Legendaries are what make Diablo games fun and exciting. Diablo Immortal has three kinds of legendaries – sets (green), unique (brown), and legendary gems.

While Diablo Immortal is made as a mobile game, the legendary gems here are not what you would think. These are highly limited and can be bypassed by spending money.

However, as a free-to-play player, you can grind it out or still enjoy creating builds when you farm sets and unique legendaries to alter your skills.

In this guide, we will focus more on getting the legendary uniques and sets and what is the best way to farm these legendaries in Diablo Immortal.

Farming Legendary Sets – Best Locations

Hell Difficulty

The best location to farm these legendary green sets are doing dungeon runs. There are a lot of dungeons in Diablo Immortal, and you can finish any of them to get your legendary sets.

However, the kind of legendary sets depends on your difficulty. For example, feet and waist legendary sets only drop in Hell difficulty I or Paragon 1 to 30. The next two sets drop in the next Hell difficulty or paragon 30 to 120, and the last two drops after that.

It would be best if you focus on leveling to 60 first before worrying about getting green set bonuses.

It will be a tedious grind to grab your legendary 6-piece set bonus, but these are all possible in free-to-play. While power in the game can be bought with real money, items cannot be purchased (although paying for good legendary gems increase your magic find…).

I suggest spamming The Forgotten Tower since it is one of the easiest and fastest dungeons to run. Not only is it fast, but it also gives five additional chests upon completion as long as you are fast.

Other dungeons are also fast if you learn how to run them fast. Most of the mobs can be skipped, like in Pit of Anguish and Kukiras Rapids. The Mad King’s Breach has unskippable mobs, but the runs are fast as well.

If you get bored of grinding the same thing over and over, you can switch to other fast dungeons and just learn them along the way.

Farming Legendary Uniques – Best Locations

Legendary Uniques

Farming legendary uniques can be found almost anywhere in Diablo Immortal. However, I haven’t found a single drop running hundreds of dungeons on Hell difficulty.

These legendaries can only be found in other types of content on Hell difficulties, such as Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, the open world, and other activities. These can all be found on your codex once you look at each activity and its potential drops.

Form a group, and you can increase your chances of getting better loot. Runs will be much faster as well if you have a good group who can all pull their weight.

General Legendary Farming Tips

Legendary Drop

When you are spamming dungeons, clear your inventory (salvage for materials) only when you are full. If you are running as a group, make sure to do it all together.

Coordinate with your group when you run dungeons. Some objectives can be done simultaneously, depending on the dungeon.

Once you upgrade most of your armor pieces with the NPC Charsi the Blacksmith, you will notice that most of the materials required to upgrade will change to higher forms of resources.

You can turn off auto-loot on normal or white items as they become a bit obsolete in the end. Turning this off will get you twice as many dungeon runs before salvaging.

If you look at your legendary gems, they all possess a bonus on magic find. Magic find increases your chances of getting legendary equipment. To increase the magic find on legendary gems, you need to upgrade them.

Upgrading them will need more legendary gems as they become fragments used for upgrading other legendary gems. Each legendary gem has a star rating. These star ratings give you a rough estimate of how good the gem is and how many times it can be upgraded.

Getting a legendary gem is rare if you are a free-to-play player. This is a big factor when it comes to endgame progression, which is why the whole feature is controversial.

However, these are seen in most mobile games as it follows the same microtransaction models as other popular mobile games. Diablo Immortal is mild compared to other mobile or gacha games out there.

With the roadblock presented here, it is up to you if you still enjoy playing the game. You will have to grind countless hours to get your combat rating up, but that is what Diablo is all about anyway.