As a casual fan of the game, I tend to play the offensive side only and skip the defense completely. It is perfect for gamers who do not have that much time to finish a game or those who just want to play to score touchdowns.

It saves you almost half of the time to play a full game but, of course, you do not get the full experience. There are some ups and downs to doing this.

Something that isn’t clear in Madden 22, when playing Face of the Franchise, is that there is an option to play only offense — you can leave defense and special team plays to simulation.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to only play offense in Madden 22 Face of the Franchise and will also teach you what can happen when you opt to do this.

This is perfect if your player is on the offensive line, the receiver, or the QB, and is a better option if you want to focus solely on your player.

What Happens When You Play Offense Only?

When you learn how to not play defense in face of the franchise, things get interesting. When you play the offense only game mode, you will literally only play the offensive side of the game. It jumps to the next moment your team has possession of the ball.

Whichever position you play on offense, you will play the whole team. The simulations are done after punting, scoring, or giving the possession away. This simulation will stop once you get the ball again.

You will see the notification above once you receive the ball again on offense. You can either choose to play it or skip it completely. When the game is already won or lost, you can choose to skip the moment completely.

It is up to you if you still want to play when you are up or if you want to push for a miracle comeback because the simulations are too random.

Once you lose possession of the ball, you will get the notification above. You can choose to go to the next moment or go to more options.

These options can let you take hold of the game by playing both the offensive side and the defensive side. You can also choose to only play the key moments on both ends of the field if you want to save time but only want to play the crucial moments to play the game.

Selecting “Jump to next play” will let you manually control the game and you will not have the option to set it back again to offense only.

If you choose to jump forward, it will continue simulating the game up until you choose when to intervene. It depends on who has possession of the ball so you can jump in anytime whether on the defensive side of the play or the offensive side.

This is a good option to have if you badly need the win since you are forced to play the whole game yourself to secure it.

How to Play Offense Only

To start a game on Face of the Franchise mode as offense only, head to the main screen of the mode and choose “Play Season Game”. From there, you will see 4 other options for playing your team’s next game.

Choose the “Play offense only” to start the game whenever you have control of the football. Other game modes allow you to control defense only or experience playing the whole game. You can even choose to play only the crucial moments which is the fastest game mode.

Risks of Playing Offense Only

As my personal favorite way to play, I have spent more than 20 games playing this mode on release. Here are the things you should know when playing offense only.

The simulations are wildly erratic. You can literally score a touchdown then continue to the next moment and have the possession back again within less than a minute. I had a game where I was down by 12 with one and a half minutes left in the game.

Scored a touchdown and my team automatically went for the extra point (they always choose this when you continue to the next moment). Got possession again with 20 seconds left with 10 yards left to the goal line.

We scored again and won the game. The same thing can happen when simulating your defensive side. They can score 7 in under a minute so be careful. You can choose to manually play the whole game if the game is that important (pushing for the playoffs or finishing objectives).

If you just want to play the offensive side, you can ignore everything else and immerse yourself within the game by controlling your player’s side.

When you want to prove you are worthy of being the first overall draft pick in Face of the Franchise, you should push yourself to winning as many games as possible.