Believe it or not, Harbinger is the last boss you’ll have to defeat in the Halo Infinite campaign. You will have met her previously on a number of occasions such as right before you have to beat Adjutant Resolution in the ‘Spiral’ mission for the first time so you will already be aware that she’s pretty tough to beat.

What you don’t know right until you get to fight her is that she can teleport, making catching and actually getting a few bullets on target quite the task, especially later on in the duel.

And the fact that you’re constantly being chased by mobs during the fight makes the whole challenge less than ideal, especially when she releases one of her elite officers with the large ‘Gravity Hammer’.

So, if you’ve failed to take her down on a number of occasions, here’s how to beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite.

Getting to the Silent Auditorium

Once you jump out of the ship after beating Escharum, you’ll be met with a decent level of force from whatever is left of the Banished. Use your ‘Energy Sword’ or ‘Diminisher of Hope’ hammer to smash through all the mobs. If you’ve dropped all of those, it will just be tougher for you to complete the mission.

Either way, use whatever you have to clear up your way towards the main door and unlock it once all the Banished mobs are defeated.

Then, you’ll be met with yet another door that you’ll have to unlock using a ‘Power Seed’. You can find the ‘Power Seed’ in the dead-end tunnel right behind that door (not the tunnel that you came from).

Once the door opens, continue going for some minutes through the various doors.

That’s when you’ll face two pretty tough ‘Hunters’ from the Banished. These guys are pretty tough so it will take you some time to beat them. Make sure to grapple around when your health is low.

Once you take them down, unlock the door and continue forwards. After a few more doors, you’ll come across even more Banished. Fight them off and reach the end of the long room.

After a few more rooms and fights with the Banished, you’ll come across the Adjutant Resolution orb once again.

Now, this large room is pretty confusing. There’s a whole lot of nothing and all doors are locked. What you want to do is follow Adjutant Resolution to one of the side doors, which will initially be in red. Once he lights it up with his blue laser, the door will turn blue and unlock. Walk through there and find the elevator.

Once you go up, continue forwards and after a few more doors, you’ll finally reach the ‘Silent Auditorium’.

Fighting Harbinger

Once you activate the system in the ‘Silent Auditorium’, you’ll summon Harbinger. After the cutscene, she will create a yellow defense shield around her and summon the Banished to attack you.

You won’t be able to attack her while she’s in her yellow defense bubble. What you want to do is take down Banished and then your ‘Weapon’ will say that she has intercepted her defense system.

Once the bubble falls down, you can attack Harbinger. I’d recommend you to use your ‘Energy Sword’ and grapple onto her every time. If you do this, she will have a harder time teleporting, allowing you to deal a nice bit of damage.

She will go through that same defensive phase and pop out her defensive shield a few times – each time releasing more and more powerful Banished mobs.

The toughest one by far is one of her elite soldiers. He was a real pain to defeat. When you beat him though, her shield will fall once again, and that is when you’ll finish her off and enter the last cutscene of Halo Infinite.