There are a total of 21 weapons in Halo Infinite. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses depending on each situation or game mode.

Some are entirely overpowered, but everyone has an equal chance of getting those weapons during a match. Even then, you always have a chance to win against someone no matter what weapon they are using.

To do this, you will need to learn more about each of the weapons to have a chance at fighting experience Halo players.

In this guide, you will learn all about Halo Infinite weapons and how to get them. This is a guide to all weapons available, so you will learn all the tips and tricks in using each one of them.

All Weapons in Halo Infinite

  • BR75
  • Cindershot
  • Heatwave
  • Mangler
  • Ravager
  • CQS48 Bulldog
  • Disruptor
  • Energy Sword
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Hydra
  • M41 SPNKr
  • MA40 AR
  • Mk50 Sidekick
  • Needler
  • Plasma Carbine
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Skewer
  • S7 Sniper
  • Shock Rifle
  • Stalker Rifle
  • VK78 Commando

There are a ton of returning weapons from the previous Halo games while introducing around eight new weapons. Most of these weapons have their strengths, while the others are completely broken but rare to find at the same time.

It is what makes Halo’s multiplayer exciting and unique with every match. We will break down each of the weapons, but first, let’s see the mechanics of how you get weapons in Halo Infinite.

Where to Get Weapons

To get weapons in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes, you will always find them next to a wall or on hotspot areas (rare weapons). These spawns are fixed; however, the weapons are not always the same.

The weapon spawns always change in every match you play. Weapons close to the base never give yellow items as they are always located in fixed weapon spawns around the map. Some of these are heavily contested, especially in big team battles.

Weapons always give a significant advantage against battles. Imagine getting an M41 SPNKr in control objectives. Enemies will kneel against you, begging for mercy.

However, if you die, you will drop the weapon you are currently holding. The enemy team can pick it up, so be careful. With that logic, you can also take weapons from enemies. Make sure to check the floor for powerful weapons.

Weapon Overview


The MA40 AR is the starter weapon for all the players in Halo Infinite. It has 36 bullets per magazine, and it takes 20 shots to the body to kill a player. If you mix in a few headshots, it will take fewer shots to get a kill.

For headshots, it takes 15 bullets to kill a player, which is still significantly high. The markers you are looking for are hitting an enemy 9-12 shots in the head or the body and shredding through the Spartan’s shield. After reducing the shields, use the melee attack, and it should take out the player instantly.

If you are far from the target and cannot use the melee attack after breaking the shields, you can shoot the head 3 more times for the kill.


The BR75 is a burst assault rifle that shoots three bullets at a time. It has 36 bullets per magazine and is one of the most accurate rifles in the game. The BR75 is easy to find because it is a common weapon in the game. It is best used in mid to long-range fights.

It takes four burst shots to the head or seven burst shots to the body to kill a player. To break the shields for a melee, you need to hit two burst shots and go for a melee attack for a kill.

If you are far from the target for a melee attack when the enemy’s shields are down, you need four more burst shots to the body.


The Needler is one of the most iconic guns in Halo. However, the weapon has changed over the years. It is a Covenant projectile weapon that shoots purple needles. If they are close enough, the needles follow the enemy and stack on the target while dealing minor damage.

These stacks explode after a specific time, but the Needler version in Halo Infinite only explodes when you kill a player. There are no delayed explosions from the stacking needles.

The Needler has 26 needles per magazine, and it takes 12 shots to kill a player. It will not be as effective as other guns if you want to break the shields down and do a quick melee. It requires 11 shots to break the shields for an instant melee kill.

It does not matter if you shot the head or the body when it comes to the Needler. Shoot as accurately as you can near the target and try to predict their movement.

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando is a semi-automatic rifle with 20 shots per magazine. It is excellent for long-distance fights, especially in control or giant slayer objectives in big team battles.

You will need eight shots to the head or 13 shots to the body to kill a player. It still takes a lot of bullets, and if you are fighting past 100 meters, it will be hard to kill a player. Players usually hold angles near covers, and they can quickly disappear and regain their shields.

