After the completion of the Repository mission, you’ll be taken outside once again and you’ll have to hit the road and go to the nearby compound where Echo 216 is held captive. It’s pretty close so you don’t need to fast travel.

On your way, you need to destroy a single ‘Fusion Coil’ whilst being attacked by the nearby mobs. Take it out, and grapple away to the actual facility where Echo 216 is located.

Walk through the main entrance (the barriers will go down and head up the platform to the left. At the end of it, you’ll find a control system where you’ll need to activate the bridge, which will take you to the facility.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have to go through several waves of attacks. Do note that they get hardest after each one. Even on easy mode, the last wave is pretty hard if you’re new to Halo so definitely don’t underestimate anything.

Grab all the necessary weapons, pick a spot, and defend it with your life. Don’t forget to grapple away if things get tense, which they will.

After you complete each of the waves, that will be it. Simply head back out to the battlefield and go inside the large green structure.

And this is where I spent half an hour trying to figure out where to find the pilot in the House of Reckoning in Halo Infinite. I explored both floors and literally every corner of the building and nothing. Surely, I must have missed something.

Then, I went back to the main door – where I came from and saw a device on the very floor. Here’s what it looks like.

Once you locate it, interact with it. Then, you’ll have to fight a boss in that very room so do make sure you’re well equipped. Luckily, I picked up some decent weapons right before I went inside. If you’re already inside, you’ll just have to use what’s inside, unfortunately.

Beating Jega ‘Rdomnai

Once you finally locate the little device on the floor and inspect it, you’ll be met with extreme aggression from Jega ‘Rdomnai – the servant of Escharum. He’s one of the bosses that you’ll need to defeat in order to make it out of that two-story facility. Until then, the doors will be locked.

To beat him, I would recommend you to go around and grab the most powerful weapons you can find in the room. Don’t forget to use the cases of ‘Fusion Coil’ that are laying around. They deal a great amount of damage in a pretty decent range – particularly useful if you’re trying to hit the target while he’s invisible.

He’s fast but not too fast, meaning to best increase your chances, don’t forget to use your grappling hook at all times to create distance and change between the first and the second floor. That will give you plenty of time to regenerate your health back to normal.

Once you beat him, make sure to pick up his sword and keep it with you. Trust me on that one, it will help you a ton with beating Escharum.

Then, leave through the main door and jump to the right. A big door will open up. Go inside and at the end, go up the elevator. That’s where you’ll meet Escharum. He’s pretty tough so here’s a guide on how to beat Escharum.