The Final Four SBC is the first of FIFA 22’s Hybrid Nations’ Squad Building Challenges. With a Rare Mega Pack on offer for completing this group of tasks, it’s a hugely profitable use of time if you submit them correctly using smart player choices.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to complete the Final Four SBC in FIFA 22.

I’ve included an example solution that you can follow below, but more importantly I’ll also explain which players you can change to make it much more profitable. We’ll get to that.

Let’s start breaking things down now.

Final Four SBC Solution for FIFA 22

Here’s a Final Four SBC solution that you can copy should you want to (I’d recommend not directly copying this one and the reasons are explained below):

Photo credit: FUTBIN

The players included in this are:

  • Al Kassar (62)
  • Al Dohaim (62)
  • Hindi (62)
  • Al Sahabi (62)
  • Halliday (63)
  • Crawford (63)
  • Bernabei (70)
  • Maguire (63)
  • Carrillo (79)
  • Scocco (75)
  • Ruidiaz (79)

But when I submitted this, I used zero of these options.

Instead, I went for this:

I’m not going to list the names of the players that I used here because I want to encourage you to use your brain a little bit for this one — and there’s an important reason why:

When solutions (like this very guide) are posted online, they drive the prices of players up. Especially when rare bronze players are used that are in much shorter supply than rare gold players are, because who opens bronze packs, really?

I will explain my choices behind the players I went with below.

Let’s take a look at what you need for the Final Four SBC and how you can submit this one for just two or three thousand coins, maximum.

What Does the Final Four SBC Require?

To complete the Final Four in FIFA 22, your squad will need:

  • Exactly 4 nationalities
  • A maximum of 4 players from the same nation
  • A maximum of 4 players from the same club
  • A minimum of 4 rare players
  • A minimum squad rating of 70
  • Minimum chemistry of 80

So, the important things to remember with this one are that we need plenty of green links to keep the chemistry above 80 whilst only being allowed up to 4 players from the same club or country.

As the squad rating only needs to be 70 we can include plenty of bronze or silver players here to keep costs down, but because you’ll need 4+ rare players, you do need to be careful of prices being driven up for rare bronzes that feature within recommended solutions.

How to Complete Final Four Cheaply in FIFA 22

The important thing with any Squad Building Challenge is to figure out why the solutions work. This way, you can reverse-engineer the process and look for alternative players that also work for a lower cost.

Here’s the first example we looked at once again:

Photo credit: FUTBIN

Now, why does this solution work?

Well, the back four are all from a fairly obscure league and country; the Saudi league, and all Saudi Arabian nationality players.

As you can use any obscure league and country for this, as long as they’re green links (same nation and league), I decided to use Japanese players from the Japanese league. None of my back 4 were rare, though you can pick up rare players here for a few hundred coins if you’re lucky.

The midfield three are also all from the same nation and league. In the example shown in this guide they’re all Scottish players from the Scottish Premier League. When I submitted this, I used French players from Ligue 1, and all three were rare (but cheap).

On the left side are two Argentine players from Argentina’s league, which I copied but opted to go for different players — again to keep costs down.

On the right side are Peruvian players from the Saudi league. There is nothing in the rules that dictates we have to only use four leagues here, so I instead opted to go for Colombian players in RM and in the right ST position, both from the same league as each other but not from the same league as other players in the side. The green link here is enough to give the chemistry required.

And there you have it, a no loyalty Final Four SBC solution that works like a charm. Up next is the Six of the Best SBC.