To break the shields for a melee kill, you need seven shots to either the head or the body. After experimenting in the Academy, it does not matter if you hit the head or the body to break the shields. They are both fixed at seven shots.

If you are far from the target for a melee attack when the enemy’s shields are down, it will take you six shots to the body to kill an enemy.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is another returning and iconic weapon in Halo Infinite. When used, it smashes everyone in front of you in a cone. Do not be fooled by the shockwave or impact. The range is extremely short.

To measure the range, let’s use the measurement of Spartans or the player model as the basis. To instantly kill an enemy with the Gravity Hammer, they need to be exactly 1 Spartan apart from you. Everyone inside the cone of your smash will instantly die.

If they are 2 Spartans apart, it will only break their shields. Any area farther will not damage anyone. Overshielded players cannot get one-shot by the Gravity Hammer no matter how close they are.

The Gravity Hammer is best used with the Grappling Hook to close the distance quicker. It will also give you those great highlights with a good flank.

Enemies will always fear corners once they know someone has a Gravity Hammer. You will need to be unpredictable as grenades are usually thrown to clear you out.

CQS48 Bulldog

CQS48 Bulldog is one of the strongest weapons in the game. It is a shotgun built for CQB (close quarter battles). It has seven shots per magazine, and you only need two shots to either the head or the body to kill a player.

You need to be close to the enemy to capitalize on taking them out in two shots. Using the exact measurements as before, if you are 3 Spartans apart, you will need three shots to either the body or the head to kill a player.

The pellet spread is extremely tight, which gives it decent accuracy in mid-range fights as well. However, it is not efficient when it comes to ammo consumption. It is very limited as the CQS48 Bulldog is quite rare to find.


The M41 SPNKr is the rocket launcher in Halo Infinite. It is the most powerful weapon, but it is also extremely rare to find. However, spawn locations in specific maps that spawn the M41 SPNKr will always be contested. Use this to your advantage.

The M41 SPNKr only has two shots per magazine. It instantly kills an enemy even if the rocket does not directly hit the enemy player. As long as the explosion is close to the target, it will kill everyone around the blast.

If the enemies are not in the explosion radius but near it, they will still damage. It is important to note that the M41 SPNKr does not kill enemies with Overshield in one shot.

In big battle games, the M41 SPNKr is mainly used to clear objectives such as control points or destroy powerful land vehicles.


The Cindershot is a deadly rainbow grenade launcher with a big explosive blast. It shoots a ball of energy that explodes on impact or a second after bouncing off the ground without a target.

It has six rounds per magazine, and it takes two direct hits at the enemy player to kill them. If there are enemies all clumped up, they will also take damage from an indirect hit.

If the ball does not hit a player but explodes near them, it takes three shots to kill them. In close areas, be careful when you are using the Cindershot. The explosive blast damages you as well.

When you see a player in a narrow hallway, be careful about missing your shot. If the Cindershot does not land directly at the player and hits a wall instead, it will bounce back to you and explode.


The Mangler is a revolver pistol with eight rounds per magazine. The recoil and accuracy are almost identical to the Desert Eagle and Sheriff (CSGO and Valorant).

It takes a lot of skill to use this weapon, but it is pretty accurate. You will need three shots to the head or four shots to the body to kill an enemy player. With two shots, you can break the shield and use a melee attack. If you are far from the target for a melee attack when the enemy’s shields are down, you need two more body shots or a headshot.

The Mangler is powerful because it does require you to land as many headshots. It is a beginner-friendly weapon.

Mk50 Sidekick

Introducing Halo Infinite’s new pistol, the Mk50 Sidekick is almost identical to Halo’s previous pistols. Every player starts with the Mk50 Sidekick as a secondary weapon, and it holds 12 rounds per magazine.

It takes seven shots directly in the head or ten shots to the body to kill an enemy player. For a secondary weapon, it is decent enough to kill enemies. It takes six shots to either the body or the head to break the shields and use the melee attack for a kill.

The Mk50 Sidekick is usually used as an emergency weapon if you run out of ammo on your clip during a fight. Even if you break their shields with your primary weapon and switch to the Mk50 Sidekick, it will still take a maximum of 4 shots to kill them.

