Genshin Impact is a new gacha type open-world fantasy RPG game set to release on September 28.

This Genshin Impact beginner guide will show the best way on how to reroll and all the details involving Genshin Impact’s gacha system.

Which Banner Do You Roll On?

Depending on which time you start playing the game, there will be usually 2 or more banners to choose from. Assuming that you are playing right at the release of the game, there will be two banners to choose from.

The beginner’s wish banner and the weapons banner. Ignore the weapons banner and do not spend any currency or fates rolling on that banner and focus more on getting characters through the beginner banner.

Noelles Banner Beginners Wish

The beginners’ wish banner will give you a guaranteed 4-star unit which is going to be Noelle among 9 other things you can get. Most of these will be weapons and this is actually what you will be rerolling on. After getting the guaranteed Noelle character, everything else will be random and you will be rerolling this banner until you get a 5-star character along with Noelle.

This beginners’ wish banner will be discounted at a 20% rate which allows you to pull more for less. Once you have exhausted the banner, you can decide if you are content with what you got or if you should reroll.

Getting Your Adventure Rank Up

Acquaint Fate

The wish system, which is the pulling system, will be unlocked when you get adventure rank 5. You will also be getting a chunk of Acquaint Fates once you hit that adventure rank and you will be able to get your first pull.

The next adventure rank-up reward worth noting will be once you reach adventure rank 7. Upon attaining this adventure rank, you will be rewarded with 1,600 Primogems which will give you the opportunity to purchase more fates in the shop.

My recommended way of rerolling is just to reset after hitting adventure rank 5 and not getting anything you like. This is shorter to do and it also gives you the opportunity to save the 1,600 Primogems you can get from achieving rank 7 and wait for a good rate up banner to use it on.

After all, Intertwined Fates are the more premium currency to have, and spending your precious Primogems on Acquainted Fates can feel like a complete waste.

Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate

Stardust Exchange

Intertwined Fate is for rate up banners and weapon banners. So far, it can only be acquired through Primogems, which is the premium currency in the game. This is used for a more specific summon where banners have an increased rate for particular characters in the game. The first banner up will be Venti’s banner and is also one of the strongest male characters in the game.

Acquaint Fate is for Noelle’s Banner which you are going to finish up by rolling 20 times on it. It is also the common currency to use for rolling characters in general and the discounted price on the beginners’ banner should help you get more characters at the start.

Summoning Pity System

This system is for promotional banners and only works on limited and event wishes.

Weapon Pity System

4-Star weapon pity – If you do not get a 4-star or above weapon in 9 pulls, the 10th pull will be a guaranteed 4-star or higher weapon. This ensures that you will have a guaranteed 4-star or above weapon every 10 pulls.

5-Star weapon pity – If you do not get a 5-star weapon in 79 pulls, the 80th pull will be a guaranteed 5-star weapon. This ensures that you will have a guaranteed 5-star weapon every 80 pulls.

Character Pity System

4-Star character pity – If you do not get a 4-star or above character in 9 pulls, the 10th pull will be a guaranteed 4-star or higher character. This ensures that you will have a guaranteed 4-star or above character every 10 pulls.

5-Star character pity – If you do not get a 5-star or above character in 89 pulls, the 90th pull will be a guaranteed 5-star character. This ensures that you will have a guaranteed 5-star or above character every 90 pulls.

Tips for Rerolling Faster

  • Keep exploring the world and open up every chest you see where you get buffs and even Primogems
  • Finish all the side quests you can because the main story will be locked to your adventure rank
  • Original Resin is used on leylines that drop great items and is a quick way to level up your adventure rank
  • Daily Quests are seen in the map which is opened by pressing “M”. They are these purple diamond nodes you will see scattered around the world and be able to interact with them and see the rewards. Another great way of leveling your adventure rank. Do this daily and claim your daily commission reward from Katheryne
  • It takes around 15-20 minutes to reach adventure rank 5 and it might take you 40-50 minutes to reach adventure rank 7. It will be faster to reroll after reaching adventure rank 5 than rerolling after adventure rank 7 but the problem lies between the making of multiple miHoYo accounts.


The best characters to roll for would be Diluc, Fischl, Qiqi, and Venti. They all have different roles and it also depends on what other characters you acquire to accompany them.

Overall, you would want a good damage dealer and a good support for your team but always remember that this is a co-op game and it really depends on who you play with and what you can contribute to the party.

Once you’re done, you can start grinding Genshin Impact.