In Final Fantasy 16, getting strong is not only about leveling up. Ability points, also known as AP, play a crucial role in enhancing your character’s skills and abilities.

Whether you’re embarking on your first playthrough or diving into New Game+, there are several effective methods to farm AP and power up your character.

In this guide, we’ll explore strategies for both the first playthrough and New Game+, ensuring you make the most of your AP farming efforts.

How to Farm AP in the First Playthrough

While some strategies work exclusively in New Game+, this section focuses on techniques that work just as well in the first playthrough.

By utilizing these methods, you can accumulate AP at different stages of the game and ensure that your character is well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Defeat Bluebirds

One of the early game AP farming methods involves hunting down Bluebirds in Royal Meadows. These enemies can often be found near Wild Chocobos.

Defeating a Bluebird without any AP-boosting accessories will reward you with 40 AP. Take advantage of this method in the beginning stages to accumulate AP for essential abilities.

Farm Hyenas near Ravenwit Walls

As you progress in the game, you can encounter a group of Hyenas near Ravenwit Walls, offering a significant amount of AP when defeated.

Without any AP-boosting accessories, defeating these five Hyenas will grant you a total of 400 AP.

To efficiently farm them, fast travel to the nearest obelisk to respawn the Hyenas and repeat the process until you have enough to have all the abilities you want.

Ability Point Farming in New Game+

Acquire “The Wages of Warcraft II” Accessory: In New Game+, you can purchase the “The Wages of Warcraft” accessory from Charon’s shop in The Hideaway.

Buy two of these accessories and combine them at the Blacksmith to craft the improved version, “The Wages of Warcraft II.”

Equipping this accessory provides a +40% increase in Ability Points earned, amplifying your AP farming efforts.

It is important to note that the methods described above are also effective in Final Fantasy Mode, like farming hyenas near Ravenwit Walls.

Fast travel to the “Ravenwit Walls” obelisk and make your way to the east corner of the area known as “Kritten Hollow.”

Use the upgraded Zanetsuken ability, available in Odin’s skill tree, to defeat all the Hyenas instantly.

With the +40% AP accessory equipped, each victory will reward you a significant amount of ability points that will allow you to farm much faster than any other method.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of AP farming is essential for maximizing your character’s potential in Final Fantasy 16.

In the first playthrough, defeating Bluebirds and farming Hyenas near Ravenwit Walls are effective methods to accumulate AP at different stages of the game.

In Final Fantasy Mode, the hard mode of New Game +, acquiring “The Wages of Warcraft II” accessory and efficiently farming Hyenas in Kritten Hollow significantly boosts your Ability Points total.

Combine these strategies with methods used to level up quickly, and you will have an overpowered Clive able to face any challenge that awaits you in Final Fantasy 16.