Plasma Pistol

Another iconic weapon is returning to the Halo series. The Covenant Plasma Pistol uses energy as its ammo. It starts at 100% and eats 1% per shot.

With the Plasma Pistol, you can hold the secondary fire button to charge the pistol and release a fully charged shot. A fully charged shot eats 8% of your energy, but it instantly breaks the enemy’s shield if it lands.

It takes one fully charged shot and four headshots or one fully charged shot and 14 body shots to kill an enemy. That is a tall task to complete, which is why the playstyle for the Plasma Pistol is different.

For close-range fights, you should always use a fully charged shot and melee the enemy afterward for a quick kill. If you are far from melee range at a target, use the fully charged shot to break the shields and switch to another weapon. This is the only way to be efficient when using the Plasma Pistol.

S7 Sniper

One of my all-time favorite weapons in any shooting game – the S7 Sniper is arguably the strongest weapon in the game. It is only true for players with excellent mechanical skills or sniping abilities.

The S7 Sniper has four rounds per magazine. It takes one shot to the head or two shots to the body to kill an enemy player. While there is another sniper rifle (Shock Rifle) introduced in Halo Infinite to rival the S7 Sniper, the S7 Sniper is still the king of one-shots.

The fire rate is quite decent for a sniper rifle which helps you hit two body shots easily on a moving target. In close range, you still have the chance to win a fight. If you are able to shoot the body once, you can use the melee, and it will instantly kill the target as a single body shot removes the shield immediately.

Shooting players with Overshield will not die from a headshot. It will be rare to encounter a player with Overshield anyway.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam is a laser weapon that shoots a beam of energy at the enemy. It has 250 energy per reload, and it eats 50 energy per second when firing.

It may seem a little clunky against moving targets, but upon testing against bots, you only need to hit the enemy player for precisely one second to the head to kill them. It is easier said than done, but you will see how easily you can take an enemy down when they are stationary.

It takes a bit longer (1.5 seconds) to kill an enemy if you are hitting the body. The ammo runs out really fast, so you have to be insanely accurate if you will use the Sentinel Beam.

It will also be tough to make the laser hit in mid-range on a moving target. If you are able to follow the enemy with the Sentinel Beam with insane precision, the enemy should go down before your energy reaches 180 from 250.


The Ravager is a 3-burst plasma grenade launcher with lower damage output. The ammo works the same as the Plasma Carbine and Plasma Pistol. Every shot fired will unleash three plasma shots and eats up 8-9% per burst.

It will take a total of three burst shots to kill an enemy player. The shots need to hit the target. Otherwise, it will take four burst shots to kill them. Enemies will take damage from indirect hits as there is a small explosion once the shot lands on anything.

The Ravager is an underwhelming weapon, but it is also quite common to find around the map.

Plasma Carbine

The Plasma Carbine is another classic weapon returning in Halo Infinite. It uses energy for ammo and shoots in bursts. Each burst shot eats 4% of energy.

The burst shots from the Plasma Carbine are very linear. It will not follow the enemies as you shoot. If you are shooting a moving target, it will be nearly impossible to land all the shots.

It takes two bursts to the head and four bursts to the body to kill an enemy player. Since not every shot from the burst will land, you will tend to shoot more.

However, if you are able to land one complete burst on the target, their shields will immediately be broken. You will be able to melee them instantly, especially in close-range battles.


The Disruptor is an electric-based pistol that deals a lot of damage when used correctly. It is a little underrated because most of the players do not know how the gun works yet.

When you land shots with the Disruptor, it will also electrocute the enemy player, which deals damage over time.

It takes seven shots to the head and ten shots to the body to kill an enemy player. The damage over time effect is not yet counted here. If you factor in the electric damage over time, you only need to land six shots and wait for the enemy player to die.

In the middle of the battle, you cannot just wait for them to die while shooting you. You will either shoot them more or run away after landing six shots.

To know how the damage over time effect works, you will need to land a total of 3 shots to debuff the target. Another three shots will put another debuff on the target, which should take out any player without an Overshield.

Energy Sword

Halo’s Energy Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in video gaming history. If you have played any Halo game, you should already know about this weapon.

