Training points play a vital role in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Not only do they allow you to upgrade players and unlock Abilities – they can also be used to upgrade Strategy items and get the most out of your team as a whole.

However, training is scarce and much harder to find than coins. To get them quickly and easily, you have to take your time, analyze things, and even do some math!

Here is how to get training points in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Get Training Points by Quickselling Players

Spending training points in the store

This is a fairly straightforward way to get training points in Madden 22 and it’s even covered in the Campaign challenges.

If you have a player you don’t need, you have pretty much three options:

  • Use him in Sets
  • Sell him in Auctions
  • Quicksell him for Training

Each player has a dedicated training value based on his OVR. We already covered this in our Madden 22 Training Values guide so make sure to check it out and see exactly how many training points you can get by quickselling any player.

In my experience, you get the best return on 80-83 OVR players since they can get you between 110 and 340 training and you can find some relatively affordable players in this range in Auctions.

You can do your own math and see which players are the most cost-effective when it comes to how much they cost vs how many training points they return. Simply divide the value of a player by the number of training points he can be sold for and you’ll get his cost-per-training.

Here’s an example.

Buying Akiem Hicks for 14,850 coins would give us 230 training points since he’s a 82 OVR. Using simple math: 14,850/230=64.5, we can see exactly how much this player costs us.

Generally, anything around 60 coins per training point is a good return. If you can find a player that costs you less than 60 coins per single training point, definitely go for it.

Get Training Points by Completing Challenges

You can also get training points by beating challenges, especially in the Campaign challenges section.

Collecting stars and reaching milestones will get you training points at a steady rate if you have patience and like playing the challenges. They’re all quite easy (Rookie difficulty, Arcade game style) so you won’t have too many problems handling them and getting those stars easily.

Getting all stars in challenges

Here, I’d like to highlight the importance of getting max stars in all your challenges and going for the max difficulty in the game days. In some cases, this might be harder to do – not because the game is hard but because it gives you harder scenarios to accomplish.

Patience pays off, though, and those extra stars you get will bring you better rewards quickly. It will also be just straight up more fun to do challenges over and over until you get them perfectly.

Unfortunately, the amount of points you get from these challenges is nowhere near what you can get by quickselling players.

Should You Use Training Points in the Store?

Since training points are so scarce and hard to get, you should be careful with how you spend them.

There are, however, some useful things you can buy for training, particularly defensive and offensive playbooks. If you have your sights set on one of the best offensive playbooks in Madden 22, it might be worth an 81 OVR player (160 training).

On the other hand, purchasing a player pack for training doesn’t seem like a smart investment. For example, the 88+ Heawyweights player pack on the image above costs 2,700 training. Quickselling an 88 OVR player will get you 2,180 training which means you need to quicksell an 88 OVR player plus an 85 OVR to get this pack.

Clearly, this isn’t worth it unless you’re really targeting a specific player that might be in this pack.

Final Word

Quickselling players you don’t need is still the best way to get training points in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. If you take your time and browse through Auctions, you can identify opportunities and get the most valuable players at the lowest cost.

Also, remember to keep grinding Challenges and go for max stars – you’ll often get training points as a reward for basically just playing the game.