Chak’Lok is one of the Sangheili Warlords you will encounter once you reach the Tower. In this mission, you will need to uncover the area as the place is locked. Once you unlock and deal with the remaining Banished reinforcements, you will be able to enter the Tower.

As you clear the area, Chak’Lok will keep talking smack on you as you ascend the Tower. But first things first, here are a few things you should know before fighting Chak’Lok.

This guide will teach you how to beat Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite and complete the Tower objective. This includes helpful tips such as weapons and equipment usage.

Ending the Lockdown

To enter the Tower, you can either go through the middle and fight your way through hordes of enemies or go to the backside of the objective and grapple up the structure. If you choose the latter, you will still have to fight the enemies but a much smaller portion of them.

If you ascend the structure from the back, drop down in the middle, and prepare to fight enemies in all directions. In normal difficulty, this should be a piece of cake. It will be a headache for difficulties above normal, so it would be better to slowly clear the mobs from the entrance.

Once you drop down, you will see a ton of enemies you have to deal with. The problem would be the two sniper nests in opposite directions. Each nest will have one Jackal with a Stalker Rifle. After clearing out some of the enemies, make your way to one of the sniper nests.

Deal with the Jackal, take the Stalker Rifle, and start sniping. After clearing the enemies, Weapon (the name of your AI) will mark a small structure where you can end the lockdown.

There will be two elites with CQS48 Bulldogs. Dispose of them and use the terminal to end the lockdown. Reinforcements will start to appear in the area.

Activating the Gravity Lift

Fend off the reinforcements when they come. You will also see some detained Spartans on the ground. If you break the containment in the middle, you will set them free and fight for you.

Use the objective marker to find the Gravity Lift. Activate it, and more reinforcements will arrive. You can use the nearby Plasma Cannon to deal with them or rush towards the Gravity Lift and ascend the Tower.

Ascending the Tower and Preparing for Chak’Lok

Once you reach the Tower, you will unlock the Spartan Core upgrade and receive the Threat Beacon equipment. If you equip the Threat Beacon, you will replace the fun little grappling hook you have.

In this area, it would be wise to use the Threat Beacon. When you ascend up the Tower, there will be more enemies but nothing too challenging. Use the Threat Beacon on cooldown to find them easier as the area is pretty tight.

There will be two kinetic ammo refills before you reach the top. At this point, you should start saving up ammo on the gun you want to use for the fight. The CQS48 Bulldog and Hydra would be a good secondary for the Chak’Lok fight.

Any primary weapon would do as we discuss the fight, but if you want to look at a guide to all weapons in Halo Infinite, you can pick and choose what you have seen so far leading up the Tower.

Chak’Lok Fight

The battle starts with Chak’Lok’s introduction. Chak’Lok looks quite intimidating because of the Energy Sword, but the fight is quite easy.

First, you need to know Chak’Lok’s abilities and weapons. Other than the Energy Sword, Chak’Lok also uses a Pulse Carbine. He also has the cloaking ability, but you can still see a shadow when he gets close.

If you are using the Threat Beacon, you can anticipate his attacks on each pulse. Chak’Lok will get highlighted in red when scanned, but you will not be able to see his remaining health and shields until you hit him.

Your distance on Chak’Lok does not determine which weapon he is going to use. He can lunge at you with the Energy Sword or shoot you with the Pulse Carbine. A good indicator would be if he is cloaked or not. If he is cloaked, you will most likely use the Energy Sword and leap from a distance.

The best strategy is always to keep moving. Backpedalling diagonally while circling the room is the best way to dodge the attacks when he is cloaked. Once you gain vision, keep shooting.

Chak’Loks shields are insane, but once you shred through it, he will go down easily with a few more shots. His health points are low.

After circling around the room, you will see a ton of Shock Coils near each corner of the small room. You can either pick them up and throw them at Chak’Lok or shoot the coils when he gets near one.

The problem with picking it up is that when Chak’Lok lunges at you, you cannot throw the Shock Coil as it will damage do more damage to you than Chak’Lok. Always keep some distance before throwing or just lure him to one with a Threat Beacon always active.

Shooting the Shock Coil near him will paralyze him for a few seconds. You will be able to unload a few shots, but it is best to throw all your grenades at him. Plasma grenades can stick to him for a huge chunk of damage.

Keep up the pressure so the shields will never regenerate. Use the CQS48 Bulldog when he gets near or gets stunned. Use your other weapon just to damage the shields when he is at a distance.


Other than getting the Energy Sword, you will get nothing in return for your troubles. However, the story progresses, and you will be able to rescue Spartan Griffin. If you were listening to the Weapon (your AI), talking nonstop during the mission, you would learn that the Tower is used for interrogating prisoners.

This is why Spartan Griffin is close to being dead already. You will receive your follow-up objective from him, and you can start exploring the open world again.