Coins are the main currency in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, and unlike other similar games, you cannot actually buy coins, you have to earn them in the game.

Madden points are buyable in the store and sell for about $10 per 1000 points, and you can then use these points to purchase packs – the contents of which you can then sell for coins. 

This ‘loot box’ style feature has been heavily criticized with many people saying EA Sports games are pay-to-win.

Getting coins quickly is the name of the game for players just starting out. You have to build up your bank in order to buy your favorite players and get legitimate stars in elite programs, like Rookie Premiere players or Headliners. 

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to get coins quickly in Madden 23 Ultimate Team without buying Madden points. After all, coins are the best way to build a team that can help you win more games.

Play, Play, Play

MUT fast coins play

The only actual way to earn coins is to play the game. Coins can’t be bought with real money – not legally anyway – so you have to actually play the game to earn them, and the more you play the more you earn. 

Every day you log in, Madden rewards you with a small loyalty reward – usually a few hundred coins – but if you log in every day for an extended period of time, the reward you get increases.

However, this isn’t exactly the fastest way to earn coins in Madden 23.

For a much faster return, look to challenges and objectives.

Madden 23 is full of challenges and solo missions to complete that give out coins based on the level of difficulty you choose to play on. You can earn tens of thousands of coins and get exclusive players and packs by completing themed missions that are released throughout the NFL season.

For instance, the Headliners-themed missions are 25 challenges based on headline plays and players from past seasons. If you complete those there is a nice prize waiting for you.

You can also play competitively against other Madden players and earn a nice chunk of change that way as well.

Sell, Sell, Sell

MUT fast coins sell

Throughout the course of playing Madden 23 Ultimate Team, you earn so many items and players, most of which you will never use. Don’t let those cards collect dust, they all have value.

Typically, when you think about selling items it’s through the auction house for tens of thousands of coins but quick-selling fairly useless items is actually a good way to make some extra coins while also cleaning your inventory.

Naturally, you want to sell all your cards at the auction house for thousands of coins, but that’s just not realistic. And a lot of cards you earn through challenges are not auctionable.

Look at the bottom right of all your cards, a lot of them may have a little box with the letters BND which stands for ‘bound’. The card is bound to your account and cannot be transferred to another player through auctions or trades; it’s non-tradeable.

Any card you have that isn’t marked BND should be thrown on the auction house at least once to see if you can maximize your return, however, if the card is a low rating (anything under 70) you likely won’t have much interest, and it might be better to quick sell them.

Most quick sells will be anywhere from 25 to 250 coins, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it does add up fast when you quick sell a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, quick selling most players will return Training Points rather than coins, but other items can still give you coins.


MUT fast coins Invest

It seems reductive to tell you to spend coins in an article meant to help you make coins quickly, but much like real investing, investing wisely can pay off big time down the road.

The MUT economy runs almost similar to the stock market in a lot of ways. If you buy the ‘dip’ on certain players then you could make some quick coins.

If you see a player on the auction house being sold for way lower than what he should be, buy that dip!

You can sell that card right away with a price closer to the market average, assuming there is still interest in the card, and that that low price didn’t cause the market on that card to avalanche down.

Buying a player just to turn around a sell them at a higher price isn’t the only kind of investment you can make. You can also invest in your team by buying players that you know will help you win more games and earn more coins.

Or, buy players that you suspect will increase in price in the coming days or weeks – maybe people will need them for certain objectives, or perhaps they’ll just want to put them in their team as a result of their performance in real life.

When looking for players to help you win, I suggest looking at these top cheap MUT options.