I was window shopping at the Madden 23 Ultimate Team store, like I always do, looking for packs that could help me win more games, when I stumbled across a pack right at the end of the store – as far away from people’s views as possible.

It was a pack that I had never seen before. Naturally, I wondered what was inside of it. 

The name of the pack was the ‘Solar Powered Fantasy Pack’, and it was listed for 50,000 coins or 500 Madden Points. There was no description or any hint at what it could be.

I was curious as to what it could be, so I spent some of the cash I’d earned using my tips to earn coins quickly in Madden 23.

What’s In It?

Solar powered pack 1

I was taken to a typical fantasy draft pack screen and as the first item revealed itself, I was left disappointed. I’m sure you know the feeling.

It was just a black home jersey with small accents that looked like a sun reflecting off a pool of gasoline, with a hint of a rainbow shimmer.

I ended up picking the Giants’ uniform design, not because it necessarily looked the best, but because I feel the need to represent big blue whenever I can.

How Does it Look in The Game?

Solar powered pack 2

When I loaded up a challenge match for my team, now rocking my new uniforms, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked. The chest-up pictures do not give them justice. 

They are sleek black with a punch of neon color in the form of that rainbow shimmer I described earlier.

I like the fit a lot, especially the socks that remind me of an old arcade, with their pattern and color design.

Solar powered pack 3

I don’t know exactly what all the team’s uniforms look like, I can only speak for the Giants, but I like it, and I don’t think the design will change all that much from team to team.

Was It Worth It?

Solar powered pack

Quick answer: no.

It’s just too expensive; certainly, too many coins to justify buying it, especially since I prefer only spending coins on cheap players, not expensive packs. Also, you can buy one of the immaculate Jordan jerseys for the exact same price!

Now that I do own it though, I do expect it to be my permanent home jersey option from now on. Sunk cost fallacy? Maybe.