Adjutant Resolution is a tough boss that you’ll need to defeat at the end of the ‘Spire’ mission in Halo Infinite.

This is the mission you’ll need to complete right after you get blasted out of the Conservatory by Harbinger. Luckily, you’ll get your revenge later on and defeat Harbinger yourself but more on that later.

When I had to fight off the Adjutant Resolution, I didn’t expect it and wasn’t prepared at all initially. Fortunately, I figured things out.

In this guide, I’m going to show you where to find and how to beat Adjutant Resolution in Halo Infinite.

Entering the Forerunner Structure

After the short Halo animation after leaving the Conservatory, the above image is the first thing you’ll see. What you want to do is simply head over to the large structure. Luckily, it’s pretty close so you don’t need to fast travel. Once you’re at the yellow tag (again, refer to the image above) right beneath the structure, you’ll need to activate and use the gravity elevator to enter the facility.

But, before you can do that, let me tell you how to even get there, which is a challenge within itself.

Once you start heading towards the structure, you’ll be met with quite brutal force (even if you’re playing on the Easy difficulty. I didn’t expect it. I tried to fight them off, but that was somewhat of a mistake.

After realizing I have no chance against so many enemies, I simply started grappling away towards the structure, which is what you should do too. The mobs won’t follow you once you get ur of range so that’s one benefit of running away.

Once you’re right beneath the structure, you’ll need to activate the gravity elevator but first, you need to overcome yet another challenge.

Fighting the two ‘Hunters’ mobs. After several minutes of shooting with whatever I had at the time, I did a grand total of zero damage to them. It made sense, just look at how well-armored they are.

I then started searching around for different weapons that might be available in the hope that I can defeat these two guys so I can finally get up in the elevator. Luckily, I randomly came across the weapon that will put these guys to sleep – the ‘Skewer’.

You can find the ‘Skewer’ weapon directly opposite of the entrance (on the very same floor as the Hunters). Pick it up, and blast it at them. Do be careful since you won’t have that much ammunition. Every shot counts.

Once you take down the Hunters, head over to the control panel right beside the elevator and activate it. Then, your ‘Weapon’ will do her magic and make it work for you.

Meeting With Adjutant Resolution

As soon as you load up the next phase of the ‘Spire’ mission, you’ll meet the Adjutant Resolution orb. Firstly, it seems very friendly but it’s really not, trust me.

It will tell you to follow it, which is something you’ll need to do. Once you go through a few doorways, you’ll get to an elevator. Adjutant Resolution will even build you a bridge to get to it.

Once the elevator starts to go up, you’ll load into phase three of the mission. Head over to the end of the room, and activate your ‘Weapon’. At the end of the animation, the Master Chief (you) will tell her “Shut it down. Permanently”.

The Adjutant Resolution, unfortunately, won’t like that idea and will turn into a killing machine that will want to put an end to you.

Adjutant 1

Defeating Adjutant Resolution

Unfortunately for me, I had zero ammo in any weapon. So, I started to look around and see if there are any weapons. I came across a few lasers and quickly got my hands on them. I recommend you do the same. They are located all over the small room – you can’t miss them.

Once you start shooting at the Adjutant Resolution, make sure to shoot directly at its four shining arms. That is the only place you can deal damage.

Once I found its weak spot, it took me about 2 minutes to defeat it.

It’s actually pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. And when it enters defense mode after you attack it, make sure to take cover as in that time, you won’t be able to deal any damage to it.

Upon defeating Adjutant Resolution, your friend Echo 216 will come to your rescue. And that is how you defeat Adjutant Resolution and complete the ‘Spire’ mission in Halo Infinite.