Unless you playing the story-focused mode, a strong weapon can make many battles less of a grind.

If you want the most powerful mid-game weapon in Final Fantasy 16, there’s a lot work to be done.

The Excalibur is an amazing sword that will be useful up to late game, but there are many steps to be fulfilled before you can get your hands on it.

This guide will walk you through the process step by step. We’ll cover the prerequisites and the locations of the materials you’ll need. Let’s dive in!

How to Craft the Excalibur

This weapon can’t just be found or bought, you must craft it. However, you must first unlock it cause it won’t just show up in Blackthrone’s list.

It makes sense that it isn’t that simple to get your hands on this weapon. After all, the Excalibur is one of the best weapons in FF16.

Before you can start crafting the Excalibur, you need to fulfill some prerequisites. There are quests that unlock side quests that will grant items you need.

Don’t worry, though. Here’s what you need to do.

Complete “Letting off Steam – Part Three”

First, you need to get to a certain point of the game so you can be given access to certain materials and side quests.

Complete the main quest number 47, called “Letting off Steam – Part Three” so you can be granted access to the side quest that will grant you the materials needed to make Excalibur.

Complete the “Blacksmith Blues 2” side quest

To initiate the BlackSmith Blues 2 side quest, make your way to Clive’s room after finishing the main quest number 47.

Once inside, check Clive’s desk for a letter. You should find one that is about the hideaway’s Blacksmith, Blackthorne.

After reading the letter from August, you’ll have the option to start the “BlackSmith Blues 2” side quest. That’s the quest we need to complete in order to get the sword.

Although it only shows as providing 30 reputation as a reward when you accept it, the results of this quest will be highly beneficial.

Once accepted, prioritize the quest for convenience and move toward Blackthorne’s location since you need to talk to him next.

Following your conversation with him, seek out Charon. She will mention a man named Ignac, who can be found in Dollar Mill.

This quest won’t be that different from the last Blacksmith Blues. You will look for someone, beat some creatures, and return with an item.

So, fast travel to Dollar Mill. Once there, locate the nearby inn and take the stairs to the upper floor. Proceed through the doors at the top to trigger a cutscene.

The NPC you interacted with will inform you about a group of thieves who stole from the Lord in Dollar Mill. Follow the quest marker in the desert to arrive at the thieves’ location.

In case you have finished the White-Winged Wonder quest, make sure to call your Chocobo and make this whole process much faster.

Once you arrive at the thives’ location, you will have to defeat them as expected. After that, you’ll receive various rewards, including the stolen luggage.

Now, it’s time to return home. Refer to your map and make your way back to the Hideaway. Reunite with Blackthorne and hand over the stolen luggage.

Blackthorne will discuss the creation of a new blade for Clive, and you’ll receive a notification upon completing the quest.

Upon successfully finishing the BlackSmith Blues 2 side quest, you’ll gain additional experience, 30 reputation points, and obtain the Excalibur design draft.

To view the design, simply click on Blackthorne, access the forge, and hover over the Excalibur weapon.

The crafting requirements for the Excalibur are as follows: 300 Wyrrite, 1 Grimalkin Hide, 1 Bomb Ember, and 1 Scarlet Type.

Where to Find Wyrrite

The easiest material to find in order to craft the Excalibur in FF16 is Wyrrite. Here are a few different ways to get some of it:

  • It drops from regular enemies in the game
  • Shops (after progressing to a certain point)

You’ll need a total of 300 Wyrrite. This can take a while to gather if you are depending on main quests only.

Even doing side quests and hunts might not be enough. There’s a chance you will need to grind it a bit, depending on how much of this material you’ve collected and used so far.

If you don’t have enough or have no patience for the grind, you can always purchase it from shops using Gil.

Grimalkin Hide Location

The next material you’ll need is Grimalkin Hide. To obtain it, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the hunt for Grimalkin by completing main quest number 44, “Out of The Shadow.”
  2. Travel to the Obelisk called “The Jaw” and proceed forward until you reach an area known as “The Sickle.”
  3. Keep following the road until you see a ruin-like structure. This is the location where you’ll find Grimalkin.
  4. Defeat the enemies in the area, including the Grimalkin, to obtain Grimalkin Hide.

Make sure to replenish your potions and have decent gear equipped. This optional boss fights from the Hunt Board can be quite difficult at times, although they are great to get more experience points.

Unless you want to run all the way through the wider areas of the game for whatever reason, make sure to call your chocobo. It’ll save you a significant amount of time.

Bomb Ember Location

The final material you’ll need is Bomb Ember. Here’s how to obtain it:

  1. Complete main quest number 47, “Letting off Steam – Part Three.”
  2. Talk to Owen in the laboratory area, who will give you the quest “Weird Science.”
  3. Use the hunt board to locate the Bomb King.
  4. Travel to the Obelisk called “The Dragon’s Airy” in the Holy Empire of Sunbrick.
  5. Follow the pathway into a forested area until you reach a broken gate called “The Croc.”
  6. Continue down the path to find the Bomb King and defeat it to obtain the Bomb Ember.