Genshin Impact’s gearing system heavily involves artifacts to significantly increase your power level.

5-star artifacts are the highest tier of gear you can get and they all have different set bonuses you can play around with.

This guide will show you how to get 5 star artifacts in Genshin Impact and which are the best sets to farm for.

What Are 5-Star Artifacts?

5-star artifacts are the best way to increase your character’s power level. As long as they roll perfectly, this will be your “endgame” gear for your characters. It can have as many as 4 substats and you can upgrade it to +20 which will get your more stats to roll for.

This also means that it will involve more “RNG” to get the best rolls for your 5-star artifact. Each 4 level upgrades to your 5-star artifacts will upgrade 1 random substat and if there are bad or flat rolls, you will want to avoid upgrading those substats when upgrading.

Best Way to Get 5-Star Artifacts Early

5 Star Wolf Trial Artifact

The best way to get your 5 star artifacts in Genshin Impact is by doing weekly bosses. Stormterror Dvalin and Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves are the two world bosses you should do every week to get your 5-star artifacts.

At adventure rank 30 or world level 3, this can already drop 5-star artifacts if you are lucky enough. The Genshin artifact drop rate is undisclosed yet but it has a decent chance to drop.

However, at adventure rank 35 or world level 4, it almost drops at a 100% rate as I have gotten 6 5-star artifacts already from finishing each of the weekly world bosses 6 times. It is best to power level your account to adventure rank 35 with your Fragile Resins so you can start farming 5-star artifacts with good rolls for your characters.

Nine Pillars of Peace world quest

The Nine Pillars of Peace world quest will award you a 5-star artifact once you complete it. This is one of the hardest ones to complete but it can be accessible and finished as early as you can when you explore the region of Liyue.

This world quest requires you to get a Stone of Remembrance for each pillar to activate it. You have to climb the top of the pillars and find the Stone of Remembrance hole to activate it. To get the 9 Stone of Remembrance, you will need to upgrade the Statue of the Seven to level 10 which will take a copious amount of Geoculus. This will be the hardest part because this requires you to get all the Geoculus in the region of Liyue.

This is one of the fastest ways to get a 5-Star artifact and can be often overlooked because it will be hard to remember which Geoculus you have found and which ones are still available to grab.

Best 5-Star Artifact Sets in Domains

Reaching adventure rank 40 or world level 5 will allow artifact domains to start dropping 5-star artifacts. While the drop rates are still extremely low at this level, it will be the most efficient way to start farming 5-star artifact sets. Before reaching adventure rank 40, you can still farm artifacts from domains but this is merely more for upgrading good 5-star artifacts in the future.

Viridescent Venerer 5-star artifact set

5 Star Viridescent Venerer Set

The Viridescent Venerer 5-star artifact set is one of the best artifact sets for characters like Venti. Not only does it specifically increase raw Anemo damage that scales in percentages but also, it’s 4-piece set bonus will decrease the elemental resistance of the enemies controlled by Venti’s elemental burst.

This makes him one of the best supports in the game because of how long Venti’s elemental bursts last. Using combos while his elemental burst is active will shred all the monsters stuck in it especially if mixed with other elemental reactions like Superconduct.

This 5-star artifact set will start dropping in the Valley of Remembrance domain near Mondstadt at world level 5 or adventure rank 40.

Thundering Fury 5-star artifact set

5 Star Thundering Fury Set

The 5-star Thundering Fury artifact set is one of the best sets for Fischl. It increases raw Electro damage with the 2-piece set bonus and increases the uptime of Fischl’s elemental skill to unlimited with the 4-piece set bonus. Fischl is already absurdly powerful as a support as she can deal damage while she is not the active character as the bird stays when you switch out.

With the 4-piece set bonus, you can decrease your Elemental Recharge stats and focus on others that increase your damage like Crit Rate%, Crit Damage% and ATK%.

The Thundering Fury 5-star artifact set is also great on Razor and Keqing as your main damage dealer.

It gives them a huge boost in damage with the help of the 4-piece set bonus, and it always keeps your elemental skill up. It gives you more energy to recharge your elemental burst and combo more with other elemental reactions in your party.

This 5-star artifact set will start dropping in the Midsummer Courtyard domain near Mondstadt at world level 5 or adventure rank 40.

Noblesse Oblige 5-star artifact set

5 Star Noblesse Oblige Set

The 5-star Noblesse Oblige artifact set is powerful for main damage dealer characters like Diluc, Razor, Keqing, Klee, Chongyun and Xiao. They will usually be the ones that can capitalize on using their elemental burst on cooldown. You can have the 4-piece set bonus up at all times when the main damage dealer is the one using the set and it increases all your support damage by 20% when you switch in and out.

This is also useable for support characters who have high Energy Recharge and can keep their elemental burst up while supporting. An extra support character with a 4-piece Exile artifact set bonus will also keep it up without even having the character active. There are so many combinations you can do in the game and this build will keep your elemental burst up at a high rate on all your characters.

This 5-star artifact set starts dropping in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain near Mt. Aozang at world level 4 or adventure rank 40.

Crimson Witch of Flames 5-star artifact set

5 Star Crimson Witch of Flames Set

The 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set is strong for characters like Diluc and Xiangling. The elemental reactions you can combine from the Pyro element will all increase it this only works well if you are able to capitalize on this in your party.

Especially with Diluc where his normal attacks will deal Pyro damage after using his elemental burst. Xiangling is good for elemental reactions as well with her elemental skill because she only needs to throw it out and you can switch to another character and combo it with a different element.

This 5-star artifact set starts dropping in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain in the Luhua Pool at world level 4 or adventure rank 40.

What to Do Next?

These 5-star artifacts will be the best gear and the best way to increase your power level to newer heights in Genshin Impact.

If you play and support this game until the end, you will most likely be farming these for the rest of your playthrough unless they add a higher tier of artifacts which will be unlikely based on other gacha games.

There will definitely be new artifact sets in the future, and collecting good 5-star artifacts will always be the priority in the endgame.

You can check out our guide on Diluc or Tartaglia, if you are ever lucky to pull them and use this artifact guide to gear them up.