Taunting and showboating is a common thing in sports. It’s an especially controversial topic in eSports as it can turn out to be offensive or annoying from the opposition’s perspective.

However, in a mere video game where you’re just playing for enjoyment and not looking for intensely serious and competitive play, taunting is purely for entertainment and can even make a good highlight moment even better.

This short guide will show you how to taunt in Madden 22 and the things you need to know before doing it during a game.

What Are Taunts?

Taunts are gestures made to provoke the opposing player, though it’s an unnecessary feature for actually playing the game. It is a fun little jab to either make the game more competitive or just have fun.

These are labeled as “Celebrations” in Madden 22. Every time you score a touchdown, you have the option to choose a celebration to taunt the opposing team.

You can do this by using your right analog stick to choose which celebration to use after scoring the touchdown. There will be a wheel that pops out and you only have a few seconds to choose one.

Other than that, there are also ways you can showboat or taunt while the play is ongoing. This can only be done while you are holding the football.

How to Taunt Players

When you are controlling a player holding the football, you can press L2 or LT, depending on which platform you are playing on. This will let your player showboat while still having the ability to control your player.

There will be a split second where you will not be able to perform any sidesteps, spins, and other maneuvers. While it is fun to showboat against your friends, it can backfire instantly when used at the wrong time.

Best Moments to Taunt

The trickier the situation, the more satisfying the taunt is.

Imagine catching a 30-yard pass and have a defender running straight at you. You can wait for the absolute last second to taunt when he is nearly tackling you and spin your way around as his tackle hits the ground after your taunt.

Then, you taunt some more after he is down to the ground and have the whole field to yourself for a touchdown. Showboating is a big part of sports. While it may lead to some broken controllers, it is part of the game without crossing any lines.

If you want to be safer, you can try taunting while no one is around to tackle you. You can practice doing this first when playing. Once you get more comfortable pressing that L2 or LT button, you will be able to do more spectacular taunts during the game.