There are 3 classes available for the QB (quarterback) position and there are also a ton of abilities to choose from to go with them, including X-Factor abilities.

Trying to figure out which abilities are the best for your QB build can be tough as there is a lot of information to consume and every player is different.

This guide will show you the best quarterback build in Madden 22 for each of the three classes, The General, The Magician and Lightspeed, and we’ll also talk about what makes each one so special.

Every QB class excels in a different area so there will be 3 builds to choose from and you can alter them to your liking if you want.

However, it might take a while before you unlock all the abilities that are available in the game, so it would be best to go over the table below and find out which ones you should aim to unlock first.

All Abilities for Quarterbacks and How to Unlock Them

CloserLevel 19 PathfinderReduced Zone objectives in the 2nd half.
ClutchLevel 11 ShadowReduced Zone objectives in close games.
Dashing DeadeyeLevel 19 LightspeedPerfect Pass Accuracy on the run-up to 40 yards.
Escape ArtistLevel 7 LightspeedImproved scrambling speed when leaving the pocket
FastbreakLevel 11 LightspeedImproved ball carrier control on designed QB runs.
GunslingerLevel 11 MagicianFaster throwing animations & velocity on bullet passes.
Gutsy ScramblerLevel 11 HitmanImmune to defensive pressure while on the run.
Hot Route MasterLevel 7 GeneralFour additional hot routes.
Human JoystickLevel 19 ShadowQuicker turning & change-of-direction.
Pocket DeadeyeLevel 19 GeneralPerfect pass accuracy while throwing from the pocket.
ProtectedLevel 11 GeneralStronger pass blocking from all offensive linemen.
QB PlaymakerLevel 7 MagicianImmediate & precise playmaker reactions from all WRs.
Roaming DeadeyeLevel 19 MagicianPerfect pass accuracy while standing outside pocket.
Spin CycleLevel 7 ShadowFaster spin animations.

These are all the abilities you can choose to equip when trying to make the best QB build in Madden 22. X-Factor abilities are not included in this list. If you want to know how to unlock abilities, it will take a lot of grinding as well as reaching level 20 for each class to unlock the X-Factor ability.

From the best QB abilities in Madden 22, there are only a few of them that can directly affect the QB. You can choose a combination from the list and unlock them respectively.

However, the builds below will help you get a general idea of what the thought process is when choosing the best build. It is different for each playstyle and class and it will depend on which one you would prefer.

Unlocking these abilities will take a long time. On the bright side, you will also be doing the steps you need to get a 99 rating in the game.

The General Quarterback Build

The first build we’ll look at is the best General QB build in Madden 22.

The General QBs rely on their strength in long passing and decisive playmaking abilities. They are the strongest when it comes to throwing long passes and overall pass accuracy.

However, you can tweak a ton of abilities because you can add other great abilities from different classes that can either fit your playstyle or be more supplementary to your team’s strengths.

X-Factor Ability – Bazooka or Run & Gun

For this build, you can choose the Bazooka if you want to push for longer passes in each set play. The Bazooka X-Factor ability is easy to maintain as you just need to avoid being sacked as a QB.

However, the Run & Gun X-Factor ability from the Magician class gives a more consistent boost to your player. There are a lot of times where you are waiting for the open runner and you are always throwing passes while moving.

Without the Protected ability, you will find yourself consistently throwing these kinds of passes (under pressure or passing while moving).

Abilities – Pocket Deadeye, Dashind Deadeye, and Roaming Deadeye

These abilities are all designed for insane pass accuracy. As this build relies on executing the perfect pass, these abilities will boost your pass accuracy in almost every situation possible.

The problem will be unlocking these abilities as they all require you to reach level 19 on each of the QB classes. If you know how to level up class rep fast, it should be a piece of cake with just a bit of grinding.

Skill priority – Accuracy > Power > Pocket Presence > Stability > Speed

You will need to focus on improving your short and deep ball accuracy before improving your throw power. Since you will be rarely be throwing the ball for 40+ yards or more in every play, it is better to improve your accuracy first before trying to finish those kinds of passes.

