Troubleshooting your controller might be a struggle when you are used to playing on consoles. Luckily, these controllers can also be used for playing on the PC.

Most of the games on PC have controller support and Madden 22 does as well. Whether you are playing Madden 22 on Origin or Steam, you can use any kind of controller as long as your PC detects and supports it.

This guide will show you how to play Madden 22 with a controller on PC and teach you how to connect it whether through Bluetooth or a USB cable.

How to Connect Your Controller

The first question would be which controller you would want to connect to your PC. Luckily for you, Madden 22 has controller support for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC controllers.

It does not matter which platform you play the game on. Whether it is through Origin or Steam, you just need to make sure your controller is being read by your desktop.

To check this, connect your controller by using a USB cable or Bluetooth and open the Device Manager. Go to the control panel by searching it on your Windows search bar. Open it and click Hardware and Sound.

Click Device and Printers and it will show everything connected to your system. From here, check and find the “Wireless Controller” icon below your devices. There will be multiple groups here so double-check if there is an unidentified device as well.

If the Wireless Controller icon is showing but not working, try and right-click the icon and open the hardware. Under the Hardware tab, select HID-compliant game controller and press properties below.

Go to the Driver tab and if it is not working, you will be able to uninstall the device. Click Uninstall Device and wait for the system to uninstall the controller. After that, unplug the USB cable connecting the controller to the PC.

Connect it again and check if it works now. If not, try a different USB cable slot or an entirely different cable. Usually, when your problem is the Wireless Controller icon not showing up, it can be fixed by just switching USB slots.

How to Connect Controller Through Bluetooth

Connecting your controller through Bluetooth requires both your PC and controller to support Bluetooth connectivity. You have to check your PC’s motherboard if it supports Bluetooth connections.

If it does, you can simply turn on your controller’s pairing button since it is different for each controller. Search “Bluetooth and other devices settings” on the Windows search bar and open the system settings.

The window would look something like the image above. If you have not used your controller to connect to your PC via Bluetooth yet, it might not show up here.

Click “Add Bluetooth or other device” and a new window will pop up. Choose “Everything Else” and wait for the computer to detect your controller. If it did not read it, open it again and choose “Bluetooth” this time.

It should find your controller via Bluetooth as this setup may depend on which type of controller you are using. Once it is connected, open Madden 22 and check if the controller is working.

Your controller should instantly work for the game once it is connected to the PC as it will be automatically be detected.

Steam’s Big Picture Mode

Steam is a big platform for all kinds of games and they already have a feature to support any kind of controller. You can open it by pressing the tiny window icon next to your username on the upper-right corner of your Steam desktop app.

Once you click it, it will open Steam’s Big Picture mode. Open the settings by clicking the cogwheel icon on the upper-right corner. It will open the settings page and you will see a controller settings section on the screen.

Click and open “Controller Settings” and you will see the type of controllers Steam supports.

Check the boxes depending on which controller you want to connect to your computer. It should detect the controller once connected and it will show up below all the boxes.

If you are just doing it for the first time, you can try restarting Steam after checking the box.

Using DS4 Windows

You can download DS4 Windows and install the program. When you open this third-party software, it will prompt you to install a driver and it should help read your controller especially if you are using an older device.

Once you open the software, it will automatically detect your controller if it is connected. If not, try using a different cable or a different USB slot on your PC.

This application should be a last resort so that you would not have to install another software or driver. Most platforms and games have controller support for PC already.

Final Thoughts

There are some occasions where your controller is connected but Madden 22 is still showing keyboard icons. This might happen if you minimize and switch tabs frequently while playing.

You will just have to click anywhere in the game with your mouse and it should make Madden 22 your active screen. Once Madden 22 is on the active screen, it may still show keyboard icons but, your controller should be working already.

Pressing any button on the controller will switch those icons again and that button will already register so if you are minimizing a lot, it is good to keep this in mind as you might accidentally press something.