Although crafting is not a must in Final Fantasy 16, taking advantage of it will surely grant you a decent advantage over certain enemies.

Weapons like Excalibur, the Gotterdammerung, and especially the Ultima Weapon in New Game + are game changers.

So, if you want to know where to find all crafting materials in Final Fantasy 16, we’ve got you covered.

Behemoth Shackle

Behemoth Shackle is used to craft or reinforce equipment with Blackthorne at Cid’s Hideaway. It can be obtained by defeating Behemoths, either from the main quest or Notorious Marks.

This item is specifically used in crafting The Defender sword.

Bloody Hide

Bloody Hide is a versatile crafting material dropped by wolf-like enemies and animals throughout various areas of the game.

It is not consumable and is used in numerous recipes, ensuring players have access to powerful weapons during their journey.

Bomb Ember

Bomb Ember is an item dropped by the Bomb King. It is one of the essential materials required by Blackthorne to craft the Excalibur, which is considered the best mid-game weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Bone Necklace

The Bone Necklace is exclusively dropped by Gigas enemies, making it a bit challenging to acquire.

However, its usage is limited to upgrading select weapons, so players need not worry about its scarcity until later in the game.

Briar Clam Shells

Briar Clam Shells are obtained as spoils from crustacean enemies and chests in the game world.

These shells are essential for crafting a unique set of gear that becomes available at a specific point in the game, offering an alternative path to the standard soldier armor.

Clouded Eye

The rare Clouded Eye is dropped by Harpy enemies, particularly those Wind Elementals from Benedikta’s shattered mind.

By farming these elusive enemies, players can craft and upgrade formidable weapons, enhancing their combat prowess.

Comet Feather

This is a unique craft material that you acquire after defeating a specific Notorious Mark from Nekta’s Hunt Board.

Upon defeating the Dread Comet, you’ll receive 1 Comet Feather, which can later be used to craft the Ouroboros Belt.

Coeurl Whisker

This item can be obtained in two different ways. You can get one from defeating the Coeurl boss when you first encounter it.

You can also get it by defeating Bygul, which is a Coeurl in Nekta’s Hunt Board. The Coeurl Whisker can be utilized for various crafting purposes.


You can also get this item by defeating Grim Reaper – The Prince of Death, which is a Notorious Mark from Nekta’s Hunt Board.

To access this hunt, you must complete the side quest “Under New Management 2.” With that out of the way, go north from the Northreach Obelisk and then turn west once you exit the area.

As a reward, you will receive the Darksteel. This is an important craft material since it is needed to craft the best sword in FF16, the Gotterdammerung.

Dragon Talon

Defeating dragons grants players the Dragon Talon, a rare resource used for crafting.

While scripted dragon fights occur throughout the game, seeking out optional dragon battles provides additional opportunities to acquire this valuable material.


To earn Electrum, players must defeat Severian, a Level 31, Rank B Notorious Mark that is posted on FF16’s Hunt Board after finishing the Fire and Ice main quest.

The Hunt Board becomes available in Cid’s Hideaway after completing The Gathering Storm main quest, providing players with the opportunity to track down and slay challenging monsters for a variety of rewards.

Fallen Iron

Fallen Iron is an item acquired by defeating the S-Rank Notorious Mark called Atlas, an extremely powerful Iron Giant. This material is used in crafting the sword Defender.

Fire Shard

Fire Shards are obtained by defeating Ifrit, the second Eikon of Fire. These shards are essential for crafting a powerful late-game weapon. 

It is advisable to hold onto them instead of selling them. These items can greatly aid players in challenging encounters.

Frozen Tear

Frozen Tear is a unique drop that occurs after defeating Shiva’s Dominant. While primarily used to upgrade a few starting weapons, players can preserve this material by utilizing alternative items for upgrades and saving it for later.

Gelatinous Mass

Gelatinous Mass is an item obtained by defeating The Flan Prince, a Notorious Mark on Nekta’s Hunt Board. It is a key ingredient in the crafting recipe for Drakeslayer’s Bracelets.

Gnarled Scale

Gnarled Scale is a specific loot drop obtained from the early game mini-boss Fafnir.

Players can use this material to craft and upgrade the Longsword and Traveler’s Bands, providing a significant damage boost during the early stages of the game.

Grimalkin Hide

This is a unique craft item that you acquire after defeating a specific Notorious Mark from Nekta’s Hunt Board.

After defeating the Grimalkin, you will receive the Grimalkin Hide, which is an essential material for crafting the powerful Excalibur sword.

Imperial Link

Human Imperial Soldier enemies drop Imperial Links, which are also found in chests in areas where these enemies are present.

