Leveling up your class rep is the main way of improving your overall rating and unlocking new abilities for your player.

This can take a lot of grinding and you may even need to play multiple save files to unlock more abilities.

If you are rushing to unlock these abilities or if you just want to increase your overall rating quickly, this guide will teach you how to level up class rep fast in Madden 22 Face of the Franchise.

This will involve all the calculations on each game mode and show you how to get class rep in Madden 22.

What is Class Rep?

It is quite confusing to see all those rewards popping up but not knowing what they do exactly. There are reputation points, Madden level, experience points, and class rep which are all different from one another.

Knowing how to level up in face of the franchise in Madden 22 will help your player progress a lot. You can see this on the upper-right menu screen in Face of the Franchise. You can see that the color is gold for these particular points.

If you don’t know how to get skill points in Madden 22, the best way to do that is by leveling up your class rep, which will help you get a 99 overall rating. That will then give you skill points when you level it up. These skill points are spent on your player’s attributes which give a big chunk of rating points.

Not only do you get increased attributes, but also, you get to unlock abilities that will help you push your player to be the best at its current position. You will also unlock an additional Xfactor slot to help your player perform better in the game.

To avoid confusion, these rewards shown in the image above do not affect your class rep at all. It is more towards your Madden rank and your whole EA Madden account as a whole.

Earning Class Rep Fast

If you’re wondering how to level up in Madden 22 face of the franchise – you’d simply have to play games – a lot of them.

However, the amount of class rep you get is dependent on your play. You can have an unlimited amount of class rep depending on how many special plays you accomplish during the match.

After documenting a ton of games, it is incredibly inconsistent. As you can see from the picture above, I’m playing QB and a 20+ yard touchdown can either give +10 class rep or +15 class rep.

When you also check the 90+ yard touchdown and the 60+ yard touchdown, they give you class rep evenly at +20.

However, these are just bonuses from special plays and you get points for just playing the game. While it is a significant increase from the picture above, there are ways you can efficiently level up your position by getting more class rep.

Best Way to Level Class Rep

There are a few game modes available to play the Face of the Franchise mode. There are options where you can only play the key moments of the game (defense and offense) and not just play the whole game which takes a lot of time.

You can also choose to only play offense which gives you control every time your team has possession of the ball excluding interceptions.

So, which game mode should you play if you just want to level your class rep faster? From experimenting with each game mode, here are some of the results.

  • Key moments only mode – averaged around 350 class rep per match
  • Offense only mode – averaged roughly around 400 class rep per match
  • Full game mode – surprisingly, averaged the same 400 class rep per match

For wins and losses, the difference was not that significant. I earned around 319 class rep with two touchdowns in a loss then earned 369 class rep for a loss with the same score in a win. These were both played on key moments only mode.

Now, if we calculate how long these games were played, offense mode and key moments mode are the fastest ones. It takes around 15-25 minutes per match and even if it mentions that key moments are the fastest mode, some offense mode games were actually faster so those two modes may vary a lot.

Playing the full game will take around 30 to 40 minutes, though this will depend on your settings as you can change the length of the game as well.

Regardless of the length of the game, it appears playing offense only will provide the best efficiency as you can level up quickly whilst also concentrating to build good attacks, rather than relying on the Sim to give you a large quantity of key moments.

Spamming through offense only mode seems like the best way to earn class rep with key moments mode being a close second. Why? Playing offense allows you to score more touchdowns and get you more class rep.

You also have to consider that the simulation seems kind of broken and erratic. The simulation allows you to play more situations when playing offense only and key moments only mode.

This is because the simulation does not fast forward realistically. For example, you can score a touchdown and regain possession of the ball in under a minute. This happened way too often but, it is good considering you want to level your class rep as fast as possible.

This is how I leveled up my class rep every two or three games. With almost perfect play, you can level up once every hour.

Now, it all depends on which game mode you want to play. You can stick to a full game if you want to have more control and win important games.

You can also play the key moments only and you will still have the option to take full control of the game by choosing “options” instead of skipping to the next moment. This will earn you roughly the same amount of class rep as it depends on your play.

Just keep in mind that playing the full game mode is significantly slower for leveling your class rep.