Running quarterbacks are a big part of today’s game and knowing how to QB slide can make all the difference between winning those extra yards or making a terrible offensive play.

We even recommend a Lightspeed QB as one of the best QB builds when playing Face of the Franchise, so you’ll be making use of QB slides fairly often if you’re playing that role.

Without sliding, you’re risking a lot of things – mainly fumbling or injuring your quarterback.

Fumbling can ruin a play or a game, but ending up with an injured QB can ruin an entire season. You should know how to protect your passing star at all times.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly when and how to slide with a QB in Madden 22.

How to QB Slide

To slide with a quarterback, you first need to scramble. Scrambling is as easy as pressing the R2/RT button (Shift or right click on PC) and moving your quarterback in the direction you want him to run.

Once you pass the line of scrimmage, you’ll be able to slide.

To execute a QB slide, tap the Square/X button (Q on PC) once while running. The player will slide with his legs forward, protect the ball, and end the play.

The picture above shows a perfect execution of the slide: we tapped the Slide button just as the defender was approaching our QB, leaving the defender with no other option than to jump over our player or stop at the last moment.

Note: Don’t hold the Slide button – this is how to dive in Madden 22 rather than slide. A dive is a head-first move in which your player will attempt to get the ball as far forward as possible, putting both himself and ball possession at risk to get more yards.

Since diving is pretty much the exact opposite of sliding, this little mistake can cost you a lot if you try to dive in a crowded area.

When Should You Do a QB Slide?

Knowing how to slide with your quarterback in Madden is pretty simple but knowing when to do it requires some practice.

As a general rule, you should do a quarterback slide as soon as you see a defender closing in for a clean tackle. For example, the situation below is way too late to slide. The defenders have closed in and a tackle is inevitable:

If you take into account the fact that the tackling animation has started, there is no time for your QB to drop and protect the ball.

The picture below, on the other hand, shows you a perfect time to do a slide with your quarterback.

You can see the defenders on the left are about to run into the QB in a few moments and it seems that he can barely manage to go out of bounds. You might be tempted to make a run for it but your safer bet here would be to slide in about half a second.

Even if you have an incredibly mobile quarterback who can put a move on defenders, it’s better to play it safe and avoid fumbling or getting injured. If you’re up against a defender that has a high Hit Power rating or special stripping abilities, your chances of losing the ball are even higher.

This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid:

Here, we didn’t slide in time so now the ball is exposed, and our QB is about to hit the ground in a tough spot. You can see that the slide animation has started but it’s also obvious that there is no point in sliding now.

So, when you’re on the run with your quarterback, pay close attention to the opposing defenders and recognize the moment to slide. You don’t want the defender to get too close – as soon as you see them bridging the gap, it’s time to start sliding!

Pro Tips for QB Sliding

Here are some simple pieces of advice to help you learn how to slide with a QB and avoid making the most common mistakes.

Don’t Tap Square/X/Q Before You Pass the Line of Scrimmage

Unless you’re running a play designed for your QB to make a run, he will usually drop a few steps back after he receives the ball. Tapping the Slide button in the next few moments would just result in him passing the ball to the dedicated receiver. Make a few steps forward, start running, and you’ll be able to slide.

Don’t Wait Too long

It might be too late to slide if the defender gets too close. You’ll want to start the move when the defender is seemingly far away (5-10 yards). Don’t be fooled by the distance – defenders are fast and it will take your QB a few seconds to execute the move, so plan ahead.

Make Sure You Don’t Lose Yards

Realize that a QB slide will stop the play a yard or two earlier so be aware of your surroundings. If you’re running on the 3rd down and you’re looking for every yard, a slide might not do it. In this case, you might just want to risk getting tackled for that extra yard or two.

You Can Slide With Any Player

Tapping the Slide button with any player on the run – not just the QB – will result in him dropping to the ground and shielding the ball. If you’re running into traffic and you don’t want to risk a fumble, slide and avoid the risk.

Now you know how to pull off this move, we recommend learning how to lateral in Madden 22 as this can allow you to pull off some genius highlight reel plays.