Quarterbacks often take the spotlight. It’s the most popular position even for people that barely know anything about the sport. Considering this fact, it’s only natural for many people to choose this position when playing the new Superstar Mode in Madden 24.

That popularity might also have something to do with the theory that playing with a quarterback improves your chances of getting drafted as the first overall pick in the game.

However, getting drafted means nothing if you can’t put in the performances out on the field. You need to make the right decisions from the moment when you’re building your character, to the moment when you earn enough skill points to upgrade your player’s abilities.

This guide breaks down the best quarterback builds in Madden 24. I’ll run through building the right physique, prioritizing the right skill upgrades, and equipping the most suitable abilities for a devastatingly effective offensive player.

But first, let’s take a look at the skills and abilities of a quarterback in the game.

Quarterback Skills & Abilities in Madden 24

Here’s a list of all the upgradable skills of a quarterback in the game.

  • Throw Power – increased maximum throw distance
  • Short Throw Accuracy – increased accuracy on short throws
  • Medium Throw Accuracy – increased accuracy on medium throws
  • Deep Throw Accuracy – increased accuracy on deep throws
  • Throw On The Run – increased accuracy on the run
  • Throw Under Pressure – an increased chance to ignore pressure on throws
  • Break Sack – an increased chance to break sacks
  • Spin – an increased chance to fakeout defenders with spin moves
  • Juke – an increased chance to fakeout defenders with juke moves
  • Stiff Arm – an increased chance to break stiff-arm tackles

Here’s a list of abilities that can be equipped by a quarterback in the game.

  • Bazooka XFactor – 15+ yards increased for maximum throw distance
  • Gambit – increased ability to avoid interceptions by AI defenders and increased throw speed
  • Pro Reads – ignores defensive pressure while the first open receiver is highlighted

Scrambler Build

The scrambling quarterback is known for his mobility more than passing. He’s a runner and as such, generally more athletic than the traditional quarterback.

An example of a scrambler in the NFL is Patrick Mahomes, so this build will try to mirror some of his best features and style of play.

With the way that Madden 24 is set up, you still need to have good passing ability to really make an impact as a quarterback. So, we’ll make sure to spread out the skill point upgrades to highlight the best features of a scrambler without taking too much from passing.


The ideal physique for a quarterback for this build is a player with a balanced body type. You want your avatar to be well-rounded from the start, even though as you upgrade, you’ll want to specialize a bit more in key areas.

I’ve gone with a 6’2″ tall player that weighs 217 lbs. This results in a “Balanced” physique. All the other physical adjustments apart from these two parameters can be ignored.

Skill Upgrades

The skill upgrades discussed here will take your player to the max 99 OVR. This build will cost you a total of 79 skill points.

You’re obviously not going to have nearly enough skill points to apply all these upgrades in the early stages of your career, but it’s important to know where to invest those points as you earn them.

In terms of prioritizing while you’re still working with a small number of skill points, I recommend focusing on boosting your Throw Accuracy, Throw On The Run, and Throw Under Pressure.

These three skills are extremely important to leading and playing offense in Madden.

Note that the points invested into Stiff Arm can be turned into Spin or Juke instead. It depends on your preferred playstyle and how much running you want to do.


There are six slots of core abilities in this section, and each one gives you an opportunity to further make your quarterback a specialist with specific moves.

We’ve got the XFactor Slot, three Gold Slots, one Silver Slot, and one Bronze Slot.

  • XFactor Slot – Bazooka
  • Slot 1 Gold – Arm Talent
  • Slot 2 Gold – Deep Deadeye
  • Slot 3 Gold – Mobile Deadeye
  • Silver – Mid Deadeye ability
  • Bronze – Pressure Cooker

Pro-Style Build

The pro-style build focuses on producing a traditional quarterback whose major strength is pocket passing. This quarterback will generally be taller, bigger, and less mobile than the other types, but they can deal serious damage if allowed any time on the ball to pick a pass.

If you’re the type of play that enjoys the satisfaction of threading eye of the needle passes or showing excellent vision to pick out a wide receiver from range for an easy touchdown, then this build is for you.


For this build, we’ll go with a Bruiser that’s 6’5″ tall and weighs 233 lbs. The significance of this physique for the archetypal “Pro-Style” playing style is that you start out with better Throw Power, Stiff Arm, and Break Sack abilities.

For a quarterback who’s not going to be moving around a lot, those three skills will come in handy. He’s not the quickest with a base physical rating of 81 for speed and agility but makes up for it with a rating of 85 for strength and stamina which are more important for the build we need.

Skill Upgrades

The recommended upgrades in the attached picture will get your quarterback to a 99 OVR and it requires 80 skill points in total.

Prioritize upgrading the Throw Accuracy skills first, then focus on Throw Power and Break Sack next. Throw Under Pressure and Stiff Arm can follow.


  • XFactor Slot – Pro Reads
  • Slot 1 Gold – Arm Talent
  • Slot 2 Gold – Deep Deadeye
  • Slot 3 Gold – Mid Deadeye
  • Silver – Immovable Object
  • Bronze – QB Playmaker

Dual-Threat Build

The name itself is a dead giveaway. The dual-threat build attempt to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between a runner and a pocket passer.

This quarterback is expected to have a good portion of the athleticism of the runner with equally good passing ability. Sometimes, this means that sacrifices will be made when it comes to accuracy, but the success of attempts will outweigh any failures.

There is some added nuance when it comes to defining a dual-threat quarterback, and this is decided by each person’s exact playstyle. Even though the player can do pass and run well, one action will be more prominent than the other, so bear this in mind when upgrading your skills.


This build involves quite a bit more running than the traditional quarterback build, so we’ll go for a player with an Agile body type. To achieve this, set the height parameter at 6’1″ and weight at 207 lbs.

The core skill impacts of this physique is a lower base rating for Throw Power, Stiff Arm, and Break Sack and a higher base rating for Spin Move, Juke Move, and Throw On The Run. The latter three skills are important for making plays on the move.

The player also has a base rating of 90 for speed and agility which makes up for the lower 76 rating for strength and stamina. Remember, we’re prioritizing mobility more in this build.

Skill Upgrades

The recommended upgrades in the attached picture will get your quarterback to a 99 OVR and it requires 80 skill points in total.

The order of priority for upgrading these skills should be Throw On The Run>>Throw Under Pressure>>Throw Power>>Throw Accuracy>>Juke>>Spin.


  • XFactor Slot – Gambit
  • Slot 1 Gold – Arm Talent
  • Slot 2 Gold – Mobile Deadeye
  • Slot 3 Gold – Pressure Cooker
  • Silver – Juke Elite
  • Bronze – Conductor

And there you have it, the best QB builds for Madden 24! While you’re here, you should also check our Madden 24 controller guide to see what’s new compared to the previous installment of the game. Enjoy!