Fast travel is a feature commonly seen in open-world games to help you get around quicker after exploration. It is strange to see fast travel in the Halo universe, but Halo Infinite took a big step and made the Halo universe into an open-world RPG.

Once you reach the surface after the introductory missions, you will freely be able to explore the world and do side quests, get upgrades, find achievements, and still be able to continue the main objective.

In this guide, you will find out how to fast travel in Halo Infinite, along with the requirements needed to unlock fast travel points.

Finding FOB Points

When you hover over the maps, you will see a ton of points of interest markers. These points are split between collectibles, Spartan Cores, side missions (for Valor points), main objectives, and FOB points.

Out of everything mentioned, only FOBs can be used for fast traveling. You can see them on the map, but not all FOBs are shown. Most of them will be unlocked once you progress further into the story.

How to Unlock FOBs

Once you see a FOB, it will either be occupied or already unlocked. If you have not been there, they are most likely occupied by the Banished, and you will have to clear the area first.

There will be strong enemies that hold most of these FOB points. In the center, you will see an operating terminal where your AI can take over and control the point.

However, the main requirement to take over a FOB will be literally to clear the surrounding area. You will have to deal with all the enemies in a wide circular radius around the FOB.

Once the area is completely clear, your AI will notify you that the FOB is ready to be controlled. Head to the terminal and activate it to regain control of the FOB.

Fast Traveling

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you are not in an important story mission, you can freely fast travel and teleport to any of the controlled FOB locations. You can do this by opening the map and hovering over the FOB you want to fast travel to.

Use the button on the picture above as it differs from Xbox and PC players (keyboard or controller). Doing this will instantly put you on a loading screen, and you will be in your desired FOB location right after.

When you want to finish important side quests and missions, you can skip to the nearest FOB as defeating enemies without any objectives around the map is pointless. If you want to beat Chak’Lok in the Tower, find the nearest FOB and head straight for the objective. The same goes for all the other objectives to be fast and efficient.

Useful Tips

Whenever you are in a FOB location, you will have access to weapons, vehicles, and equipment. Always stock up on ammo or change your weapons to a better one.

Once you get more Valor points, you will unlock more vehicles and weapons to spawn inside the FOB locations. You can get enhanced kinetic weapons when you reach higher levels. If you are using your desired weapon already, you can stock up on ammo by spawning the same weapon in the FOB.

You can also spawn more than one vehicle at once. The application for this useful tip is quite minimal as it may be more towards co-op play.

You will also notice that a few Spartans are spawning and hanging around the FOB location. They are there to defend it from any nearby enemies.

However, if you enter a vehicle, you can wait for a few seconds, and these Spartans will occupy all the seats available on your vehicle. They will accompany you to whichever task you want to finish.

For every FOB location you control, you will notice that more points of interest will show up on the map. Most of these are unlocked once you control a certain FOB location. It is important to try and boost your power by gaining Valor points or unlocking Spartan Cores. Keep an eye out for these, and you can unlock some of the best weapons in Halo Infinite’s campaign.

The weapons are the same for both multiplayer and single-player. However, the enhanced weapons can only be found in the campaign. You can check our guide to all the weapons in Halo Infinite if you want to switch it up and play multiplayer.