forward, if you are around level 35 or barely level 36, I suggest doing other content first before going back to the main story quest. Levels will be easier to grind when you are low level.

You can do Elder rifts, rift challenges, bounties, bestiary, random events, and challenges before progressing. Accumulate as many “claims” on your battle pass XP without claiming the reward.

When you reach a higher level, you can time the level of your battle pass by delaying the reward claims.

This strategy is effective in leveling because you will almost get an instant level up every time your battle pass goes up a rank.

If you go through the quests instantly, it is less efficient because the next quests will be locked through your character level.

You might have experienced it before you got to the Lost Rune quest here because it is locked at level 35, and you probably got to Zoltun Kulle around levels 31 to 33. If you are looking for general tips on how to get to level 60 fast, check out our tips and tricks guide!