In Halo Infinite, it works the same as it was introduced. Each slash will instantly kill an enemy, but it requires you to be close to the target, which is usually the challenge on every melee weapon.

However, using the same metric as before, if you are 1 Spartan apart, you will make a short dash towards the target and hit them with the Energy Sword. It will be challenging to get used to the distance, but it will be worth it once you have mastered this weapon.

Overshielded enemies do not die from a single blow. The best way to make melee weapons more effective is by using a Grappling Hook. It allows you to close the distance. You can even hit an enemy player with the Grappling Hook, and you will latch on to the player until you slice them.


The Heatwave is a semi-automatic hardlight weapon that shoots six projectiles in a horizontal line. It holds eight shots per magazine, and it only takes two shots to the head or the body to kill an enemy player.

Each projectile from the shot bounces off obstacles, walls, and enemy players. Be careful because the recoil can hit you back even if the shot lands on a player. It will be difficult to land all six projectiles on the target without getting close.

You can treat this gun like a shotgun because it is also ineffective in long-range battles. There is an alternative fire for the Hydra that allows you to fight in mid to long-range battles.

The crosshair will change from a horizontal shot to a vertical shot. You will have to be incredibly precise to hit targets from a distance with the vertical fire.

Since the projectile isn’t as fast, you have to predict the target’s movements if they are far away. The fire rate is still great and you can easily kill an enemy as long as you get two direct hits even from far away.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a new weapon added to Halo Infinite to rival the S7 Sniper. It is another long-range weapon that can one-shot enemies to the head. It has 12 rounds per magazine but eats three rounds per shot.

While it takes one shot to the head to kill an enemy player, it takes three shots if you are hitting the body. The fire rate is much slower compared to the S7 Sniper, which is why this is significantly weaker. Not everyone can land headshots every time.

The Shock Rifle requires you to see the target for at least 5 seconds to get at least three body shots (in case you miss the head). In long-range fights, you will rarely have this opportunity as every reaction from a player getting hit with a sniper is to find cover.


The Hydra is an extremely accurate grenade launcher. It has no bullet drop on the shots, and the shot almost lands instantly at the target. It has six shots per magazine, but you need three direct hits to kill an enemy player.

If the shot does not land, it deals minimal damage. It requires a lot of skill to use this weapon as you want to be landing direct hits all the time.

However, the Hydra’s greatest strength is that it can be used in any range. Since the weapon is incredibly accurate, you just need to land those direct hits.

The Hydra also has an alternative fire. If you switch to the alternative fire mode, your shots will be a lot slower, but you will be able to lock on a target after hovering your crosshair over a target.

You have to hold your aim to the target to get the lock-on. Each shot will be a lot slower, and that might be the difference between losing and winning a fight. If you are confident with your aim, it is better to use the faster shots.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is an energy rifle that eats 3% per shot. You can treat it as a marksman rifle for its decent fire rate with a good scope. It takes three shots to the head or five shots to the body to kill an enemy player.

If you are decent with marksman rifles, this might be the perfect gun for you. It is powerful in big team battles because of its damage output and low ammo consumption.

In close-range fights, you will need at least two shots to the head or three shots to the body before you can break the enemy’s shields. It might be a long shot, but you can still win with a melee strike after shattering the shields.


The Skewer is an anti-tank spike weapon that can pierce through vehicles. It is mainly used in big team battles where an enemy team has an edge because they were able to pick up a tank.

Using the Skewer is also effective against players. It only takes one direct hit at a player to kill them. It only has one shot per reload, so you have to be precise with your shots against other players.

The Skewer’s shot does not penetrate through enemies, and it does not matter if you hit the body, the leg, or the head. Everyone will die after taking a shot from this monster.

Final Thoughts

You might feel that weapons are completely unbalanced in the game. However, that is how the game is usually designed, as some weapons are meant to be overpowered to add flair to the game.

Everyone has an equal chance of getting these weapons. If you ever feel frustrated about getting blown to bits by an M41 SPNKr, try to get your hands on one and let them know how you feel. A lot of weapons might be overpowered, but they all have their strengths in different situations.