It will be difficult because these are the type of passes that are commonly intercepted or broken up by defenders. Speed will only be a bonus for when you want to push the ball.

The Magician Quarterback Build

Next, we’ll look at the best Magician QB build in Madden 22.

The Magician QB class relies on their versatility in pressure situations. They perform better while moving and their abilities strengthen other receivers when the pass comes.

They have a ton of options as the playstyle revolves around going outside the pocket and put pressure on the defense. Having the ability to run the ball themselves and pass the ball under pressure makes them hard to deal with.

X-Factor Ability – Run & Gun

This is the only X-Factor ability you should run when playing this build. You will see how strong and fun this build is when you enter the zone. You can throw non-stop bullet passes while on the move and keep moving the chains little by little.

Abilities – Roaming Deadeye, Gunslinger, and Escape Artist or QB Playmaker

The abilities are mostly from the Magician class anyway. Most of them are already perfect for this playstyle but, you can still do one more slight tweak.

You can choose to put Escape Artist instead of the QB Playmaker ability. With this, you can choose to run the ball when things get a little tight. This situation might show up consistently and you would want the option to juke and run the ball for a 1st down.

This playstyle revolves around throwing short bullet passes and while consistently putting pressure on your maneuverability to still run the ball. It is a mix between the General and Lightspeed builds when you think about it.

Skill priority – Accuracy =/> Improvising > Stability > Quickness > Speed > Power

Since you will be under pressure most of the time, you will need to throw on the run (Improvising). Accuracy is always good to avoid incompletes and interceptions so they are both equally great in different areas.

Mobility will be over Power since you would not need to throw long passes anyway. It would just benefit your bullet passes which are already top-notch with this type of build.

Lightspeed Quarterback Build

Finally, we’ll cover the best Lightspeed QB build in Madden 22.

The Lightspeed QB class relies on their mobility to push the ball themselves and cause problems. It may require you to run the best offensive playbook catered for running the ball as a QB.

It can be a double-edged sword as you may find yourself getting tackled for a loss when the play is properly read. You should be aware of the ability to throw the ball outside of play when things get bad. You can do this by pressing the right analog stick.

This build will be catered around improving your mobility and rely on your stick skills to juke the opponents. It will be like running a WR who carries the ball on every single play.

X-Factor Ability – First One Free or Truzz

The X-Factor ability you will be using is First One Free. It will be unlocked when you reach level 20 as a WR Shadow class. It increases your fake-out rate when performing jukes, spins, and hurdles.

You will get this boost when you enter the zone but, the problem is that you can easily get thrown out of the zone when you get tackled for a loss. This is why it is important to throw the ball outside of play when things get rough.

If you want to be safer, you can still run the Lightspeed’s built-in X-Factor ability which is Truzz. It completely negates fumbling the ball while in the zone.

Abilities – Escape Artist, Fastbreak, and Roaming Deadeye

You will be using the same abilities from the Lightspeed QB class except for the Dashing Deadeye. This will be replaced by the Magician’s Roaming Deadeye to add a little versatility.

Your play will be designed specifically for your QB to run the ball. With this constant pressure, you would want the ability to throw accurate passes outside the pocket as well.

With these abilities, you will rely on your physical attributes to push for yards yourself. As this heavily relies on your mechanical skills, you will need a ton of practice running the ball and juking defenders.

Skill priority – Quickness > Speed > Ball Carrier > Accuracy > Power

The skill priority for the Lightspeed QB is more obvious as you just need to improve your physical attributes for your mobility. You will be running the ball more frequently than the other QB classes so quickness and speed will be the main priority.

Final Thoughts

While there are still a ton of abilities you can experiment with, there are other good combinations you can test out if they fit your playstyle better. Generally, you would want to level up each of the QB classes as they all have great abilities you can utilize.

Some are situational but, you can mirror what would be best for your playstyle or even what is best for your team. It all comes down to preference as each build boasts a different way to play the game.