This crafting resource is used as a core component in crafting powerful armor for the protagonist, Clive.

Magicked Ash

Magicked Ash can be obtained by defeating magical enemies and plant-like foes or by exploring new locations.

This versatile material is essential for crafting various armor pieces for Clive. It is advisable to farm Magicked Ash whenever possible.

Minotaur Mane

A somewhat common craft material.

Minotaur Mane is a crafting material acquired by defeating minotaurs in Valisthea.


Moonstone is a rare crafting material that can be found in certain areas or obtained as a reward for completing specific quests.

It is primarily used for crafting high-level weapons and armor, making it a valuable resource for players seeking to enhance their equipment.

Morbol Flower and Morbol Tendril

Upon defeating the Notorious Mark named Carrot, players receive the Morbol Flower and the Morbol Tendril.

Delivering the flower to Nigel in The Hideaway and visiting Blackthorne at The Black Hammer will reward players with one of the three crafting materials needed to forge The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces, which are powerful armguards.

Mythril Ore

Mythril Ore is a versatile crafting material that can be obtained by mining nodes in specific locations or as drops from enemies.

It is used in a wide range of recipes, including weapon upgrades and accessory crafting. Keep an eye out for mining spots or enemies that drop Mythril Ore.

Phoenix Feather

Phoenix Feathers are rare drops that can be obtained by defeating powerful avian enemies or by finding them in hidden chests.

They have significant value in crafting powerful magic-infused weapons and armor, so it’s worth seeking them out for your crafting needs.

Primitive Battlehorn

Primitive Battlehorn is a craft material obtained as a drop from Gobermouch. It is an essential component used in crafting the powerful Gotterdammerung.


Orichalcum is acquired by defeating certain Notorious Marks from Nekta’s Hunt Board. It can be obtained from enemies such as Atlas, Svarog, Gorgimera, and Behemoth King.

Primitive Battlehorn

Gnarled Scale is a specific loot drop obtained from defeating a Hunt Board creature called Gobermouch.

Once you defeat this enemy, you will receive the Primitive Battlehorn. This item holds great potential for crafting powerful weapons.

Rune Crystal

Rune Crystals are magical crystals that can be obtained by defeating magical creatures or as rewards for completing certain quests.

They are primarily used for crafting high-level magic-based weapons and accessories, providing players with potent magical abilities.


Scarletite is a somewhat rare item. You can’t find it around, but quite a few important enemies drop it.

This item can be obtained as a drop after defeating one of the following Notorious Marks: Fastitocalon, Dozmire, The Ten of Clubs, and the Holy Trumptiour.

Silver Ore

Silver Ore can be mined from specific ore nodes found in various locations or obtained as drops from enemies.

It is a common crafting material used for crafting weapons, armor, and accessories. While it may not be as rare as some other materials, it is still essential for many recipes.

Spirit Wood

Spirit Wood is a unique crafting material that can be acquired by defeating ethereal or spectral enemies or by finding it in hidden locations.

It is primarily used for crafting ethereal weapons and armor that possess powerful magical properties.

Stained Loincloth

The Stained Loincloth is an exclusive drop from the S-level Notorious Mark Pandemonium, the King of Orcs.

Defeating Pandemonium requires great preparation and skill. Crafting The Sons of Ouroboros vambraces is the only known use for the Stained Loincloth.

Star Dust

Star Dust is a rare and valuable crafting material that can be obtained by defeating celestial enemies or by finding it in rare chests scattered throughout the game world.

It is used for crafting legendary weapons and equipment with extraordinary abilities.

Stone Tongue

This one is another specific loot drop obtained from defeating a Hunt Board creature called Gobermouch.

Defeating Agni rewards you with the Stone Tongue, a key item used in crafting the Ouroboros Belt.

Void Essence

Void Essence is a dark and mysterious material that can be obtained by defeating shadowy enemies or by exploring certain areas where darkness is prevalent.

It is used for crafting dark-themed weapons and armor, imbuing them with shadowy powers.


This is the most common crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 and can be used to upgrade early game weapons such as the Bastard Sword.

Wyvern Scale

Wyvern Scales are obtained by defeating wyvern enemies or by finding them in chests located in dragon-infested areas.

They are used for crafting dragon-themed weapons and armor, providing players with enhanced abilities against dragon foes.

Zenith Stone

Zenith Stones are ancient and powerful crystals that can be obtained as rare drops from powerful bosses or as rewards for completing challenging quests.

They are the pinnacle of crafting materials and are used for creating ultimate weapons and equipment that surpass all others in terms of power.